Mission Statement

The Off-Campus Housing program within the Residence Life Office at Montana State University strives to provide information, resources, and advising on off-campus housing to any student, regardless of where they currently live.


Students can utilize print and online resources created by Residence Life, as well as access a directory of non-university resources related to off-campus housing. Students can meet with an off-campus housing advisor to discuss their options, questions, and orient themselves to available resources. 


Montana State University Residence Life does not complete off-campus housing applications, place students, take deposits, or work with landlords and property management companies on behalf of students. Residence Life does not assume responsibility for a property or rental found using resources we have provided.

Apartment Searching Resources:

  • Beat Roommate Woes: This document shares just a few tips and suggestions on how to get a long with and work with roommates to create a successful living environment.
  • Rental Search Checklist: The checklist provides a list of amenities and services that different apartment complexes and rental agencies provide for within their units.  This will help you evaluate all of your options and which unit is going to meet your needs.

Financial Resources: 

  • Cost Comparison Worksheet: When exploring various options on-campus and off-campus, this worksheet provides a breakdown of some of the anticipated costs that renters are likely to encounter.  This will help you evaluate all of your options and which direction is going to be most cost-effective.
  • Renters Insurance Relocation Costs: If you are relocating to Bozeman or considering off-campus living, this informational sheet provides a few points to think about with insurance, transportation costs and relocation costs.
  • Spending Plans: Budgeting and preparing to live off-campus can be beneficial, but it can also create the need to budget your money and spend wisely.  This resource provides the checklist and necessary items to consider how you spend your money on a monthly basis.

Legal Resources:

  • ASMSU Legal Services: The Associated Students of Montana State University (ASMSU) and Cromwell Law offer limited scope legal assistance services to MSU-Bozeman and Gallatin College students.  If you are a student taking 7 or more credits a semester, you are entitled to inexpensive legal services.