History of Shared Governance leadership meetings. Shared Governance partner meetings commenced in 2004 at the UGC Steering Committee. The steering committee predominantly handled issues relating to faculty with voting members coming from Faculty and Professional Councils. Staff Senate and ASMSU were guests of the meetings. Beginning February 23, 2006 Shared Governance issues began being discussed in a meeting separate from UGC Steering Committee business, where all constituents participated equally. On October 2, 2008 President Gamble endorsed, Faculty Senate, Professional Council, ASMSU and Staff Senate's request to formalize these meetings and to collectively call themselves the Association of Shared Governance Leaders.

  1. ASGL Mission Statement and Purpose:  ASGL provides a communication forum for representatives from Faculty Senate, Professional Council, Staff Senate, and ASMSU (shared governance leaders) to effectively discuss issues relevant to the Association as well as other MSU governing bodies.  ASGL exists to: strengthen campus communication throughout the university as a whole; promote the wide-spread and consistent practice of shared governance at MSU; collaborate regularly in the consideration of issues of mutual interest, problem-solving, and pursuing common goals; and provide an opportunity for one organization to solicit input on a matter unique to them from the Association’s collective experience and knowledge.  Issues and points of discussion are raised by Association members and examined from the perspective of each constituent group.
  2. Membership: ASGL is comprised of up to three representatives (as deemed appropriate by each organization) from each member organization: Faculty Senate, Professional Council, ASMSU, and Staff Senate.
  3. Meetings: are open and held (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly) during the academic year and monthly during the summer.
  4. Action: Each member organization continues to operate autonomously on campus.  Any necessary action arising from ASGL is taken individually by each organization in accordance with that organization’s mission and bylaws. 
  5. Reporting and Communications with Constituents: Members carry issues forward from, and report ASGL activity to, their respective organization and constituent groups.
  6. General Communications: ASGL communicates with the MSU Administration and other groups as necessary.  Each member organization maintains independent communication with the MSU Administration and other groups.
  7. Chair: ASGL selects a Chair once a year from within its members.  The duty of the Chair is to facilitate ASGL meetings.

Notes by Staff Senate

September 21, 2016

Meeting space is being arranged.

April 8, 2015

ASGL members met.  Levi Birky, incoming 2015-2015 ASMSU vice president was present, Gwynn Simeniuk, ASMSU president was in class.  Levi talked about ASMSU goals for the coming year including the possibility of having a live Bobcat on campus, renter’s education, adding a Judicial Council, Bill of Rights, and the remodel of the ASMSU office.  Staff Senate talked about the turnover in leadership with the current chair taking a job off campus and member elections.  Professional Council is in the process of member elections as well.  Faculty Senate will work with Levi to find a graduate research/teaching assistant representative for ASMSU.

February 5, 2015

ASGL members meet and discussed performance funding and its effect on the overall university budget and quality of education.  ASMSU are in elections process with leadership transitioning in mid-April.  Both newly elected and current ASMSU leaders meet with the state wide organization and the Regents.  Faculty is working on their prioritization document as it relates to the Strategic Plan and produced a passed a resolution regarding the parking garage.  Staff are working with the state wide group on best practices and focusing locally on centralized student services.  Professionals will be having a social on March 25 and working on professional development opportunities.

December 2, 2014

ASGL members from Faculty Senate, ASMSA, Professional Council and Staff Senate met.  Guest Marianne Brough, ASMSU Director of Operations attended.  Discussion included where to send letters of support for HB 5 Long Range Building Plan, a recent parking survey, the web page http://www.msuinnovationcenter.com/ which will post the latest updates regarding the NAIC, and a suggestion to invite the Interhall President and Vice President to join ASGL.  One of the biggest reasons the group wanted to invite Interhall was because they represent 3500 students’ on-campus, which a larger constituent group than all of staff/faculty/professionals, all agreed adding their voice on concerns, issue, etc. would add value.

