Fall 2021 Registration Handbook

If you need more information or assistance, please contact the Registrar’s Office at
Email: [email protected] or phone: (406) 994-6650.


Fall 2021 Academic Calendar

Any Registrar's Office deadlines occurring on a weekend will be extended to the next business day.

All new graduate students will be automatically registered for the Graduate Student Training & Orientation, it will appear in your BrightSpace portal.

Date Deadline
June 1 - Aug. 1 Undergraduate Residency Petitions for the upcoming Fall semester are accepted. Submit Graduate Residency Petitions to the Graduate School.
Aug. 13 Bill Confirmation (Fee Payment) with the Student Accounts Office by 4:30 p.m. for Undergraduate students registered on or before July 31st. $40 Late Fee assessed at 4:30 p.m.
Aug. 25 Fall 2021 classes begin at 8:00 a.m.
TBA Fall 2021 One-credit Extension deadline.
Aug. 27 Bill Confirmation (Fee Payment) with the Student Accounts Office by 4:30 p.m. for Undergraduate students registered on or after August 1st. $40 Late Fee assessed at 4:30 p.m
Aug. 31 Last day to self-add Fall 2021 classes online.
Sep. 6 Labor Day holiday
Sep. 8 Last day to self-drop Fall 2021 classes online.
Sep. 8 After this date, Fall 2021 Adds are permitted for extraordinary reasons only. Students must submit an Add request via DocuSign and gather additional approval from the Assistant Dean of their college. Requests for auditing courses will not be accepted. 
Sep. 15 Last day to drop Fall 2021 classes without a “W” grade with approval.
Sep. 15 Last day to request Health Insurance refund from Student Health Insurance Office.
Sep. 15 Students who have not confirmed their bill (paid fees) will be dropped from their Fall 2021 classes at 4:30 p.m. and assessed an additional $40 Late Fee.
Sep. 15 No refunds for Fall 2021 classes dropped after this date. Payment for classes added after this date is required.
Sep. 16-Nov. 17 Dropped Fall 2021 courses are graded “W”, require approval.
Sep. 20 Last day for Graduate students to file a Graduation Application for Fall 2021 graduation.
TBA Advising begins for continuing students for Spring 2022.
TBA Priority Registration opens for Spring 2022 (see Registration Timetable.)
Oct. 1 Last day for Undergraduate students to submit an Online Graduation Application for Spring 2022 graduation.
Nov.  1-Dec. 15 Undergraduate Residency Petitions for the upcoming Spring semester are accepted. Submit Graduate Residency Petitions to the Graduate School.
Nov. 11 Veterans Day
Nov. 18 No Fall 2021 drops are allowed, including University Withdrawals.
Nov. 22 Thanksgiving Day holiday
Dec. 1 Last day for Undergraduate Certificate students to submit an Online Graduation Application for Spring 2022 graduation.
TBA Last day for master’s comprehensive or doctoral examination; thesis/dissertation defense if student plans to graduate Fall 2021.
TBA Last day for approval of thesis, dissertation, or professional paper (if professional paper is submitted to the library) by Formatting Advisor.
TBA Last day for graduate students to withdraw Fall 2021 Graduation Application and file for Spring 2022 One-credit Extension.
Thursday, Dec. 16 Fall 2021 semester ends
Friday, Dec. 17 Fall 2021 Commencement
Dec. 20 Snowmester 2021 begins
Jan. 19 Spring 2022 semester begins
April 1 - May 1 Undergraduate Residency Petitions for the upcoming Summer semester are accepted. Submit Graduate Residency Petitions to the Graduate School.

Helpful Links

DegreeWorks Information

DegreeWorks is a web-based degree audit and tracking system for students and academic advisors to monitor progress toward degree completion.

Semester Withdrawal

If a student must withdraw from all classes after he or she has confirmed attendance or paid fees, he or she must initiate the withdrawal through the Office of the Registrar.  Graduate students must initiate the withdrawal through the Graduate School.

