Course: PSYX 491-005: Science of Learning
CRN: 25435
Instructor: Dr. Nicholas Soderstrom ([email protected])
Schedule: MWF 0900-0950
Description:Prerequisites: PSYX 100IS. Surveys the scientific literature on human learning and memory from a variety of theoretical and practical viewpoints. Topics include the fundamental principles that underlie long-term learning, common myths that persist in education, and the unintuitive nature of human memory. 


Course: PSYX 491-006: Mental Health Assessment in Medical Settings
CRN: 35436
Instructor: Hannah Wilson ([email protected])
Schedule: MWF 1200-1250
Description:Prerequisites: PSYX 100IS. This course will provide students who are interested in entering the medical field who would like to enhance their ability to connect with patients. We will discuss various assessments that can be used to evaluate mental health and substance abuse issues. How to implement motivational interviewing and intervention approaches that are evidence based. This offers an opportunity to enhance bedside manner and offer theories to facilitate change. 


Course: PSYX 491-802: Eating Disorders
CRN: 25437
Instructor: Dr. Greg Neimyer ([email protected])
Schedule: Online Only
Description:Prerequisites: PSYX 100IS. Eating Disorders provides an introduction to the characteristics and criteria associated with a variety of eating disorders It covers Pica, Avoidant-Restrictive Food Intake Disorder, anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and compulsive overeating, and overviews of their causes, presentation, and treatment.