Prof. Robert C. Maher

529 Cobleigh Hall (southwest corner of 5th floor)


Office:  994-7759
Home:  587-5925 (but please do not call me at home)


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Office hours:

Tuesdays, 10AM-noon, or by appointment.
Drop-in questions at other times are always OK if my office door is open.

Textbooks and Materials
1.  Programming Microcontrollers in C, Ted Van Sickle, 2nd edition, 2001.
2.  Micro C/OS-II - The Real-Time Kernel, Jean J. Labrosse , 2nd edition, 2002.
3.  Software and Hardware Engineering  Motorola M68HC12,
    Fred Cady and James Sibigtroth, 2000 (text used in EE371).
4.  zip or floppy disks for lab files.
Class Objectives
To produce graduates who understand the basic operation of a real-time operating system and can program a real-time embedded system in the C language.
Course Outcomes
At the conclusion of EE 475, students will:
Be able to explain real-time concepts such as preemptive multitasking, task priorities, priority inversions, mutual exclusion, context switching, synchronization, interrupt latency and response time, and semaphores.  Describe how a real-time operating system kernel is implemented. Explain how tasks are managed. Explain how the real-time operating system implements time management. Discuss how tasks can communicate using semaphores, mailboxes, and queues. Be able to implement a real-time system on an embedded processor.
Class Outline (subject to change)
Course Grading:
Homework: 10%

→ Homework will be required periodically.  Homework is due on the due date at the BEGINNING of class.  No late homework will be accepted.

Lab Reports: 20%

→ Lab reports are due no later than the BEGINNING of the next week's lab session, unless otherwise announced.  No late lab reports will be accepted.  The lowest lab score will be dropped before computing your lab grade.

Exam 1: 20%

→ Written in-class exam given early in October.

Exam 2: 20%

→ Written in-class exam given late in November.

Project: 10%

→ A programming project will be done the last three weeks of the semester.

Final Exam:      20%

→ The final exam is:
THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2003 (noon-2PM).

Grade guarantee:  course letter grades may be higher (but will not be lower) than indicated by the following scale:
A- = 90%
B- = 80%
C- = 70%
D = 60%
F = 59%
A grade of F will also be given if a midterm and/or final exam is not taken.