Staff Senate is comprised of elected and appointed representatives who represent each EEO category on campus as well as serve on numerous committees, councils, boards, and task forces.


Elected Representatives

A minimum of two representatives are elected from each classified employment category:

  1. Classified Professional Employees
  2. Service Maintenance Employees
  3. Skilled Craft Employees
  4. Secretarial/Clerical Employees
  5. Technical/Paraprofessional Employees

One representative is also elected to represent Off-Campus classified employees, regardless of their EEO category. Elections are held in the spring of each year. The term of office is three years with the term beginning in August of the year in which elected. Newly elected members may attend Staff Senate meetings following their election, but will not become voting members until the August meeting. Elected members may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Appointed Committee Representatives

Appointed members represent Staff Senate on University committees and are appointed according to each committee’s bylaws. Staff Senate has representation on various committees and it is through participation on these committees that classified employees are able to keep up with the pulse of MSU and effect change.

Representatives actively participate in the work of their committees, which is key to providing Staff Senate with information vital to its role in shared governance at MSU and ensuring the views of classified staff are taken into consideration in the decision-making process.

Representatives attend committee meetings as determined by each committee and regularly submit a report at each Staff Senate meeting. Representatives are also charged with bringing issues of particular importance to Staff Senate’s attention as necessary.

Please note classified employees are routinely allowed to attend their meetings during working hours with pay. This time is subject to supervisor approval, however.


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