Students who withdraw before the end of the fifteenth day of instruction will not receive grades for any registered courses. Thereafter through the last day of instruction a grade of W shall be assigned in all courses for which the student is registered unless an appeal is approved by the Dean of Students authorizes otherwise.  The Dean of Students Office also indicates the official date of the university withdrawal in these instances.

Students who leave the campus without withdrawing through regular channels or who withdraw late without extraordinary reasons will receive F grades in all course work for that semester. 

Registration Instructions

In order to register, you must have your “Alternate PIN” (often referred to as the “Advisor PIN”), your account must be clear of holds, and it must be within your designated registration time (see Registration Timetable). 

Final Exams and Common Hour Exams

Explanation of the Time Schedule of Classes

Schedule of Classes - View a complete list of available courses

All courses are scheduled, generally, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The following abbreviations are used in the Schedule of Classes:

Schedule Abbreviations
Abbreviation Explanation
M Monday
T Tuesday
W Wednesday
R Thursday
F Friday
S Saturday
U Sunday
Rct Recitation/Discussion
Lec Lecture
Lab Laboratory
Stu Studio
Sem Seminar
Ind Independent Study
TBA Details are "To Be Announced" at a later date. Please check back or see the Department.

Building Abbreviations

To view the abbreviation protocols please visit the Campus Planning, Design & Construction website.


Classroom Abbreviations
Old Code New Code Building Title
ABB ABB Animal BioScience Building
AJM AJMJH Arthur J.M. Johnson Hall
SHER APSHER Anna Pearl Sherrick Hall
BARNAH BARNAR Barnard Hall (Formerly EPS–Engineering Physical Science Building)
BB BB Bridger Bowl
BFH BBFH “Brick” Breeden Fieldhouse
BBX BBX Black Box Theater
BZNOTB BZNOTB Old Terminal Building, Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport
BZNSUM BZNSUM Summit Aviation (490 Wings Way, Belgrade, MT 59714)
CHBCH CBB Chemistry/Biochemistry Building
CHVR CHEEVE Cheever Hall
COBH COBLEI Cobleigh Hall
COOLEY COOLEY Cooley Laboratory
 CTGS1  CTGS1   Campus Temporary Gym Structure North
 CTGS2  CTGS2  Campus Temporary Gym Structure South
 CULB CULBER   Culbertson Hall
GH GAINES Gaines Hall
GCE GCE Gallatin College East Campus (705 Osterman Drive, Bozeman)
GCN GCN Gallatin College North Campus (Bozeman High School)
HAM HAMILT Hamilton Hall
 HARRIS HARRIS Harrison Hall
HH HERRIC Herrick Hall
HORT HOR Horticulture Farm
HP5L2 HP5L2 Highland Park 5 Level 2 (WWAMI)
 HSB HSB Health Sciences Building
LINH LIN Linfield Hall
JONH LJH Leon H. Johnson Hall
MARL MARSH Marsh Research Laboratory
MO MBB Molecular Bioscience Building
MHFC MHFC Hosaeus Health & Physical Education Complex
MSP MILPAV Miller Livestock Pavilion
MOR MOR Museum of the Rockies
MH MTHALL Montana Hall
NAIC NAH Norm Asbjornson Hall
OUTREC OUTREC ASMSU Outdoor Rec Building
PBS PBB Plant Bioscience Building
PLGR  PGC  Plant Growth Center
REID  REID  Reid Hall
RLIB  RENNE  Renne Library
 ROBH ROBERT  Roberts Hall
ROM  ROMNEY  Romney Gymnasium
SHC  SHC  Swingle Student Health Center
SUB  SUB  Strand Union Building
TAYH  TAYLOR  Taylor Hall
TRAP  TRAPHA  Traphagen Hall
VCB  VCB  Visual Communications Building
WIL  WILSON  Wilson Hall
WL  WOOL  Wool Laboratory
Residence Hall Abbreviations   
QUAD F  AQUAD  Atkinson Quadrangle Residence Halls
COLTER  COLTER  Johnstone Center, Colter Wing
GALLAT  GALLAT  Gallatin Hall
HAPNR   HAPNER  Hapner Hall
JEFFER   JEFFER  Jefferson Hall
LANGFO  LANGFO  Langford Hall
MULLAN MULLAN Johnstone Center, Mullan Wing
NHEDGE NHEDGE North Hedges Hall
PRYOR PRYOR Johnstone Center, Pryor Wing
SHEDGE SHEDGE South Hedges Hall
YRH YELLOW Yellowstone Residence Hall

