MSU has identified facilities for the temporary housing and care of MSU students living in the residence halls who need to quarantine or isolate due to COVID-19.

MSU’s COVID-19 response plan includes processes to identify residence hall residents who are symptomatic and/or close contacts of known positives and provide them with housing until they receive direction from the county that they can return to the residence hall setting.  This is an important and effective strategy to mitigate further spread of the virus.

Residence Life and Culinary Services provide housing and meals and coordinate additional support resources for students in quarantine or isolation. Guidance on testing and direction to quarantine or isolate will come from Gallatin County Health Department or a healthcare provider.   

Some of the resources available are listed below. If there are any questions or concerns, students should call the on-call number listed below for immediate response.

Important Phone Numbers

  • If you have a medical emergency call 911
  • University Health Partners - - 406-994-2311
  • Gallatin County Health Department - - 406-282-3100
    • Open 8:00-5:00pm, Monday-Friday
  • Residence Life Office - 406-994-2661
    • Open 8:00-5:00pm, Monday-Friday
  • Counseling & Psychological Services - - 994-4531
    • Open 8:00-5:00pm, Monday-Friday 
  • Bozeman Help Center (24 hr Crisis Line) - - 406-586-3333


Cable TV

All quarantine and isolation units come with cable television and a TV provided in the unit. The Cable TV channel line-up is listed on the ResLife website.



If a student is going to miss a class or need to move their class online they need to reach out to their professors and inform them. The best method to reach a professor would be to email them or contact the departmental main office which can all be found online through the director at


Fire Evacuation

In the event that the fire alarm goes off, students in quarantine and isolation housing should put on shoes, grab a jacket, take their unit keys, put on their mask, and vacate the building maintaining social distancing from other students in quarantine and isolation housing until they are permitted back in the building. If you have a fire in your unit you will need to pull the fire alarm located by the laudry room on the first floor of the building and call 911.



Students needing to do laundry can do so using the laundry rooms located within the apartment buildings and can work with our Housing Coordinator to facilitate laundry room access by calling 406-994-4546.



For those students who are in quarantine for an extended period of time, they can have items shipped to their quarantine/isolation unit while they are there and the carriers will drop the package off at the door.

For those students who may be there for a few days or who have items that were en-route when they were placed into quarantine, they can continue to use their residence hall address and just call 406-282-4025 and let us know that they need mail and we’ll get the mail delivered to their quarantine unit.


Meals & Food

Culinary Services staff will deliver 3 meals to all students in quarantine for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Students will have an opportunity to communicate any dietary/cultural restrictions. 

For students that would like to order additional groceries or food delivery, they are encouraged to order online and have it delivered to their unit through contactless delivery.

If you are looking for all of the allergen labels/ingredients that would be used for meals in quaratine/isolation housing, you can visit the Culinary Services Alergens Information.


Moving Out

When students are given the approval from the Gallatin County Health Department or University Health Partners to move out of quarantine or isolation housing, they should complete the following tasks before departing the unit:

  • Call 406-282-4025 and notify Residence Life staff
  • Close and lock all windows
  • Turn off all of the lights
  • Place the room key and outside door key on the kitchen counter
  • Lock the handle on the outside door to the unit
  • Pack and gather all personal belongings and move them out of the unit
  • Leave the unit and ensure the door is securely closed behind them


Policies for quarantine and isolation housing

Students that are in quarantine and isolation housing are expected to follow the following guidelines and policies:

  • Follow all policies in the MSU Code of Student Conduct
  • Abide by the policies in the Residence Life Handbook
  • No guests or other students are allowed to enter any of the quarantine or isolation units
  • No student in quarantine or isolation housing should leave their unit even to visit another student in quarantine or isolation housing
  • Any student with an assistive animal will work with Residence Life staff for guidance on care of the animal


Retrieval of Personal Belongings

If students in quarantine or isolation housing need additional necessities from their residence hall room, they can complete the form at the link below and Residence Life staff will work to retrieve their items within 24 hours of the form being submitted.

Quarantine & Isolation Retrieval of Personal Belongings


Special Dietary Information

If you have dietary needs or restrictions or any concerns with your food delivery please call the staff on-call number (406) 282-4025.



Students that have been placed in quarantine or isolation housing will be supported by designated Resident Advisors, a Resident Director as well as dedicated staff to support these residents. As examples, this will include periodic outreach to each student and securty rounds of the area similar to the rest of the residence halls.


Staff After Hours

If a student needs to contact a Residence Life or Culinary Services staff member immediately, please call our staff on-call at:



Trash Removal

Students are asked to tie up the trash bags and place the trash bag outside of their unit before 10am on Tuesday and Friday and MSU staff will pick up and properly dispose of trash.