2009 Boston Marathon

Monday, April 20, 2009

► 2009 Boston Marathon Diary (.pdf file)

Maher (#11647) at the 2009 Boston Marathon ( www.baa.org), from jimrhoades.com  Boston 2009 photos (click to load full size images).

At mile 1 (that's me circled, still wearing a garbage bag poncho for warmth):

Halfway point: Mile 13.1:

Just past 19.2 miles (31km) at the first pitch of the "Heartbreak Hill" section . Sequence of four shots:

2007 Boston Marathon

Monday, April 16, 2007

► 2007 Boston Marathon Diary (.pdf file)

Maher (#10827) at the 2007 Boston Marathon (yes, the wet, cold, and windy one!) www.baa.org, just after the 30km mark (18.5 miles).
NOTE:  that's not my belly, I swear!  I have two pairs of spare gloves and a wool headband in my jacket pockets! My finish time under the unfavorable conditions:  3h39m27s.

Photo by Jim Rhoades (http://jimrhoades.com/07/boston/30k/image1660.html )

Photos from marathonfoto.com:

Around mile 13... Near mile 26... Finish line!