Bill Confirmation and Fee Payment

You can confirm your bill (pay fees) through the mail (Box 172640) or e-mail ([email protected]) without having to stand in line. You can also confirm your bill on the Web in “MyInfo” and pay your bill online via credit card or e-check.

In early December University Business Services will assess fees for all registered students and continue assessing daily. You must go online in “MyInfo” to view your Web bill. Student Accounts does not mail copies of bills to students. It is the students’ responsibility to view their balance online and confirm their bill (pay fees) by the deadline date. It will be necessary to have your bill confirmed by January 8, 2021, for Spring semester, even if your balance is zero. This can be accomplished in several ways:

  1. If all costs are paid by you, send your check and/or money order in the mail with a copy of your Web bill. DO NOT SEND CASH IN THE MAIL! Your payment MUST be received by January 8, 2021.
  2. If all costs are paid by you and you wish to pay by credit card (Visa, Master Card, AmEx, or Discover), you can view your bill on-line and pay on-line by credit card or e-check no later than January 8, 2021. Note: no additional cost to pay online!
  3. If part or all of your costs are paid by other sources (i.e. financial aid, athletics, vocational rehabilitation) and there is a remaining balance, you MUST pay that balance in one of the two ways listed above by January 8, 2021.
  4. th (i.e. financial aid, athletics, vocational rehabilitation) and you owe nothing (zero), you MUST still “confirm your bill” on the Web in "MyInfo" by the deadline of January 8, 2021.
  • If you are NOT planning to return and have not paid fees for Spring Semester 2021, please call the Registrar’s Office at 406-994-6650 to drop all of your classes.
  • Tuition Payment Plan: This plan permits qualified applicants to pay a minimum of one-fourth of the applicable university charges at the beginning of the semester with the balance being deferred until later in the semester. A nonrefundable processing fee is assessed for each approved application. Tuition Payment Plan applications or additional information may be obtained from the Student Accounts Office in person or on the Student Accounts Office Web site.

Optional Fees

For students taking six credits or less ONLY. These fees are regularly assessed to full-time students, but not to those students taking six credits or less. The option to pay is available if the following services are desired:

  • Health and Dental Fees- These fees allows students to use the Health and Dental Services, as well as the pharmacy
  • Athletic Fee- This fee is used to support the Bobcat Athletic Program. It allows students to receive
    free or discounted tickets to all MSU athletic events.

Associated Students of Montana State University (ASMSU) Fees

  • ASMSU Activity Fee provides for the operation of the student government and its committees. Students paying this fee may vote, use the ASMSU Legal Services, and use the ASMSU Tutorial Services.
  • ASMSU Intramural Fee contributes to the operational cost of intramural facilities and programs. Students paying this fee may participate in intramural programs and use intramural facilities.
  • ASMSU Bus Fee funds the Streamline Bus Transit (www.streamlinebus.com) which students may use.
  • ASMSU Student Sustainability Fee contributes to the promotion and implementation of sustainability practices.
  • ASMSU Student Organization Fee supports Registered Student Organizations.
  • ASMSU Press Fee provides funding for the student Newspaper, The Exponent.
  • ASMSU Student Leadership Fee provides funding for the MSU Leadership Institute.
  • ASMSU Outdoor Recreation Fee provides funding for the Outdoor Recreation Program.
  • ASMSU Student Recreation Facility Fee and O&M Fee provides funding to build and maintain a facility where students can participate in sports outside all year.

