Contract Release Process

on campus students

As a result of the MSU first year student live-in requirements, all students taking six or more credit hours with less than 30 credit hours accomplished in a residence hall setting are required to live in the Residence Halls. Regardless of class standing, the Residence Hall Contract period is in place for one academic year – August through May. 

If a student believes they qualify for a contract release based on any of the criteria below, they MUST complete a Request for Residence Hall Contract Release form and submit the form and any required documentation to the Office of Residence Life & Culinary Services for review. 

  • To request a Residence Hall Contract Release, students are asked to fill out the online form available through the Housing Portal.
  • Request for Residence Hall Contract Releases are reviewed on a regular basis, by a campus committee, and can take up to 2 weeks to receive a response from the committee.
  • Submitting a Request for Residence Hall Contract Release packet is not a guaranteed approval of contract release.
  • If the Request for Residence Hall Contract Release is denied, the student shall be obligated for the full amount of room and board charges under the terms set forth in the Residence Hall Contract.
    • If a Release for Residence Hall Contract Release is denied, students will have the opportunity to appeal to one of the Directors in Residence Life.
  • If the Request for Residence Hall Contract Release is approved, a $300 cancellation fee, damages and other charges will be assessed.  This is contingent on compliance with proper residence hall check-out procedures.  Failure to do so will result in additional charges. 
  • If the Request for Residence Hall Contract Release is approved, any prorated fee adjustments will be applied to the student's account after they have completed a proper residence hall check-out. 
  • Additionally, students who furnish false information regarding their housing status will be referred to the Dean of Students office for a Student Conduct Board hearing under section 632.00, part B “Acts of Dishonesty”, of the Student Conduct Code.

Request for Contract Release Criteria:

  • Graduation: 
    • Subject to verification.
  • Withdrawal from the University: 
    • Subject to verification.
  • Moving to Family & Graduate Housing: 
    • Subject to verification.
  • Marriage: 
    • Must be supported by a marriage certificate.
  • Physical custody of a dependent child: 
    • Must provide copy of child’s birth certificate.
  • Financial hardship: Such as death, accident or severe illness of primary family wage earner, recent substantial change in the family or student financial status beyond the control of the student, or unusual circumstances well supported by documentation.
    • Must provide a letter from student
    • Must provide a Financial Hardship Worksheet and documentation of recent financial change
    • If traditional freshman, must also provide a notarized letter of support from parent/legal guardian
  • Medical/disability related condition: A medical or disability condition that precludes a student from living in the residence halls.  Will require evaluation by the Office of Disability, Re-entry and Veteran Services. A student may be required to provide medical documentation that supports their request to the Office of Disability Services.
    • Must contact the Office of Disability Services. The Office of Disability Services can be contacted at 406-994-2824 or
    • Must provide a letter that explains briefly the basis of the request to the Residence Life Office
  • Living with family member: Living with an immediate family member (parent, grandparent, sibling, or legal guardian) at their principal, established local residence within a commutable radius. 
    • Must provide a copy of a power/heating bill or lease for proof of physical/service address
    • Must provide a notarized letter from parent/legal guardian. Letter should contain the name, relationship to the student and address of the immediate family member with whom the student will be living.
  • Unusual circumstances: Circumstances have arisen that are not within the scope of the above listed criteria that make living in the halls a hardship and warrant a release from the academic year contract. 
    • Must provide a letter from the student including all pertinent information and documentation to the unusual circumstance
    • If traditional freshman, must also include a notarized letter of support from parent/legal guardian