FY 2022 Request for Proposals


Deadline: March 1, 2022                  Decision: April 15, 2022              Award start: July 1, 2022


The Office of the Vice President of Research, Economic Development and Graduate Education (VPREDGE) is pleased to announce this request for proposals (RFP) for interdisciplinary, collaborative project ideas in the humanities, arts, and social sciences (HASS). The purpose of the HASS RFP is to create communities of scholarship across MSU’s HASS faculty to catalyze a new era of collaborative and impactful interdisciplinary research that leads to fiscal sustainability after the end of internal funding. HASS grants are big idea grants, in contrast to individual research agendas.

As such, HASS grants are intended to launch externally funded programs, initiatives or centers that will enhance the national and international reputation of Montana State University. To achieve this goal, the research team must design specific tasks that represent iterative steps toward sustainability within the granting period (e.g., key conference/activities in Year 1; external grant submissions in Year 2).

Scope of the Award:

We seek to fund up to 2 grants between $50,000 and $75,000 per year with a maximum duration of 2 years in support of interdisciplinary, collaborative, big idea projects. The total award will be between $100,000--$150,000 over 2 years.


Each grantee is expected to submit annual and final reports, consisting of a maximum 4-page summary listing activities and accomplishments (conferences held, proposals submitted/awarded, results obtained, connections established, etc.).

Submission Requirements

A proposal should contain the following and be submitted to the VPREDGE via the electronic proposal clearance form (ePCF) (http://www.montana.edu/research/osp).

  1. Cover Page (see below)
    • Project title
    • Description of applicants (disciplines, schools/divisions, departments, centers/programs, email and phone contact information)
    • Total amount of funding requested
    • Abstract (300 words)
  1. Project Description (maximum of 10 pages, single-spaced, minimum 11-point font, minimum 1” margins)
    • Project purpose and goals
    • Specific tasks to be undertaken during the granting period and how these tasks have the potential to lead to fiscal and scholarly sustainability
    • Expected national and international benefits and impacts of this project
    • Alignment with MSU’s “Choosing Promise” Strategic Plan/Grand Challenges
    • Description of the team’s strengths, including effective leadership and management
    • Plans for long-term stability/sustainability beyond the 2-year funding period
  1. Budget and Budget Justification (itemize your budget and include a maximum of 2 pages budget narrative).
    • Faculty, staff and/or student salaries
    • Materials, supplies, travel, speaker fees and accommodations, and other costs
    • How each budget item will contribute to the success of the project
  1. Appendices
    • Curriculum vitae (maximum 3 pages per applicant/key personnel)
    • Evidence/plan for leadership/management of the proposed program/initiative/center/institute

Submission Process

Please submit your proposal, assembled in one combined PDF, electronically to the Office of Sponsored Programs by March 1, 2022 using the ePCF (electronic proposal clearance form). A link to the form and instructions can be found on the OSP website at https://www.montana.edu/research/osp/. Begin a new full proposal and select “MSU Vice President for Research (MONVIC001)” as the sponsor of the proposal. Please enter the Sponsor Program ID as HASS FUNDS 2022.

Selection Process

HASS proposals will be reviewed by a committee comprised primarily of MSU faculty in the humanities, arts, and social sciences, who will make recommendations to the VPREDGE. Final selection(s) will be made by April 15, 2022, with an official funding start date of July 1, 2022 for any awarded projects. 

Review Criteria

HASS proposals will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

  1. Intellectual creativity, originality and novelty
  2. Potential for tasks identified to be undertaken during the granting period to be accomplished and to lead to potential sustainability
  3. Ability to form an interdisciplinary and coherent program, initiative or center that will lead to unique, novel scholarship and enhance the national and international reputation of Montana State University
  4. Alignment of project with MSU’s Strategic Plan “Choosing Promise”/Grand Challenges
  5. Strength/expertise of the team
  6. Appropriateness of the budget
  7. Statement that explains plans for fiscal sustainability


For questions about HASS proposal requirements and expectations, please reach out to Liz Shanahan, Associate Vice President for Research Development at [email protected].

Cover Sheet

HASS Grant Proposal, FY 2022 

PI name:                                              Department/School/Center/Institute:

PI Email Address:                               Phone:


Co-PI name:                                        Department/School/Center/Institute:

PI Email Address:                               Phone:


Co-PI name:                                        Department/School/Center/Institute:

PI Email Address:                               Phone:


[you may continue to list more co-PIs below; just copy/paste the above information and fill out]


Title of Project:



Amount Requested:                                                   



Abstract of Proposal (not to exceed 300 words)