November 6, 2014

ASGL members from Faculty Senate, ASMSA, Professional Council and Staff Senate met and talked about the upcoming Legislative session.  Student lobbyists will meet with Legislators and participate in a “Rotunda Day” event.  Staff and faculty requested Tracy Ellig be contacted to explore the best ways staff and faculty can support MSU issues with the Legislature.  Faculty reported their involvement with the 12 UPdate MSU: Working Groups looking at the Strategic Plan.  ASMSU is in the process of a letter writing campaign supporting the Romney Hall renovation.

October 7, 2014

ASGL members from Faculty Senate, ASMSA, Professional Council and Staff Senate met for the first time in the new semester.   ASMSU noted as part of MAS (Montana Association of Students) they meet monthly with the Board of Regents, will hire a student lobbyist for the upcoming biennium and continue to support and advocate for quality education and support a faculty and staff pay plan.  On campus, ASMSU hears a lot about parking challenges and the amount of residential hall space.  Faculty asked about tenured vs. non-tenured faculty.  The students generally don’t know the difference but is dependent on the major tracks, the STEM courses were noted.  Also discussed were faculty and/or course evaluations.  Peer advising and student to student word of mouth is a big part of the student culture – which professors, majors, staff are easy to work with and which are difficult.  Student advising could be improved, students noted that being assigned to someone who knows their major if helpful and advisors with the skills and proficiency to advise is important.  ASMSU agreed having advisors who are active members of NACADA may have more skill and training in the art of advising.  Per the discussion advising falls into two categories:  1) mechanics - using programs such as Degree Works verses 2) academic mentorship - advising on internships and work after graduation. 

February 13, 2013

ASGL members met and discussed metrics from the Strategic Plan.  MSU Strategic Plan supports the Regents success agenda.  However, opinions varied on how the Plan is or will be utilized by departments.  The metrics gathered may provide the data to support performance based funding favored by Legislators.  Also discussed were changes to parking lots, bicycle parking, and the 3/7 students Rotunda Day in Helena.

January 9, 2013

ASGL members met and discussed impressions from the January 8th Board of Regents meeting in Helena.  Of note was the direction of making strategic requests for the Legislature such as making a college education affordable and time to complete education.  Classified staff had a lunch meeting with the Regents and Commissioner.  UM Missoula presented results of a satisfaction survey, MSU Billings discussed pay disparity of Custodial staff, UM Tech addressed small campus issues such as classified employees perform the duties of multiple job titles, and MSU Bozeman shared that it is working on a comprehensive salary survey.  Future topic of discussion for ASGL will be metrics from the new Strategic Plan.

November 29, 2012

ASGL members discussed the November 15 & 16 Board of Regents meeting in particular the 2012-2013 Staff & Compensation Work Plan that was presented.  It was noted the a RFP has been sent out to perform a pay study.  Also discussed was the changing direction of the Romney building remodel.

October 11, 2012

Professional and classified staff agreed that the current Employee Recognition Awards lacks structure and perhaps now is the time to review and revise recognition programs.  The annual Employee Recognition Awards, which has a monetary award, is different than the Pure Gold program which does not.  The Pure Gold program provides an opportunity to recognize faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends weekly.  Part of the awards discussion included having a separate longevity award.  The group also discussed the Sept. 19 & 20 Board of Regents meeting in Dillon, MSU’s student housing, and a newly forming Substance Abuse Council. 

September 12, 2012

As reported at the Staff Senate meeting by Shana. The vice chairs for the four governance organizations (ASMSU, Faculty Senate, Professional Council, and Staff Senate) shared information about what their respective organizations are working on.  All groups are planning on working on the issue of salaries for the upcoming Legislative session.  The group requested a memo be sent to Commissioner Christian requesting that streamed Regents meetings be taped for re-broadcast since many times we cannot be present at our desks to hear all segments of these meetings. 

July 18, 2012

As reported at the Staff Senate meeting. Bill anticipates that ASGL will meet monthly starting in fall.  Especially since this is a Legislative year and having the three governance organizations and ASGL meeting regularly should prove beneficial.    

November 9, 2011 ASGL members discussed facilities services, presentation to Leadership MSU, the President’s training initiative, and the upcoming Board of Regents meeting. 

