General Information

  • Students should talk with current advisors before initiating this process.
  • Dropping or adding a course could have significant impact on your bill and financial aid, please contact the Student Accounts or Financial Aid office if you have questions.
  • Additional approval emailed from the Assistant College Dean or Graduate School Dean to the Office of the Registrar is needed if adding after the 10th semester day or dropping after the withdrawal deadline for extraordinary reasons only. Graduate students, contact the Graduate School. 

Retroactive Withdrawals and COVID-19

From the 60th day of the semester through the 70th class day (generally Friday before finals), students may only drop for extraordinary reasons.  To complete this process the student is required to document the extraordinary reasons - such as a family or personal medical injury or other personal hardship that prevent the student from executing the withdrawal at the normal time, submit that documentation along with an advisor and instructor approved (signed) Add/Drop form  to the Dean of the College of their primary degree.  Upon signature of the Dean, the form, together with appropriate documentation, must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar for review and approval by GARCand recording by the Registrar.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been/is unprecedented, and has challenged our entire society in numerous ways. While the difficulties surrounding COVID-19 are significant, the impacts on a student’s academic experience and subsequent eligibility for a retroactive withdrawal may or may not apply. Extraordinary circumstances that ARE considered in regards to COVID-19 include the following:

  • The student was diagnosed with COVID-19 and, due to the diagnosis, was severely ill and unable to engage academically
  • An immediate family member was diagnosed with COVID-19 and suffered an untimely death or whose illness placed an undue burden upon the student (ex: a primary caretaker for siblings).
  • The student had to be a primary caregiver of someone diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • The student had an economic hardship resulting from COVID-19 directly impacting the ability to meet academic requirements.
  • The student had to become a first responder due to COVID-19.
  • The student had increased hours of employment to address financial hardship related to COVID19.
  • The student lost a babysitter/childcare due to COVID-19.
  • The student was unable to complete online education/distance education due to COVID-19.
  • The student had no WIFI access during COVID-19 due to facility closures.
  • Other – must be specific and not general “stress due to COVID-19.”

Circumstances that are NOT considered in regards to COVID-19 include the following:

  • The student did not like the chosen modality for their course(s); or
  • The student was not able to keep pace with course load requirements; or
  • The student was in quarantine for a period of time due to potential exposure to the virus. 

Spring 2021 and Snowmester Registration (Add/Drop) Schedule

Part of Term Term Start Date

Last Day to Add Online

Last Day to Add+

Last Day to Drop Online Last Day to Drop w/o a "W" Grade+ Last Day to Drop w/ a "W" Grade+ Term End Date
Full Semester 11-Jan 15-Jan 25-Jan 25-Jan 1-Feb 6-Apr 30-Apr
Early Start 6-Jan 8-Jan 13-Jan 13-Jan 19-Jan 23-Feb 5-Mar
Late Start 25-Jan 29-Jan 5-Feb 5-Feb 12-Feb 19-Apr 30-Apr
First Session 11-Jan 13-Jan 19-Jan 19-Jan 22-Jan 26-Feb 5-Mar
Second Session 8-Mar 10-Mar 15-Mar 15-Mar 18-Mar 22-Apr 30-Apr
Intersession 8-Mar 10-Mar 15-Mar 15-Mar 18-Mar 22-Apr 30-Apr
Snowmester 30-Nov 1-Dec 3-Dec 6-Dec 7-Dec 8-Jan 8-Jan
Out of Term Dates 11-Jan 15-Jan 25-Jan 25-Jan 1-Feb 6-Apr 30-Apr
Combined 11-Jan 15-Jan 25-Jan 25-Jan 1-Feb 6-Apr 30-Apr
+ signatures required from instructor and advisor

Locating Contact Information

Instructor and adviros approval is required for each add and drop request. If you are unsure who to contact for permission to add or drop a course:

  • Locate the instructor of each course in the Schedule of Classes on MyInfo.
    • NOTE: Please do NOT send your add/drop request to professors' D2L (ecat) email addresses. 
  • View your Advisor on your DegreeWorks worksheet in MyInfo, or use the "Find Your Advisor" tool below, provided by the Advising Commons.

Locating Course Information

The following information is needed for each course on the Add/Drop request:

  • CRN:  5-digit Course Reference Number
  • Subject (e.g. BMKT)
  • Number (e.g. 325)
  • Section (e.g. 001)
  • Credits (e.g. 3)
  • Title (e.g. Principles of Marketing)

To locate this information, students may either visit their course schedule in MyInfo (Student Services > Registration > Student Schedule by Day and Time) or the Schedule of Classes in MyInfo (example below).

Screen shot of Schedule of Classes in MyInfo with exapmple class BMKT 325-001 highlighted to show class components required when completing Add/Drop request.

Upon submitting a request, please allow 3-5 business days for processing, and view changes in your MyInfo account. The Office of the Registrar will receive a copy of your request for processing upon its completion. You do not need to send a copy.