If a student must withdraw from all classes after he or she has confirmed attendance or paid fees, he or she must initiate the withdrawal through the Office of the Registrar. Graduate students must initiate the withdrawal through The Graduate School.

A student who withdraws before the end of the 15th day of the semester will not receive grades for any of their courses. Thereafter, through the last day of instruction, a grade of “W” will be assigned on all courses for which the student is registered unless the Office of the Registrar indicates otherwise. The date of withdrawal is the date the student completes the request to withdrawal form with a staff member in the Office of the Registrar. For extraordinary circumstances, the student could appeal to the Dean of Student’s Office for an earlier official withdrawal date.

While the registration fee ($30), tuition payment plan processing fee, orientation fee, ID fee, late fees, social fee, foreign student fee and dorm deposit are not refundable, all other tuition and fees will be refunded based upon the following schedule. The Office of the Registrar record will determine the date used for refunding.

A student who stops attending class without withdrawing his or her registration through regular channels will receive “F” grades in all courses for which he or she was registered.

No refund of health or dental fees are given if medical services have been provided.

Fall 2021 Semester Withdrawal Refund Schedule

Part of Term

Term Dates 

100% Refund Through

90% Refund

75% Refund

50% Refund


0% Refund From

Full Semester 25-Aug -16-Dec 24-Aug 25-Aug - 31-Aug 1-Sep - 8-Sep  9-Sep- 15-Sep 16-Sep  
Early Start 18-Aug - 8-Oct  17-Aug  18-Aug - 20-Aug  21-Aug - 25-Aug  26-Aug - 30-Aug   31-Aug
Late Start  7-Sep - 16-Dec  6-Sep 7-Sep - 13-Sep  14-Sep - 20-Sep  21-Sep - 27-Sep 28-Sep
First Session  25-Aug - 15-Oct  24-Aug 25-Aug - 27-Aug 28-Aug - 1-Sep 2-Sep - 7-Sep 8-Sep
Second Session  18-Oct - 16-Dec 17-Oct  18-Oct - 20-Oct  21-Oct -25-Oct  26-Oct- 28-Oct 29-Oct
Intersession 11-Oct - 16-Dec 10-Oct  11-Oct - 13-Oct 14-Oct - 18-Oct  19-Oct - 21-Oct  22-Oct
Out of Term Dates 25-Aug - 16-Dec 24-Aug 25-Aug - 31-Aug 1-Sep - 8-Sep  9-Sep- 15-Sep 16-Sep 
Combined 25-Aug-16-Dec  24-Aug 25-Aug - 31-Aug 1-Sep - 8-Sep  9-Sep- 15-Sep



Spring 2022 Semester Withdrawal Refund Schedule