Montana State University's Fire and Life Safety Program is directed at life safety and property conservation.  The program includes a schedule of specific activities determined by nationally recognized fire codes and standards.  The program also includes activities that involve students, staff and faculty in training and fire prevention education.  Additionally, the program includes the frequent testing and inspecting of fire alarm and fire suppression systems.  The Bozeman Fire Department works very closely with the MSU Fire/Life Safety Officer in maintaining a proactive, aggressive approach to fire safety throughout the campus community.

What do we do?

  • Emergency response and evacuation training for staff, faculty and students
  • Fire Code Inspections for campus buildings
  • Fire Extinguisher training and fire safety training for staff, faculty and students
  • Fire Sprinkler inspections in sprinklered buildings on campus
  • Inspect and service test every fire hydrant on campus annually

Learn about Fire Extinguishers types and what to do in case of a fire.