April 25, 2011

ASGL members discussed Regent Buchanan’s upcoming visit to the Bozeman campus.  The group finalized the wording of a Tobacco Free Campus survey to be sent to faculty, professionals, and staff.  The group will meet next in fall semester.

April 11, 2011

ASGL members discussed Regent Buchanan’s campus visit on 4/20, Commissioner Stearns visit on 4/28, and the University’s mission statement update.  Professional Council is investigating changing the make-up of membership. Staff Senate invited Regent Buchanan to participate at the 4/20 Senate meeting, also at the meeting, ASMSU will talk about the Tobacco Free Campus referendum.  The Senate is conducting member elections.  A group of students presented the Tobacco Free Campus referendum at a recent Faculty Senate meeting.  FS reported that the Provost awarded 17 sabbaticals.  ASMSU is in the hiring process for program directors; additionally these directors and the ASMSU leadership will hold a retreat.  They are looking for input on the Streamline bus schedule and service, and have requested additions to the Renne Library renovation plan.  ASGL will conduct a Tobacco survey to be sent to all FS, PC, and SS employees.

March 28, 2011

ASGL members met.  ASMSU reported Blake Bjornson was elected President and Joey Steffens, Vice President.  The resolution to increase fees and re-district representation passed.  Fee increases will be brought before the Regents.  Orientation for new senators will be in the fall.  Staff Senate reported that Regent Buchanan will be joining their next meeting on April 20.  Professional Council is trying to get some time with Regent Buchanan on that day as well and Faculty Senate has requested his time in the afternoon.  Faculty Senate believed Commissioner Stearns would be in Bozeman April 28th, they would verify the date.

February 28, 2011

ASGL members met.  Professional Council reported they are planning a professional development brown bag noon time training session on 3/31 called “Everyday Leadership”.  They had a benefits rep attend their last meeting to discuss changes in employee benefits.  They continue to work on nametags and their employee handbook.  Faculty Senate is in the process of Dean and Department Head administrative reviews.  They invited Dennis Jones to their last meeting to discuss his study on efficiency methods of Universities around the country.  They are in the final stages of two policies; one for regent professorships and one for a faculty athletics representative.  ASMSU reported they are working on their budget, elections, retention, and are conducting a survey on whether the students want a tobacco free campus or not.  Staff Senate reported they are conducting a survey regarding pay frequency and have HR scheduled to attend the next Senate meeting to discuss these changes.  They are reviewing bylaws and have invited Regent Buchanan to be a guest speaker this spring.  The next scheduled ASGL meeting will be delayed until after spring break and will meet 3/21.

February 14, 2011

ASGL member from Staff Senate and Professional Council met and discussed meeting locations.

January 31, 2011

ASGL members met.  The main topic of conversation was Professional Council and Staff Senate’s meeting with the Board of Regents in Helena on 1/13.  Both felt it was a productive and positive conversation.  Faculty Senate had Doug Young, IUBC attend their meeting a talk about upcoming changes to the Health Benefits program.  ASMSU shared, via email, that they are working on their budget and re-districting Senators.

January 19, 2011

ASGL is working out a new schedule for the semester. The ASMSU president’s schedule is full this semester so, with ASGL agreement, a student representative will attend these meetings.

January 3, 2011

ASGL members met.  Professional Council is working on a professional development training session in the spring.  Staff Senate is preparing for a lunch meeting with the Board of Regents on 1/13/10 in Helena.  Faculty Senate is working with the union and other regarding the 2009 merit pay increase.  ASMSU student lobbyist position is off and running well, he is meeting with legislators and has more appointments scheduled.

November 22, 2010

ASGL member met.  The main topic of discussion was the Board of Regents meeting in Missoula November 18 and 19.  It was noted that OCHE completed their community listening sessions and are planning on do campus listening sessions.  Both OCHE and the BoR were pleased with the Governor’s budget proposal mainly because his numbers would backfill the simulation allocation to higher education.  Faculty Senate met with Regents and discussed “cost weighted FTE of delivery of programs” and performance based funding and how it would affect the campuses.  Professional Council noted that they are concerned about the potential upcoming increase to parking fees.  Staff Senate shared results of the prescription plan change survey.

