The Office of Residence Life is concerned about your safety and security. While the university is a relatively safe place, crimes do occur on campus. To ensure everyone’s security, students must take responsibility for keeping a safe environment.

A variety of security measures are employed in the residence halls. Any action that could violate the security of a residence hall or its occupants is prohibited and could lead to an immediate eviction from the Residence Hall system and possible suspension from Montana State University. Please follow these security measures to protect yourself and others.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Emergency (University Police): 911
  • Residence Life Office: 406-994-2661
  • University Police: 406-994-2121
  • Hannon/Quads Desk: 406-994-2821
  • Hapner Desk: 406-994-3101
  • Johnstone Center Desk: 406-994-3481
  • Langford Desk: 406-994-3291
  • North Hedges Desk: 406-994-3131
  • Headwaters Desk: 406-994-3132
  • Roskie Desk: 406-994-3581
  • South Hedges Desk: 406-994-3281
  • ResLife Apartments: 406-994-3132
  • Yellowstone Desk: 406-994-2966


No guns or weapons are allowed in the residence halls. No handguns or ammunition are allowed on campus. All hunting rifles and bows must be checked in with the University Police Department, where they will be locked in a Weapon Storage Facility. If you see any type of weapon or firearm in a residence hall, report it immediately to University Police (406-994-2121).


Residence Hall Access

All residence halls are under 24/7 restricted access. To prevent unauthorized persons from entering buildings, we require all students to swipe their ID and/or show their ID for entry. CatCard access is provided for resident convenience. Anyone using an ID other than his/her own to gain access to a residence hall will face severe disciplinary action. 

Do not prop doors open. Propped doors invite entry by non-residents, some of whom may commit crimes. If you see a propped door or an unauthorized entry occur, report it immediately to the hall desk or a Residence Life staff member.



Guests: A guest is defined as “a person who is not assigned to or contracted for a particular room, but is in a room at the invitation of the occupant.”

Please be considerate of others. Having guests is a privilege and the visitation privilege is administered under the honor system. Residents are expected to abide by all rules and regulations, as should their guests visitors. If residents violate the privilege, they may be subject to disciplinary action. Current residents and guests visitors are reminded that they should only use the restroom facilities that conform to their gender identity.

Students living in the residence halls may have guests under the following conditions:

  • The resident host has the permission of the roommate(s).
  • Guests must abide by all rules and regulations of the University and Residence Halls.
  • The resident host is responsible for the actions of their guests, for informing them of hall rules and regulations, and for expenses incurred by them.
  • Guests may not sleep in public areas.
  • Guests staying overnight are limited to a period of time not to exceed three consecutive nights within a 14 day period. Guests must check-in and receive a new guest check-in slip each night. Both the resident and guest will face conduct charges if in violation.
  • Each resident is limited to one overnight guest at a time.
  • Guests must adhere to the escort policies in each hall.
  • If guests will be in the building after 10:00pm, they must present a photo ID and check in at the hall front desk. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action (See Safety and Security, pg. 33).
  • Individuals under 18 years of age are required to obtain permission from a Residence Life staff member, but are encouraged to do so prior to 10:00pm on or before the day of arrival. In order for the Residence Life staff member to assess the situation and approve their stay, the minor’s parents or guardians will be contacted. Only under extenuating circumstances and with prior approval from either a Resident Director or Assistant Resident Director will an exception be made to this policy.

The resident host is responsible for the conduct of all guests, and may face disciplinary action if guests do not adhere to residence hall rules and regulations. Additionally, any guests suspected of violating a hall policy or the student conduct code may be asked to leave the building. All guests must be checked in by current residents of the building between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Any person without photo ID may be refused entry and/ or escorted out of the building.


Escort Policy

As stated above, a guest is defined as any person not assigned or contracted for a particular room, but is in a room at the invitation of the occupant.  Guests must be greeted at the front desk by the resident before entering the building.  Between 10pm – 7am Guests must be checked in and escorted in all residence halls.