Program Fees

(Fees subject to change with Board of Regents approval)

  • Students who have declared a major, minor, or double-major in Film and Photography are charged a program fee of $320 per semester beginning their sophomore year.
  • Students who have declared a major in Art are charged a program fee of $185.00 per semester.
  • Students who have declared a major in the College of Engineering will pay an additional program fee each semester ($98.50 for freshmen, $140.90 for sophomores through graduate level, and $55.90 for all levels during the summer).
  • Students who have enrolled in a class within the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship will pay an additional $21 per credit for each course.
  • Students who have declared a major in Music Technology will pay an additional $186.25 program fee each Fall and Spring semester.
  • Students enrolled in Graduate Nursing classes will pay an additional $50.00 per credit.
  • Undergraduate nursing students will pay an additional $420 program fee each semester.
  • Students who have enrolled in a Math or Statistics course will pay an additional $6.25 per credit for each course.

Tuition Payment Plan

The Tuition Payment Plan is an installment plan available for qualified applicants who are unable to make full payment of current semester tuition, fees, and/or room and board charges on regular fee payment day. This plan is available to all students with these exceptions: students whose financial aid is ready at fee payment day and is equal to or greater than fees charged, students who are in default on a Perkins/Nursing loan, or students who have a poor repayment history at Montana State University in Bozeman.

General Information

Go to the Tuition Payment Plan website for  information on how to submit an application. A nonrefundable processing fee will be added for each approved application. Application Deadline for Spring 2021 is January 8, 2021.

Please note: All available financial aid credited to your university account will be applied to the total charges for the semester. The remaining balance will be divided into 4 payments with the first payment due on January 8, 2021. A late fee will be assessed for each installment payment which is late.

Payment Plan installments, as well as any other outstanding charges due Montana State University-Bozeman, are to be RECEIVED on or before the due date.

  • Second installment payment due October 1
  • Third installment payment due November 1
  • Fourth installment payment due December 1
  • Second installment payment due February 1
  • Third installment payment due March 1
  • Fourth installment payment due April 1

Montana State University reserves the right to reject or decline any application and to require a guarantor on any tuition payment plan.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Priority and Deadline Dates

  • November 15, 2019 Last day to apply for Fall 2019 assistance
  • December 1, 2020 Priority FAFSA filing date for 2021/2022 Academic Year
  • March 31, 2020 Priority application date for Summer Session 2021
  • June 30, 2020 Last day to complete a FAFSA for 2019-2020 Academic Year

Satisfactory Academic Progress

To receive financial aid, you must meet all Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy standards. This policy is available online at Financial Aid Services. Communications are sent at the end of each term if standards are not achieved. Regardless, it is your responsibility to know if your academic performance meets the standards.

Change in Enrollment Status On or Before the 15th Class Day

The disbursement of your aid is contingent upon the number of credits for which you are enrolled at the time your aid is disbursed. Changes to your enrollment after the date of disbursement MAY negatively impact financial aid funds that you received. Please contact the financial office regarding enrollment changes such as drops or withdrawals. This includes retroactive drops. As financial aid becomes aware of such changes, overpayments of aid will be evaluated. Overpayments will result in a bill from the Student Accounts Office. Withdrawing after the 15th class day will not affect your aid if you actually begin and engage in the course. However, a grade of “W” carries a credit value and can have an impact on your ability to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Withdrawing from the University

If you have accepted your bill (confirmed your charges/paid fees with the Student Accounts Office) and decide to stop attending classes at MSU, you must officially withdraw from the university by contacting the Office of the Registrar (undergraduate students), or the Graduate School (graduate students). A withdrawal can occur anytime, it does not matter if it occurs before or after the 15th class day and whether you receive no grade or a grade of ‘W’. For financial aid purposes, the withdrawal date will be assessed by your first date of contact to the respective offices listed above or on some documented date of academic engagement after that initial contact. If you never attend any class, make this known upon completing your semester withdrawal.

