Areas where chemicals are stored are required by OSHA to have the accompanying Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for each chemical accessible to the workers and entrants, as well as train the employees of their hazards. Here are some locations where you can find SDS, if they are not shipped with the product from the distributor.

Safety and Risk Management at Montana State University recommends that purchasers, users, and chemical inventory personnel retrieve SDS for each of the chemicals in their area directly through the manufacturer. This is the most direct and up-to-date information. Most major manufacturers of chemicals have on-line access to these sheets. In the instance that they do not, please call to have a sheet sent (electronically, or by courier), or search on-line through a 3rd party.

Major Chemical Manufacturers

Some third party organizations that gather SDS are listed below. Ensure that the chemical matches exactly the name and chemical number on-hand

OSHA Guidelines for SDS (1910.1200 (h)(1))

Employers shall provide employees with effective information and training on hazardous chemicals in their work area at the time of their initial assignment, and whenever a new chemical hazard the employees have not previously been trained about is introduced into their work area. Information and training may be designed to cover categories of hazards (e.g., flammability, carcinogenicity) or specific chemicals. Chemical-specific information must always be available through labels and safety data sheets.