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Councils, Committees, Boards, and Task Forces


Staff Senate representatives participate on numerous MSU councils, committees, boards, and task forces. A council participates in governance, a committee has an ongoing advisory function, a board has a decision-making function, and a task force has a specific charge to accomplish in a specified amount of time.



Staff Senate Representative

Association of Shared Governance Leaders (ASGL) Chair (currently Ramie Pederson)
Budget Council David Reese
Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee (CSAC) Bob Eichenberger
Facilities Advisory Committee (suspended since 2016- see OFS Advisory Page)
Inter-Units Benefits Committee (IUBC) Ron Brekke
MSU Benefits Committee Reports Ramie Pederson, Kerri Marx, Sarah Rieger
Outreach & Engagement Council Mark Magee
Parking Appeals Glen Steinhoff
Parking & Transportation Advisory Committee (PTAC) Candace Mastel
Personnel Advisory Board Katherine Owens
Planning Council Kasia Maison
President's Commission on the Status of University Women Kasia Maison
Recreational Sports & Fitness Advisory Board Jennifer Nesbitt
Space Management Committee Milana Lazetich
Tobacco Free Task Force Katelynne Cowart
University Council Chair (currently Ramie Pederson)
University Facilities Planning Board (UFPB) Glen Steinhoff
University Facilities Planning Board-Public Arts Keely Holmes
University Marketing Committee Inactive since 2015- will convene as needed

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