November 8, 2010

ASGL members met.  The group decided to change the meeting from weekly to biweekly.  Faculty is finalizing a change to the emeritus policy.  They are investigating the MUS research policy and are clarifying the faculty athletic representative responsibilities.  Professional Council will have a booth at the Wellness fair.  Staff is reviewing results from the prescription plan change survey.

October 18, 2010

ASGL members met.  Regents Buchanan and Barrett were guests at a recent Faculty Senate meeting to discuss performance based funding.  ASMSU discussed expansion of the football stadium with Peter Fields and President Cruzado; purchased 16 recycle bins instead of leasing from Full Circle who will continue to provide service; and discussion regarding tobacco free campus will be part of upcoming ASMSU meetings.  Professional Council is contacting MUS regarding the Dependent Tuition Fee Waiver policy.  Staff Senate concluded the URx plan change survey and has begun analysis of the results.

October 11, 2010

Faculty Senate announced that Regent Buchanan will be attending the 10/13 Faculty Senate meeting to discuss reinventing the university. Professional Council and Staff Senate chairs were invited to attend the meeting.  Also, at a recent Faculty Council meeting Chris Fastnow reported student retention statistics.  Staff Senate reported that the URx survey has been launched.  Professional Council is in the process of revising its bylaws; they will have a table at the Wellness Fair, and they continue to try to get on the Regents agenda for a breakfast/lunch meeting.

October 4, 2010

ASGL members met.  Professional Council reported they are working with HR to develop a Professional employee’s handbook and they are working on a bylaws re-write.  Staff Senate is finalizing the URx plan change survey.  Faculty Senate is meeting with union representatives, Regent Buchanan will meet with faculty regarding performance based funding.  ASMU is working with Athletics and the Foundation regarding an expansion to the football stadium, a focus group has been formed and a Q&A forum has been scheduled.

September 27, 2010

Met and elected Julie Tatarka, Professional Council as ASGL chair.  Professional Council reported they are setting goals for the New Year, planning an educational in the spring, and pursuing a meeting time with the Regents.  ASMSU is holding elections next week which is also homecoming week, and looking into SUB use fees for student groups.  Faculty Senate has been busy with the Provost search, union formation, and the university reinvention recently approved by the Regents.  Staff Senate formed a Public Relations Task Force to improve communications and awareness with its constituents, is developing a survey regarding the impact of the URx plan change on classified employees, and formed a Training Task Force.  Staff Senate stated that they are continuing to track the situation with the temporary buildings near the new chemistry building and would continue to offer support to ASMSU if needed. In the past they had provided a letter expressing their support of an ASMSU resolution concerning the removal of the temporary buildings.

April 12, 2010

ASGL members discussed the governance model being proposed by President Cruzado.  All members were looking forward to participating in the five work groups:  Academic, Budget, Planning, Research, and Governance.  Communications is key during this changing time, it was noted that sometimes it is hard to tell if what is being shared is an idea, a proposal, or a done deal.  It was also suggested that it may be time to review the entire committee structure with an eye toward efficiency.  The Provost Search Committee is getting started; meetings with constituent groups will be among the early meetings. 

March 29, 2010

ASGL members discussed the previous ASGL meeting with President Cruzado.  Faculty Senate noted that during this transition from Gamble’s presidency to Cruzado’s there will be communications challenges.  Staff Senate, after meeting with President Cruzado, clarified three rumors being circulated: 1.) Hiring Freeze - There is a hiring freeze in place for what is anticipated to be the next two weeks, at which point a decision will be made on how to proceed based on the budget information from the state that is available at that time, 2.) Funds that were approved for distribution by UPBAC have been frozen until more budget information is available from the state in approximately 2 weeks, and 3.) A plan is being developed to centralize the administration of benefits.  Professional Council proposed that every employee wear a name tag and requested members poll their constituencies.

