General Information

  • Dropping or adding a course could have significant impact on your bill and financial aid, please contact the Student Accounts or Financial Aid office if you have questions.
  • Additional approval emailed from the Assistant College Dean or Graduate School Dean to the Office of the Registrar is needed if adding after the 10th semester day or dropping after the withdrawal deadline for extraordinary reasons only. Graduate students, contact the Graduate School. 

Fall 2020 Registration (Add/Drop) Schedule

Part of Term Term Start Date Last Day to Add Online Last Day to Add+ Last Day to Drop Online Last Day to Drop w/o a "W" Grade+ Last Day to Drop w/ a "W" Grade+ Term End Date
Full Semester* 17-Aug 21-Aug 28-Aug 28-Aug 4-Sep 9-Nov 25-Nov
Early Start* 10-Aug 12-Aug 17-Aug 17-Aug 20-Aug 24-Sep 2-Oct
Late Start 31-Aug 4-Sep 14-Sep 14-Sep 21-Sep 17-Nov 25-Nov
First Session* 17-Aug 19-Aug 24-Aug 24-Aug 27-Aug 1-Oct 9-Oct
Second Session 12-Oct 14-Oct 19-Oct 19-Oct 22-Oct 17-Nov 25-Nov
Intersession 5-Oct 7-Oct 12-Oct 12-Oct 15-Oct 17-Nov 25-Nov
Out of Term Dates* 17-Aug 21-Aug 28-Aug 28-Aug 4-Sep 9-Nov 25-Nov
Combined* 17-Aug 21-Aug 28-Aug 28-Aug 4-Sep 9-Nov 25-Nov
+ signatures required from instructor and advisor

Locating Contact Information

Instructor and adviros approval is required for each add and drop request. If you are unsure who to contact for permission to add or drop a course:

  • Locate the instructor of each course in the Schedule of Classes on MyInfo.
  • View your Advisor on your DegreeWorks worksheet in MyInfo, or use the "Find Your Advisor" tool below, provided by the Advising Commons.

Locating Course Information

The following information is needed for each course on the Add/Drop request:

  • CRN:  5-digit Course Reference Number
  • Subject (e.g. BMKT)
  • Number (e.g. 325)
  • Section (e.g. 001)
  • Credits (e.g. 3)
  • Title (e.g. Principles of Marketing)

To locate this information, students may either visit their course schedule in MyInfo (Student Services > Registration > Student Schedule by Day and Time) or the Schedule of Classes in MyInfo (example below).

Screen shot of Schedule of Classes in MyInfo with exapmple class BMKT 325-001 highlighted to show class components required when completing Add/Drop request.

Upon submitting a request, please allow 3-5 business days for processing, and view changes in your MyInfo account. The Office of the Registrar will receive a copy of your request for processing upon its completion. You do not need to send a copy.