Resident Directors (RDs)

The Resident Directors (RDs) are full-time professional employees who have at least a Bachelor's Degree or equivalent experience and who have extensive experience in the field of Residence Life. They coordinate the activities of an entire residence hall. They also supervise the Resident Advisor staff, advise the hall government and oversee the hall Front Desk operations. In addition, the RD is responsible for addressing any hall discipline issues.

For additional information and to apply for the position please see the vacancy announcement on the Montana State University Staff Job Postings

Benefits of the Position

  • 2-3 bedroom furnished apartment
  • Meal plan
  • Salary
  • Health Benefits
  • Partial cell phone reimbursement
  • Departmental iPad provided
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Washer and Dryer in some RD Apartments

Professional Development Opportunities

  • Supervision experience
  • Overall building management experience
  • Strong relationships and friendships with coworkers
  • Opportunity to improve many skills (communication, confrontation, time management, conflict management)
  • Networking skills with other campus entities and other professionals at other universities
  • Constructive feedback
  • Opportunity to grow within the department
  • Extensive responsibility
  • Resident focused
  • Leadership advising

RDs with fireworksRAs dressed up for a hall activity with makeup.RDs with fireworksRD dressed up as Peter Pan and hall staff playing charades.RDs with fireworks standing outside in a parking lot.

“Having worked for the MSU Residence Life system for three years as an undergraduate, I came to greatly appreciate and value what we do for our students at this university. Now working as a Resident Director, I am truly grateful that I decided to pursue this job.  Through excellent training, team unity, and departmental support, I am placed in a position to give students the same positive experience that I had.  This job can act as a springboard into any future career.  As a young professional in this occupation, I am gaining invaluable experience in supervision, communication strategies, conflict resolution, crisis management, and facility management.  These skills are prevalent in any work environment and to be challenged with them this early in my career has been phenomenal.  Being a part of the Residence Life team at MSU in the beautiful Bozeman community has been an extremely rewarding experience.  If you are willing to work hard and challenge yourself daily, then the Resident Director job at MSU will take that hard work and give it back to you tenfold!"

~Taylor Derrick, Former Resident Director

"Many people talk about how the mountains feel like home. In Bozeman, the surrounding mountains and the truly genuine people that work at MSU combine to make this a place that is home. The Bozeman and MSU communities have a welcoming, family feel that doesn’t take long to pull you in and make you excited to be a Bobcat."

~Kelsea Shook, Former Resident Director
"Having been involved with Montana State University and Residence Life for several years as an undergraduate, I had a strong desire to continue on in this career after I graduated. The staff and students were always so fun and inviting when I was a resident that the Resident Director opportunity was a great chance for me to give back to future residents. I really enjoy the connections I’ve made with not only student but within other offices on-campus as well. Working with students is such a fun and rewarding experience, I am constantly gaining new perspective and insights and growing as a professional. I look forward to staying with MSU for several more years."
~Blake Stemen, Current Area Coordinator
"Being a Resident Director is such an amazing opportunity! Here at MSU, you are given so many more areas of involvement outside of the RD position itself. You can chair committees, be a part of interview processes, help out other departments, etc. Coming from an institution that I was at for 3 years, to MSU has really helped me understand and develop more professionally. The RD group bonds right away with specific meetings and retreats to help develop each other to the best of their abilities. You always feel supported and appreciated by RAs and supervisors. If you dedicate a lot to the role as Resident Director, the role will bring a lot back to you as a person. Being a Resident Director at MSU has been an amazing experience for me and I couldn’t ask for a better group of RDs as coworkers!"
~Ryan Drake, Current Resident Director North Hedges Hall
"Being an RD at MSU opens the door for so many opportunities – in this position, you learn a lot about building management, supervision and you gain many, many skills. This position also allows you to learn a lot about yourself and help you find ways to grow in areas where you want to improve. While you’re growing and learning, you also make great friendships and develop strong relationships with those around you."
~Brynne Thrasher, Former Resident Director
"Working as a Resident Director at Montana State University has truly been a highlight of my life. The support I receive from the professionals that surround me can only be explained as inspirational. The department invests heavily to develop staff that will provide an environment conducive to academic success. The relationships I have built while working at MSU will never be forgotten."
~Kyle Trafton, Former Resident Director
"Being an RD at MSU gives an amazing opportunity to grow as a young professional very early in your career. With a fast paced environment and challenging but rewarding work load the RD position at MSU is a great opportunity."
~Tyler Fagenstrom, Former Resident Director
"I chose MSU because I felt that the experience I would get there would be best suited for what I was looking for in an entry-level RD position. The position itself comes with great autonomy and required me to hone skills in decision-making, supervision, and management. The size and scope of the Residential Life program at MSU was a great fit for me. I knew I had six other RDs to learn and grow with and a central office staff that was ready to challenge and support my development. I have had other professional opportunities following my time at MSU, but I feel that the RD position I held there gave me some of the most necessary skills needed to currently serve in my role as Chief Housing Officer."
~Torry Brouillard-Bruce, Former Resident Director
"Working at MSU has provided me with numerous opportunities that not only challenged me to grow both personally and professionally, but also kept my need for laughter and fun fulfilled. The Residence Life department at MSU truly believes in its employees and its residents. I came to MSU because of the beautiful scenery and people and the academic reputation, but I stayed because I love the people I work with, in and out of the department. As a young professional, I was afraid I would not have the opportunity to explore different facets of student affairs and residential life, but that wasn’t the case at MSU. I have been able to participate in professional searches, advisory committees, and campus wide initiatives. Whether you are looking for your first professional position or are a seasoned Res-lifer, I think everyone should spend some time working here."
~Korrin Fagenstrom, Former Resident Director 
In the five years I spent as a live-in, I got the opportunity to develop a wide array of housing skills from student development, staff supervision and development, crisis response, and facilities and maintenance issues. I also had the opportunity to complete my Master's in Higher Education, which combined with my experiences has been invaluable to me. We were so well-trained, and the model of the department allowed for enough autonomy to really grow and develop, while providing just enough structure and campus-wide consistency to help us learn about not only housing issues, but broader Student Affairs issues that I feel have helped prepare me to work in other areas such as with fraternities and sororities, and in a student union. I have come full circle back to Residence Life, this is where my heart is, and that passion was instilled in me at my time at MSU.
~Maureen Ward, Former Resident Director
This isn't a job for the faint of heart - you need to be ready and willing to work hard for the department, for your RA team, and for your students. I was a Resident Director at MSU for six years and I wouldn't trade those years and experiences for anything. I learned so much about myself and the impact that I want to have on people's lives. Most importantly, I learned what it takes to be a good leader and to set the right example. I learned what it means to be a mentor, an advisor, a coach. I learned what it takes to earn the respect of my students. I was challenged daily, and I was rewarded daily, in every way.
~Amanda Tebay, Former Resident Director