March 9, 2010

ASGL members thanked President Cruzado for attending the ASGL meeting.  Members gave an overview of shared governance activities and concerns.  President Cruzado shared some of what she has learned during her “Listening and Learning” sessions and outlined her thoughts on shared governance and what needs to happen to elevate it to the next level.

February 22, 2010

ASGL members are planning on attending the March 4 & 5 Board of Regents meeting in Dillon; students and faculty are scheduled to meet with the Regents.  Professional Council reported they are in the process of filming MSU students talking about the positive impact staff has made on their lives.  Students are making some very good comments. Staff Senate reported there will be a MUSSA conference call on March 1st.  Also announced was the 2010 Spring Semester Provost-Sponsored Classified Luncheon on March 9th.  Faculty Senate will contact President Cruzado’s office to schedule a time for President Cruzado to meet with ASGL.  Faculty Senate continues with the formation of the Faculty union, promotion and tenure, and the course evaluation process.

February 8, 2010

ASGL members discussed the MSU budget and several recent Bozeman Daily Chronicle articles.  Staff Senate did an email survey of classified staff regarding the UPBAC proposal to reduce funding to Streamline.  The survey response was mostly in support of continuing the funding.  Kevin, on behalf of the Staff Senate, wrote a response to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle editorial stating MSU employees should take an across the board 5% pay cut. The Staff Senate’s position is that such a cut harms classified employees as well as the community.  Professional Council Anne Milkovich from the MSU Training Council spoke with Professional Council about possibilities for training and professional development on campus.  Faculty Senate continues to investigate the proposed changes to the course evaluation process, from paper to electronic.  It was noted that there is a Board of Regents meeting on March 4 & 5 in Dillon. 

January 25, 2010

Several ASGL members have attended one or more “listening sessions” with Dr. Cruzado and have found them informative.  ASMSU will be conducting a student survey to find the strengths of each MSU campus.  ASMSU is considering a statewide marketing campaign, based on the survey.  The goal of the marketing campaign is to stress what students find unique about the MSU campus they chose for their studies.  Faculty Senate was interested in what students thought of the proposed changes to the course evaluation process, from paper to electronic.  Professional Council is working with MSU News Services to create a video with sound bites from students on the impact made in their lives by faculty and staff members.  Staff Senate reported that it raised the issue of the MUS Pay Guidelines at the January 14th meeting with the Board of Regents and its impact on both recruitment and retention.

December 7, 2009

The ASGL group discussed inviting President Cruzado to an ASGL meeting in February or March 2010.  Faculty Senate noted that a draft of the tenure hire document is available on the MSU web site and is in the public comment phase.  Also, the Faculty union is working behind the scenes and pulling together bargaining teams.  Professional Council continues to work on communication issues, they were interested to learn how many employee read MSU Today, if not, why not.  Staff Senate reported that in a recent meeting the issue of professional development was raised.  Staff Senate noted that certain groups are being challenged to keep their skills current by advancing technology.  Professional Council agreed that they too had groups that had similar professional development challenges.  Next meeting is the first Monday after the beginning of spring semester.

November 23, 2009

The ASGL group discussed a proposed cost cutting change to health benefits.  It would affect approximately 278 MSU Bozeman employees by changing the benefits starting status from .5 FTE to .75 FTE.  It was noted that union bargaining would be required before any change could take effect.  A discussion regarding banning smoking on campus is receiving mixed reactions by the constituent groups.  ASMSU announced that three student representatives, one each from MSU Bozeman, UM Missoula, and MSU COT Great Falls, have been added to the Board of Regents Workgroup.  Faculty Senate has met with the BoR Workgroup but does not have an official seat on this group.  The constituent groups agreed to communicate and work together, with the student representatives, in order to present shared governance issues to this Workgroup.  A change to the ASGL meeting schedule is being considered at the semester change.