Unofficial withdrawals occur when no contact is made to the above offices and when you have received some combination of passing and non-passing grades. If you earned all non-passing grades (“F”, “I”, “N”, “W”, “NR”) at the end of the semester, it will be determined that you unofficially withdrew and the amount of Title IV aid to be returned for the payment period will be calculated based on the latest date recorded as “last date of attendance” by your professor(s). If your “last date of attendance” cannot be determined, the amount of Title IV aid to be returned for the payment period will be calculated as if you withdrew at the 50 percent point of the semester.

Using the last date of attendance, the Office of Financial Aid Services will perform calculations to determine how much of your federal financial aid has been earned and kept and how much must be returned per federal regulation. If you received federal funds which were not earned or that you were not eligible for (no academic engagement), these federal funds will be returned to the Department of Education, and you will receive a bill from the Student Accounts Office.

If you have student loans, remember that it is your responsibility to keep the lender/loan servicer up to date regarding any changes too your address and enrollment. Changes in enrollment will initiate your loan(s) entering repayment. Future enrollment of at least half-time can put your loans back into a non-payment status.

University Charges and Financial Aid

Your university charges for the semester will be posted to your university student account maintained by the Student Accounts Office. You should receive an e-mail notification from the Student Accounts Office when your bill is processed. Financial Aid will disburse to your account once all eligibility requirements have been met. This includes most scholarships, grants, and loans. Once your bill is accepted (confirmed), financial aid will be credited to your account and applied against all allowable charges (tuition, fees, housing, etc.) Work-study funds you earn will not be reflected in your
student account.

Bill Acceptance (Confirmation)/Fee Payment

University charges must be Accepted (confirmed) by the date established by the Student Accounts Office. This means that your bill must be paid in full or that arrangements have been made utilizing financial aid and a payment plan. If you do not Accept (Confirm) your Bill by the date established by the Student Accounts Office, it will be assumed you are not attending. This will result in the cancellation of your classes and financial aid. Reinstatement of classes or financial aid will be based on availability at the time reinstatement is requested.

Refund Checks

If your financial aid exceeds your university charges, the Students Accounts Office will refund (pay) the difference to you. Refunds are generated by the Student Accounts Office as soon as possible at the beginning of each semester. Refunds will be by Direct Deposit or mailed to the student if the student has not signed up for Direct Deposit.
To sign up for Direct Deposit, choose Electronic Billing and Payment from your MyInfo page, and click on Quik Pay. Please contact the Student Accounts Office regarding any questions you may have about the amount of your refund or when your refund will be processed.

The Student Accounts Office will not release a refund check unless (1) all required
financial aid documents and promissory loan notes are completed and returned to the Office of Financial Aid Services, and (2) you have Accepted (Confirmed) your Bill (paid fees) with the Student Accounts Office for the term.

Bobcat Bridge Loan (Short Term Loan)

This is a loan which permits a student, who may be experiencing temporary difficulties, to borrow a small sum of money for a short period of time. No collateral is required for a Bobcat Bridge loan, although the student must identify a reliable source of repayment. In addition, a students should have a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 or better at MSU, be enrolled for at least six credits as a degree-seeking student, and have a satisfactory repayment record with respect to any previous loan(s) received.

The university reserves the right to reject or decline any application, to determine the amount and a date of repayment for any loan approved, and to require a guarantor. Applications and other information regarding the Bobcat Bridge Loan program may be obtained from Financial Aid Services. Allow up to three (3) working days to process a Bobcat Bridge application.

Book Loan

This loan is designed to assist students with money to buy books at the MSU Bookstore before refund checks are distributed. Financial Aid Services will verify that each student requesting a book loan has adequate funds after university charges are paid to cover the costs of the loan.

Funds borrowed are deposited to the student’s CatCard no earlier than 10 days prior to the beginning of the term. When the student’s financial aid is disbursed, it is applied to
the book loan as well as a nonrefundable loan processing fee of $25. This loan may be requested from Financial Aid Services.

Past Term Registration Handbooks (PDF)

Spring 2021 and Snowmester  Registration Handbook Fall 2020 Registration Handbook Spring 2020 Registration Handbook Fall 2019 Registration Handbook Spring 2019 Registration Handbook Fall 2018 Registration Handbook Spring 2018 Registration Handbook