All residence hall students will be able to access the lobbies of North and South Hedges from 7am – 10pm for services including the ResNet Help Desk, The Den, and Counseling and Psychological Services.  28 Residence Hall Regulations and Policies 29 Residence Hall Regulations and Policies.

A staff member can, at any time, remove an unescorted guest from a floor/building. If residents see an unescorted person during escort hours, they can report the matter to a staff member.

Other Safety Precautions

Lock your room door. Locking the door when you are gone or asleep is the single most effective action you can take to reduce theft and protect yourself. Most theft involves an unlocked door. Be careful about leaving windows open when you are gone as thefts can occur through open windows. 

Confront unknown persons in the hall who have no escort. If you are uncomfortable doing this yourself, contact any Residence Life staff member. Contact the Residence Life staff and/or University Police if you receive an obscene or harassing phone call. University Police logs these calls, and, as patterns develop, work closely with the telephone company to apprehend offenders.

Report all vandalism promptly to Residence Life staff members. Committing vandalism jeopardizes building security. Also report any maintenance problems to residence hall staff. Lights that are in need of repair or replacement should be reported immediately.

Attend residence hall security programs. Learn more about protecting yourself and talk with your floor community about ways to safeguard each other.

Report all suspicious persons and activities to Residence Life staff. The hall desk will contact the staff member on call.


Drugs and Alcohol

It is the expectation and sincere hope of the Administration and University Police that you abstain from using alcohol until you are 21 and that you choose not to use illegal drugs. However, if you choose to incorporate alcohol into your lifestyle as an underage student, be advised that the Residence Life Staff are expected to confront and document any/all potential alcohol violations that take place in and around our buildings. These violations are reviewed by a conduct officer to determine the sanctions for those students who are found responsible. These students can receive sanctions including, but not limited to, probation, removal from residence hall(s), Insight Program, suspension, etc. If you are visiting a room where an alcohol violations is occurring (or your roommate is violating the alcohol policy/law) you will be held accountable. 

In reference to illegal drugs: The Residence Life Staff enforce all state and federal laws. You are held responsible for activities and behaviors that occur in your room. If there are drugs or users in your room, you will be held accountable. If you are in a room where drugs are present or drug use is taking place—leave. Be advised that the names and room numbers of students who are documented for drug/alcohol violations can be submitted to University Police—regardless of responsibility. In the very recently reviewed drug and alcohol policy, MSU does not allow the use or production of marijuana on campus premises inclusive of the residence halls as noted in federal laws.


Missing Persons

A student is presumed missing if he/she is overdue to a specified location for over 24 hours. If you suspect a student may be missing, contact a Residence Life staff member or University Police immediately. Residence Life will be responsible for contacting authorized university officials and law enforcement officials in the event of a reported missing person. Contact information will be otherwise held confidential. 


Security Around Campus

Avoid walking alone at night.

  • If you have a night class, make arrangements to walk back and forth with others who may have class nearby. University Police will also provide an escort and they can be reached at 406-994-2121.
  • If you must travel alone, be sure to stay on well-traveled and well-lit paths.

Protect your personal property.

  • Bikes with good locks are rarely stolen. Students may also store their bikes in their rooms. Register your bike with University Police. It’s FREE. For more information on this service, please visit
  • Park your car in a well-lit area and keep it locked at all times. Don’t leave valuables where they can be seen in your vehicles; lock them in your trunk.

Report crime. Report any criminal act or suspicious behavior to the University Police immediately at 406-994-2121.


Silent Witness

We understand the difficulty people may experience in reporting crimes or incidents of concern to us face-to-face. We offer the Silent Witness Program to anyone who has witnessed, or knows about, a crime committed on campus. You are welcome to send an email to with information you feel may be useful in keeping your campus safe and secure. It is important that you provide as much detail as to what, who, when, where, and how as possible. Your identity will be protected to the fullest extent possible.


Care About Others

Please give this information serious consideration. Even if you are not concerned about your personal safety, it is critical that you consider the rights of others living in your hall who may be concerned.

If you have additional suggestions or concerns related to security in your residence hall or on campus, please contact a Residence Life Staff member.