To help slow the spread of the coronavirus, MSU has spaces available on campus for students who must quarantine or isolate due to COVID-19. These spaces are available only for students who live in our residence halls.

Students are to remain in quarantine or isolation housing until they receive direction from the Gallatin City-County Health Department that they can return to their regular residence hall rooms.

While in Q/I Housing, students will receive meals and additional support from Residence Life and Culinary Services. All guidance on testing and the directions regarding quarantine and isolation will come from the Gallatin City-County Health Department or a health care provider.

Additional answers to frequently asked questions about Q/I Housing are posted to MSU's COVID-19 information site.


Getting help in Quarantine and Isolation Housing

If you have a medical emergency, call 911.

Students in Q/I Housing will be supported by resident advisors, a resident director and dedicated staff members. This will include periodic outreach to each student and securty rounds of the area, similar to the rest of the residence halls.

If you need to contact staff from Residence Life or Culinary Services with questions regarding Q/I Housing or your meals, use the following numbers:

Residence Life Office


On weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

On-Call Staff



Other important phone numbers

  • University Health Partners – 406-994-2311
  • Gallatin County Health Department – 406-282-3100
    • Open 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday-Friday
  • Counseling & Psychological Services – 406-994-4531
    • Open 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday-Friday 
  • Bozeman Help Center (24-hour Crisis Line) – 406-586-3333

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Quarantine and Isolation Explained

Quarantine is for students who are identified as close contacts of people with COVID-19 through the contact tracing process for students who are awaiting their own test results. In quarantine, you are housed in a single room separate from other students to avoid spreading the virus.

According to the Gallatin City-County Health Department, and following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a person may be quarantined for up to 10 days after their last suspected exposure to the coronavirus to watch for symptoms of the virus to show themselves.

Isolation is for students who are confirmed to have COVID-19. Students in isolation housing should expect to share a suite with others who are confirmed to have the virus as well.

People with the virus who are placed into isolation can generally leave isolation if:

  • It has been at least 10 days since their symptoms first appeared.
  • In the last 24 hours of isolation, they have no fever — without using fever-reducing medication.
  • Their COVID-19 symptoms are improving — not necessarily all gone, but better than when they fell ill.

Other factors can be involved in the decision to end isolation, and students should follow the direction of their health care providers and the Gallatin City-County Health Department.

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Q/I Housing policies

Students in quarantine and isolation housing must follow all policies in the MSU Code of Student Conduct, as well as the Residence Life Handbook. Additionally:

  • No guests or other students may enter any of the quarantine or isolation units.
  • No student in quarantine or isolation housing should leave their unit — even to visit another student in quarantine or isolation housing.
  • Residence Life staff members will work with students who have an assistive animal to ensure care for the animal.

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Retrieving personal belongings

If students in Q/I Housing need additional items from their residence hall room, they can complete the following form. A Residence Life staff member will work to retrieve their items as soon as safely possible, according to CDC guidelines.

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Culinary Services staff will deliver meals each day to all students in quarantine. Students will have an opportunity to communicate any dietary/cultural restrictions. 

Culinary Services understands that from time to time, you may wish to get dinner from another source or not want the meal that we are providing.  If you would not like to receive a dinner entree with your delivery tomorrow, please check the box below. This must be done by 11:59pm the day before.  You will still receive a meal box with lunch and breakfast.

Students who would like to order additional groceries or food deliveries are encouraged to order online and have it delivered according to protocol in the Q/I student resource guide.

Special Dietary Information

Allergen labels/ingredients that would be used for meals in Q/I Housing are listed at Culinary Services Alergens Information. If you have dietary needs or restrictions or any concerns with your food delivery please dial the staff on-call number 406-282-4025.

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Leaving Q/I Housing

When students are given approval from the Gallatin City-County Health Department or University Health Partners to move out of Q/I Housing they should complete the following tasks before leaving:

  • Call 406-282-4025 and notify Residence Life staff.
  • Close and lock all windows.
  • Turn off all of the lights.
  • Place the room key and outside door key on the kitchen counter or on the student desk.
  • Lock the handle on the outside door to the unit.
  • Pack and gather all personal belongings and move them out of the unit.
  • Leave the unit, ensuring the door is securely closed behind them.

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Services in Q/I Housing

Cable TV/Internet

A smart TV will be provided upon request and internet service is provided.

Events and Activities

The Residence Hall Association is hosting nightly events for residents across campus that you can access and attend virtually. For more info on events, times, and how to join please follow this link:


Students can arrange an appointment to use the laundry rooms located within the building where they are housed for quarantine or isolation. To set up an appointment, call the housing coordinator at 406-282-4025.


Students can continue to use their residence hall address. If they need their mail while they are in Q/I Housing, students can call 406-282-4025 to arrange to have their mail brought to their quarantine or isolation unit.

Trash Removal

Students are asked to tie up the trash bags and take them to the identified trash disposal area.

Fire Evacuation

If the fire alarm goes off, students in Q/I Housing should put on shoes, grab a jacket, take their unit keys, put on their masks and vacate the building — maintaining social distancing from other students until they are permitted back in the building.

If you have a fire in your unit, you will need to pull the fire alarm located by the laundry room on the first floor of the building and call 911.

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If a student will miss a class or need to move their class online because they are quarantined or isolated, the student will need to reach out to their professors and inform them.

The best method to reach a professor is to email them or to contact the department's main office. Contact information for offices and faculty members is online through the MSU directory.

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