Weekend Student Custodians (WSCs)

The Weekend Student Custodians (WSCs) are student employees who live and work in the residence halls helping to keep the residence halls clean during the weekends.... Pending more detail. 

Benefits of the Position

  • Compensated Room and Board for full time WSCs
  • $8.65/hr for substitute WSCs
  • Work in the residence hall you live in during the semester
  • Work schedule that won't conflict with classes
  • Ideal position for the independent student


           Desk Clerk Application 


Duties of the MSU Residence Life Weekend Student Custodian include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Dump Garbage (on all floors, in each bathroom, clean-up room, garbage room, laundry room, lounge, study room, and elevator area)
  • Vacuum Common Areas (hallways, lounges, studies, and elevator area)
  • Clean Bathrooms (clean toilet bowls, wipe down sink area, pick up trash in bathroom/shower area)
  • Clean up Messes (clean and sanitize any area in which an RA has reported major messes, vandalism, etc.)
  • Clean Main Lobby Area/Elevators (dump garbage, mop/vacuum floor, and straighten furniture)
  • Depending on time/and as needed: Restock Bathrooms (re-supply toilet paper, paper towels, and soap)
  • Actively participate in a rotating On-Call Student Custodian schedule (roughly 1 night a week)
  • Attend monthly campus wide meetings/training sessions to discuss issues, or concerns. 

Weekend Student Custodians report to work at 7:00 am both Saturday, Sunday, and specified holidays (Labor Day, Veterans Day, Martin Luther King Day, etc) when professional custodians do not work and work until 3:30 pm.  East side Student Custodians assist West side Student Custodians beginning each day in the afternoon in the event they were able to complete their own building tasks. 

Weekend Student Custodians are allotted up to 4 vacation days a semester and 1 personal/sick day. Weekend Student Custodians can miss no more than five days of work a semester without review of their employment with Residence Life.


Please remember that you must live in the Residence Halls in order to be employed as a Weekend Student Custodian or a Substitute Weekend Student CustodianAs a permanent Weekend Student Custodian, you are required to live in the hall that you work in. If you have any questions about this position, please contact the Residence Life office at 406.994.2661 or housing@montana.edu.

On-Call Rotation: (This DOES NOT apply to Substitute Weekend Student Custodians)
Weekend Student Custodians are required to be on-call one of the seven nights a week, available to respond to any messes and/or vandalism that occurs after 4:30PM.  WSC’s are given a cell phone to carry by 4:00 pm and returned  8:00 am -10:00 am the following morning.  When called, Weekend Student Custodians check in at the front desk to pick up keys, get a description of the problem/mess, and log the date/time of completion of duties.
Substitute Weekend Student Custodians are responsible for the hall cleaning daily tasks every Saturday and Sunday that they are asked to fill-in for the full-time Weekend Student Custodians.  Substitute Custodians schedules are flexible in which shifts they work, but are asked to commit to working at least 1 weekend a month.  Substitute Weekend Student Custodians will be considered for permanent placement if a position becomes open.


Full time Custodians: Room and Board

  • Weekend Student Custodians will receive compensation for a space in a Double Room and 7 Day Bobcat Silver Meal Plan.

Substitute Weekend Student Custodian: Hourly wage ($8.65/hour)