Special Event Liability Insurance

Venue Use

Montana State University is committed to providing facilities for programs that are consistent with the educational goals and mission of the University. As a community partner, the University also supports requests from the public to use its facilities.

Reservations and arrangements are made through MSU Conference Services or MSU Sports Facilities. The individual or organization (Sponsor) shall assume responsibility for the activity and will be required contractually to provide evidence of liability insurance with coverage amounts as specified by Montana State University (see Certificate of Insurance for more information).

TULIP: A Special Events Insurance Program                             

While many sponsors carry liability insurance, others do not. TULIP (Tenants and Users Liability Insurance Policy) short-term coverage is available to sponsors permitted by the University to use its facilities for specific events. Liability insurance helps protect both the sponsor and the University against claims by those who may have experienced a loss as a result of attending or participating in a sponsored special event. The broker and carrier for this coverage are nationally known and experienced with Special Events insurance coverage.

Please note that certain high risk activities are not eligible for coverage under the TULIP program. If the event is not approved for insurance coverage through the TULIP program, the sponsor should secure a policy from a commercial insurance agency that is licensed in the state of Montana. The State of Montana and Montana State University must be named as additionally insured on the insurance policy for any use of MSU premises.

Damage to University Property

Sponsors using Montana State University facilities are expected to take reasonable steps to ensure proper care of the venue and equipment. Damage, repair, and replacement costs are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. Intentional misuse, vandalism, defacing and/or destruction of University facilities and/or equipment may result in legal action including replacement costs and revocation of the privilege to reserve Montana State University venues. Montana State University property (i.e. furniture, paintings, sculptures, displays, flags, etc.) may not be moved or removed from a venue without approval.

Emergency Medical Services

 Should an emergency occur during a sponsored special event, sponsors should contact the University Police Department at (406) 994-2121.

Tenants and Users Liability Insurance Program (TULIP)

Rates are set based on the event classification, number of people attending, event length, and vary based on the level or risk associated with each event. Please contact the MSU Insurance Manager at (406) 994-6888 or [email protected] if you are interested in obtaining a quote.

Class I Events

  • Banquets, Bazaars
  • Conventions, Seminars
  • Indoor Exhibitions, Expos & Trade Shows
  • Lectures
  • Parties/Celebrations (no alcohol)

Class II Events

  • Aerobic & Jazzercise Classes
  • Dances; Outdoor Concerts
  • Outdoor Exhibitions, Expos & Trade Shows
  • Parties/Celebrations (with alcohol)
  • Political Rallies

Class III Events

  • Animal Acts/Shows
  • Carnivals (no rides)
  • Film Productions
  • Heads of State Events
  • Sporting Events (specific; no participant coverage)

Events Not Covered

  • Circus & Carnivals, including rides
  • Motorized Sporting Events
  • Professional Sporting Events
  • Veterinary Legal Liability (no animals)

The above are examples of events that may or may not have coverage through the TULIP program. Contact the MSU Insurance Manager at (406) 994-6888 or [email protected]  for additional information.


TULIP Policy Coverage Information


Insurance Company and A.M. Best Rating: Evanston Insurance Company; A XIV

Named Insured: Tenant User / Event Holder

Additionally Insured:  The State of Montana and Montana State University



Each Occurrence



General Aggregate



Products/Completed Operations Aggregate (Food Products Only)



Personal & Advertising Injury



Fire Damage



Medical Expense


All aggregates apply separately to each event.


Combined Single Limit of Liability for bodily Injury and Property Damage Per Occurrence and Aggregate as shown above. Coverage includes:

  • Lessees, Instructors or Event Holder as Named Insured;
  • “Primary & Non Contributory” wording as respects MSU;
  • MSU and the State of Montana as additional insured;
  • Premises & Products/Completed Operations Liability;
  • Personal & Advertising Injury; and
  • Fire Damage and Medical Payments.


General liability:               None

Property damage:            $1,000