November 9, 2009

ASMSU contacted the Board of Regents requesting participation on their Workgroup which is looking into reinventing the University System.  The Regents agreed and requested 3-6 student participants, University System wide, join the Workgroup.  ASMU is preparing a white paper for President Cruzado which will be compiled with others by Cathy Conover, VP Communications & Public Affairs.  Both Professional Council and Staff Senate noted they had not been asked to prepare white papers but would do so.  Professional Council raised the issue of internal communications and the best way to process what comes from the Council verses what should come from other groups and/or departments.  Professional Council will have a hospitality room for Professional staff during the Board of Regents meeting at Bozeman, November 19 and 20.  Staff Senate does not have agenda time during the Board of Regents meeting but is planning on a MUSSA conference call.  An article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle regarding potential cost cutting which stated a possible change of starting benefits at .75 FTE instead of .5 FTE generated some concerned conversations among classified staff.  Staff Senates does not support such a change; benefits are a recruitment and retention tool.  The question was raised as to how many employees would a change like this affect.  Other discussion among classified staff is the effect of the cost cutting suggestion of furloughs on retirement and sick leave accrual.

October 26, 2009

Faculty Senate reported that they attended the MUS Workgroup meeting on the 22nd.  The Workgroup reviewed responses to their recent survey.  Faculty Senate representatives asked that decisions be made in a meaningful way, that metrics be used, and those decisions are made considering quality of education, productivity, and affordability.  ASGL members present at this meeting wanted to know “what the students want from this reinvention process?”  It was noted that Newsweek, October 26, 2009, published a reinvention article titled “The Three-Year Solution:  How the reinvention of higher education benefits parents, students, and schools.”  Staff Senate noted that due to higher enrollment approximately two million dollars was generated and UPBAC is developing a plan to redistribute those funds.  Professional Council raised the issue of inter-campus communication.  ASGL members discussed crafting a plan on how to handle internal communications.  As an example, a new A&F Distribution procedure is about to be launched with little input from the departments and colleges that administer this process.   

October 12, 2009

The accreditation process and Presidential candidates were topics of discussion.  It was noted that the accreditation web page (http://www.montana.edu/accreditation/) has yet to be updated.   All three final Presidential candidates (Dr. Steven Angle, Dr. Steven Leath, and Dr. Waded Cruzado-Salas) have visited the MSU campus and approximately 500 opinion sheets, from various meetings, have been collected.  The selection process has moved on to the next step.

September 28, 2009

The Board of Regents meeting was recapped and discussed. 

September 21, 2009

The group discussed the upcoming Board of Regents meeting.  Faculty Senate noted that they will be meeting with the Regents at a breakfast on Thursday.  Members of the group discussed the meeting with Dr. Steven Angle, MSU Presidential candidate. 

September 14, 2009

The group noted that representation from each of the constituent groups will be at the September 23rd - 25th Board of Regents meeting in Billings.  It was suggested that the Regents consider streaming live video of their meetings to give access to a broader audience and reduce travel cost.   Staff Senate reported that it is working on VEBA, hiring practices, and elections are underway.  It was also noted that a Human Resources Financial Series “Solid Finances in Shaky Economic Times”, which is geared to employee and student personal finances, is underway.  Professional Council noted a one-time $450 payment was paid out in August to non-union staff.  The union is still in bargaining and the one-time payment was not been paid to union employees.  ASMSU note the proposal for a smoke free campus is causing a lot conversation both pro and con.   Faculty Senate is working on the promotion and tenure process and forming a union.  They noted that the final three presidential candidates will be having meetings on campus. 

August 10, 2009

Guests Jan Bosch, Pam Schultz, and Ron Lambert met with the ASGL group to talk about the upcoming University Appeal by the MSU Foundation. They shared information regarding previous campaigns and requested the groups’ thoughts on how to improve the number of participants. Faculty Senate noted that ASGL is coming up on its first anniversary. Staff Senate reported that the issue of Dependent Premium Waiver (DPW) is resolved. A discussion on the ASGL meeting schedule was held. The group is planning on meeting weekly starting at the beginning of the school year.

