To add a Summer 2020 course, please click here.

Before You Begin

  • This request form is for continuing students to add Fall 2020 courses that require instructor approval (Consent of Instructor, time conflicts, pre-req overrides, etc.)
  • Requests will not be processed until your registration date for Fall 2020 is open. 
  • Incoming freshmen will register at summer Orientation. 

Steps to Complete a Request

  1. Email your instructor asking him/her to clearly state the approval for your add using the following template: "I (insert his/her name) give (insert student name) permission to add (insert class)."
  2. Once approval is received, complete and submit the request form below. Copy/Paste the instructor's statement of approval into the appropriate field.
  3. Changes will show in your MyInfo account within 3 business days.

  • Detailed course information can be found on MyInfo under the Schedule of Classes.
  • Please submit one request per course. Linked courses (Lecture and Lab) will require separate requests.
  • "Forgery, alteration or misuse of University documents, records, instruments of identification, computer programs or accounts" is a violation of section 621.00 of the Student Code of Conduct and "is subject to disciplinary sanctions outlined in Section 660.00." For more information see the full Conduct Guidelines and Grievance Procedures for Students outlined here.

Add Request Form

 denotes required fields.

Personal Information
e.g. 1234
Academic Information
e.g. ANRS
e.g. 101
e.g. 001
e.g. 12345 - You can find this information on MyInfo under the Schedule of Classes.
Enter Lab CRN if applicable to course.
Required Approval
Copy and paste statement from email.
Terms and Conditions

Please note- you do not need to email the Registrar's Office directly unless you have questions or need assistance.