This page is designed to help departments, offices, and student organizations find and reserve classrooms for events and courses. Please identify the preferred classroom, and use Astra Schedule torequest room access using the appropriate form; the complete process is outlined below.  For parties that are not affiliated with MSU, please contact Conference Services at 406-994-3081 located in the Student Union Building (SUB), room 211.

If you are trying to reserve a room in the SUB or Inspiration Hall (NAH 201), please contact conference services.

If your event is within 48 hours, please email [email protected] directly with your request.

Search for an Available Room

Beginning the Search

1.  Open Astra Schedule* (recommended browser: Mozilla Firefox)

       a. Click on "Events" in the banner along the top of the screen

arrow to events


2. Click "Request Event"

request event


3. Choose either "Conference Room Request Form" or "Room Request," then click next

 (conference) room request


Request form:

4.  Enter the “Event Title”, “Event Estimated Attendance” and “Event Description” event title, estimated attendance, description


5.     Add a Meeting:

·         Click on add meeting

For a Single Meeting

·         Click on the "Single Meeting" radio button (this is the default).

·         Enter the Start Time and the End Time.

·         Enter the Start Date and the End Date.

·         Enter the Meeting Name and add meetingcreate meeting


For a Multiple Meetings

·         Click on the "Multiple" radio button.

·         Enter the Start and End times.

·         Select the appropriate days on the calendar and use the right arrowto add them to the list of multiple meetings.

·         Enter the Meeting name and add meeting

selecting multiple meetings


For a Recurring Meetings

·         Click on the "Recurring" radio button.

·         Enter the Start and End times.

·         Select the appropriate Recurrence Pattern along with the “Start” and “End by” date.

·         Enter the Meeting Name and add meeting

creating recurring meeting


Finding a room:

  1. Click request rooms buttonand choose an available room from the list below that fits the capacity of your event. To see room and attributes, hover mouse over card icon card icon. Note: Scheduling authority is in the description field.
  2. room capacity


6.       Once you have chosen a room, click the room to “Select” and hit OK.

 select room


Finishing your Event Request:

7.   Fill out Contact name and email and hit submit.

contact info



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