July 13, 2009

ASGL noted with the recent changes to both the Provost and President, shared governance communications could become an issue. Staff Senate reported during the recent Employee Benefits Choices process it was discovered that 10 employees, who received a pay raise that pushed their income above an annual threshold, lost the dependent fee waiver. With loss of the waiver, the affected employees take home pay was less, than before the raise, with the waiver. Faculty Senate reported efforts to respond to budget challenges at MSU, the University Planning and Budget Analysis Committee (UPBAC) has formed a workgroup to explore potential targeted and across-the-board reductions. Employees are encouraged to submit ideas for potential reductions or enhance revenue. Professional Council would like to revisit UGB’s structure and function. Next meeting is August 10, 2009 from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. in Renne room 39.

December 4, 2008

ASGL spoke of some parking hang tag follow up comments. ITC has requested time to meet with ASGL regarding the eventual switch of student accounts to gmail. Sara France reported on her attendance at the Council of Elders' meeting on November 7. She encouraged ASGL to continue to communicate to campus information about the work of the Council.

Staff Senate thanked Sara France for her contribution over the years, and spoke of plans to recruit her replacement. Other issues: the recruitment outreach inivitiative is being re-thought in line with Staff Senate findings regarding local recruitment; 2008 MSU Within the Community research update published today (www.montana.edu/staffsenate); MUSSA meetings with Board of Regents, and campus admin/HR on 11/21 were very successful. Professional Council continues its FY09 practice of invited speakers at regular meetings with Craig Roloff talking about the Admin & Finance division. Other issues: continued expansion of communications; and funding of Professional Council activity. Faculty Senate accepted membership of ASGL by formal vote yesterday. Other issues: Communications & Public Affairs have agreed to submit a letter thanking voters for supporting the 6 mill levy to state newspapers. The letter, originating from Faculty Senate, was approved by ASGL with a few amendments. Faculty Senate meeting 12/10 will include two democratic local legislators speaking about the upcoming legislative session; republican legislators will be invited in due course. ASMSU had nothing new to report.
Next ASGL meeting: 12/11/08 and then not until 1/15/09.

November 13, 2008

Kurt Blunck, Parking Manager, presented parking services budgetary information and projected costs of parking lot maintenance. Bob Lashaway, AVP University Services, was also in attendance and spoke with Kurt about possible increases in the cost of parking hang tags. Staff Senate circulated the draft text of an email aimed at soliciting campus feedback regarding its Recruitment Outreach Initiative. Faculty Senate circulated the draft wording of a letter from faculty thanking voters for supporting the 6 mill levy for publication in newspapers state-wide. It was considered appropriate for other shared governance groups to be represented by the sentiment, and the letter will be reworded.

There will be no meeting next week due to the Board of Regents meeting in Missoula.

Novebmer 6, 2008

Faculty Senate is considering inviting legislators to campus; will likely vote on ASGL membership next week; has further discussed F&A; is considering marking the passing of the 6mill levy; has seen a draft version of the sick leave reporting form for faculty. ASMSU spoke of the benefits pool funding for its classified employees; the sustainability fee will go before the Regents in November; the lobbyist is preparing to move to Helena; ASGL likely won't be considered before January (job descriptions and sustainability take the remaining meetings of the semester; is considering a judicial branch. Professional Council meets next week, and also holds its monthly meeting with the President. Staff Senate is preparing to move forward with the Recruitment Outreach Initiative Pilot; and is planning for Board of Regents on the 21st.

Common discussion included a review of last night's President's Roundtable meeting at the Grantree Inn; Streamline funding; and parking issues. Kurt Blunk, parking director, will attend ASGL next week.

October 30, 2008

Faculty Senate will be hosting Tom McCoy again next week for more information about F&A distribution and, on 11/12/08, Faculty Senate will be discussing sick leave reporting. Adoption of ASGL is with the Faculty Affairs committee and should be voted on by the Senate soon. Other on-going activites include promotion and tenure. Faculty will likely discuss the optional retirement program with the Regents next month, as well as budgetary matters. Professional Council is inviting various speakers to their regular meetings. ASGL membership has been adopted. ASMSU is working on bringing a bill to the Senate regarding the adoption of ASGL membership. The students held a 6-mill levy rally this week. ASMSU is in discussion with the Provost regarding the possibility of a University Studies course (for credit) that would involve student input into specific areas of university governance. Staff Senate is progressing the Recruitment Outreach pilot; completing the collection of data for this year's MSU Within the Community Context report; and preparing for the Board of Regents November meeting.

