2019-2020 Residence Hall Contract

Montana State University [“University”] and the undersigned student [“Student”] enter into this Residence Hall Contract upon the following terms and conditions:

  1. Premises: The University agrees to provide the Student a residence in a campus residence hall, except where temporary reassignment may be necessary. The room will be furnished, and upon student request, telephone service will be available.
  2. Assignment: The University will assign a room only after the student has submitted a completed Residence Hall application, a Residence Hall Contract and a nonrefundable $300 prepayment. Students currently residing in the residence halls who submit an application before the advertised priority application deadline will be given first choice in room assignments. Assignment according to student preferences is not guaranteed. The student must reside in the room assigned and may not reassign or sublet the room.
  3. Eligibility and Priority: To be eligible to reside in the residence hall, the student must be enrolled as a student of the University. A student may live in the residence halls while taking at least 12 undergraduate or 9 graduate credits and any student taking 9 to 11 credits may live in the residence hall and will be placed on Residence Hall probation. Any student taking 6 to 8 credits must request permission from the Director of Residence Life to live in the residence halls and, if approved, will be placed on Residence Hall probation. If a student is taking less than 6 credits or is no longer enrolled in the University, this contract may be terminated and the student will be required to vacate the residence hall.
  4. Contract Period: This contract becomes effective upon the Student’s acceptance of a room key and shall continue for one academic year. Housing during the Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring vacations will be provided at an additional cost. Students housed during vacation periods may be required to temporarily occupy a room other than their regularly assigned room during such vacations.
  5. Check In: Fall Semester, all residents’ rooms will be held until 8 o’clock a.m. of the first day of class and then will be reassigned. If a student must take occupancy after the first day of class, he or she must submit notice to the Residence Life Office and specify the date the student will check in. Rooms will be held no longer than one week in such cases.
  6. Payment of Room and Board Charges: The student agrees to pay all room and board fees for each semester by the deadline for payment of University fees.
    1. Room and board rates for this contract will be those rates approved by the Board of Regents.
    2. Room and board charges begin the first day the residence halls open, regardless of the date of occupancy.
    3. The $300 prepayment will be applied toward the room and board charges of students who take occupancy of the room assigned to them. If students do not take occupancy of their room they will forfeit their $300 prepayment.
  7. Social Fees: All residence halls have a Social Fee established by the Residence Hall Association, which is assessed in conjunction with room and board payments each semester. The Social Fee is assessed to every student living in the residence halls and is nonrefundable.
  8. Food Service: All students living in the residence halls must contract for a meal plan and comply with the rules and regulations set forth in the Food Service Guide. In the absence of a selection, the student will be assigned to the Bobcat Anytime Silver Meal Plan. Meal plans are not transferable.
  9. University Regulations: The Student agrees to observe all University and Residence Hall regulations applicable to students of the university.   Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, including eviction from the residence halls and/or suspension/expulsion from the University. All University rules and regulations published in the Montana State University Catalog, the Student Conduct Code, the Residence Hall Handbook and the Food Service Handbook are specifically made a part of this contract by this reference.
  10. Commercial Use: Commercial use of any part of the room or facilities, and commercial solicitation and promotion in the residence halls is prohibited. Students may not conduct commercial activity or promote commercial activity using the room, room address, or university computer address ( domain).
  11. University Authority: The University has the right to:
    1. Change room assignments when vacancies occur. In a Double room the remaining student must accept another roommate and/or move to another room. Students already on the waiting list for a Double-as-Single room may keep the room and assume the additional cost if space is available. When vacanciesoccur in a suite, the remaining student(s) must accept a new roommate(s) and/or move to another suite. The University will not change room assignments if the vacancy occurs within two weeks of the end ofthe semester.
    2. Move students from a specific room, floor, hall, or the residence hall system if necessary for order, sanitation,health, safety or disciplinary purposes.
    3. Inspect all rooms, with notice in writing, for purposes of inventory, fire protection, sanitation, safety, maintenance and rule Students may not block or restrict a University official from access to their rooms.
    4. Enter any unit without notice in cases of emergency or when attempts to provide notice by phone or in person fail.
  12. University Responsibility for Student’s Personal Property:
    1. The University assumes no responsibility for the theft, destruction or loss of money, valuables or other personal property belonging to or in the custody of the Student, no matter the cause or location ofthe property.
    2. The University does not carry insurance against the loss or damage of individually owned personal property, so students should provide their own personal property insurance coverage.
  13. Student’s Responsibility for Damage and Loss of University Property:
    1. The Student’s signature on the Room Condition Card is the Student’s acceptance of the condition of the room and its contents at occupancy. The form is the standard for determining the condition of the room and contents at the termination of occupancy.
    2. The Student is responsible for any damage or loss caused to the building, room, furniture and equipment; ordinary wear and tear is excepted. Damage or loss within student rooms will be charged to the assigned students. The Student agrees to pay the University for damages.
  14. Termination:
    1. Students who want to be released from this contract for any reason before the end of the contract period must file a Request for Residence Hall Contract Release with the Residence Life Office.
      1. The Student will be released from the contract only if he or she meets the criteria for release stated on the request form. The Associate VP of Administration and Finance will make the final decision regarding contract releases.

      2. If the student is released from this contract prior to the expiration of the term, a $300 contract cancellation fee and pro-rated room and board charges will be assessed as of the date of final check Refunds of housing payments will not be processed until final checkout is completed, cleaning and/or damages are assessed, keys are accounted for, and any outstanding debt to Montana State University has been resolved.

      3. A student must pay the full amount of the room and board charges for the full contract period unless the student is granted a contract release by the Residence Life Office.

    2. This contract may be terminated by the Residence Life Office at any time for violation of the terms and conditions of this contract. If the contract is terminated, the University may assess a $300 contract cancellation fee, retain all payments made under the contract and may seek any other remedy in law or If this contract is terminated, the Student agrees to vacate the residence hall within 72 hours, unless the student requests and is granted an extension by the Director of Residence Life.
    3. Until all sums owed to Residence Life are paid in full, the Student may not register for future courses or receive transcripts, diplomas or degrees.
    4. If collection is required the Student agrees to pay all additional collection fees, including but not limited to collection agency fees of up to 3% and reasonable attorney fees made or incurred by the University in enforcing this contract.
  1. Check-Out: The student must use the established check-out procedures upon termination of this contract. Students who fail to return a key will be charged for a lock change. Students who fail to clean the room and/or cause damage to the room and its contents will be charged the actual costs for University personnel to clean and repair the premises.
  2. Abandoned Property: If the Student leaves property in the room or on University property after termination of occupancy, the property shall be deemed abandoned. The University will dispose of the property if not removed by the Student after notice is sent to the Student’s last known address. Any charges incurred to remove, store or dispose of the property will be assessed to the Student.