General Chemical Safety

Chemical Hazard Communications Plan - Guidelines for working with or around chemicals. 


Laboratory Chemical Safety

Laboratory Requirements:

  1. BioRAFT ChemTracker is a centralized web-based Chemical Inventory Program, which will assist researchers and laboratory staff in adding, deleting, modifying and tracking their chemical inventory, as well as prepare reports.
  2. Room Hazard Warning Signage.  Labs must have a room Hazard Warning Sign with entry requirements, hazard information, and emergency contacts.  Upon completing the chemical inventory and the Hazard Warning Sign Request Form, SRM will create and mount entry signage to the lab.
  3. Chemical Hygiene Plan.  All labs must have a Chemical Hygiene Plan using this template.  The plan must be located in the lab and all lab staff must read the plan (and sign the roster noting the plan has been read).
  4. Laboratory Self-Inspection.  All lab Principle Investigators or Lab Managers should perform a self-inspection at least once per year using this checklist.  Completed checklists should be sent to SRM.


  1. OSHA Lab Safety Guidelines
  2. OSHA Known and Suspect Carcinogens
  3. Chemical Manufacturer/Distributor sites for SDS/MSDS look-up tools
  4. Handling Ethidium Bromide
  5. Youth in Laboratories Guidelines
  6. Glove selection resources

Chemical and Hazardous Waste

How to Safely Accumulate and Store Chemical Waste

Disposal Guidelines

EPA Listed Waste Codes

Chemical and Hazardous Waste Pickup Request