A general discussion was held regarding the cost of parking hang tags, and Kurt Blunk will be invited to next week's meeting to give more information about future costs and what expenses the revenue covers.

October 22, 2008

ASGL Staff Senate hadsvoted to support the ASGL formalization. There was discussion of possible long-term financial contribution from MSU to Streamline. Staff Senate has dropped its request for Free Parking on Holidays. Staff Senate's Recruitment Outreach pilot has been endorsed by PEC. ASMSU Plans for the Student 6 Mill Levy Rally are moving forward. Students are hoping to continue to move forward but see Fall 2009 as the first semester when the fee they voted for could be assessed. Faculty Senate It is possible that a hearing may be scheduled to determine who may be included any vote to unionise. The Faculty Senate November 5 meeting will include a further update on F&A. Faculty Senate is hoping to bring in new legislators after the election to discuss their plans for the University during the Legislative Session. Professional Council has lined up a slate of vice presidents to present at their upcoming meetings.

October 16, 2008

ASGL discussed the status of its formalization, employment categories and contract types, and followed-up on other topics of recent discussion.

October 9, 2008

A document describing ASGL was drafted for the use of each participating organization in establishing its official membership of ASGL.

Further discussion of the new F&A distribution policy was held.

Faculty Senate announced that Paul Bogumill, Director of Benefits, OCHE, will speak at next week's Senate meeting. ASGL member organizations are invited to attend. Other business: Facutly Senate is considering the future of the University Governance Council.

ASMSU has tentatively scheduled 10/29/08 for the students' 6 Mill Levy Rally. other business: contested voter registration does not appear to include Gallatin County residents at this time; the sustainability and the activity fee increases have been passed by the student body and will go to the Regents for approval in November.

Being out of time, Professional Council and Staff Senate updates were deferred to the next meeting.

October 2, 2008

'President Gamble endorsed, Facutly Senate, Professional Council, ASMSU and Staff Senate's request to formalize these meetings and to collectively call themselves the Association of Shared Governance Leaders. Each organization will be asked to approve membership of ASGL. Sara France was asked to liaise between the Administration and ASGL members.

A discussion of shared governance practices ensued, and further consideration of the recent IDC distribution policy change took place. It was agreed that overall communications might benefit from ASGL periodically inviting an administrator to its meetings.

September 18, 2008

Presentation by Jan Bosch of the University Appeal soliciting our input for next year's appeal. She indicated that there was just 11% participation by employees. One of their big pushes was to increase the participation no matter how small the contribution might be. She indicated that donations could be targeted to any specific cause such as a scholarship for the child of a classified employee.

ASMSU discussed the six mill levy from the student's perspective and the Recycling initiative. ASMSU President will not be able to attend BoR but ASMSU will send a representative.

Faculty Senate discussed the Transition to Common Course Numbering and related concerns. Also, Faculty Senate may have Paul Bogamill come in to discuss Benefits and that if they did so all would be invited.

Other matters:
There was discussion surrounding the change in the distribution of IDC monies and possible distribution changes. The Office of Communications and Public Affairs is bringing in legislative candidates on October 2 & 3.

September 11, 2008

Susan Alt, Director of Labor and Employee Relations asked for input on 2009 and 2010 paid holidays. Everyone present favored swapping President's Day 2009 for January 2, 2009 (giving a 4-day weekend at New Year).

Faculty Senate referred to its meeting with the Regents, during the Board meeting, at noon on the 25th (possible topics for discussion could be optional retirement program employer contributions; salary initiatives; 6 mill levy). Other issues raised by Faculty Senate today were sick leave, transferability and possible union status. Professional Council are anticipating their September 22 retreat. Staff Senate is anticipating the MUSSA retreat (coinciding with the Board of Regents meeting) in Butte. Other issues raised by Staff Senate today were its Recruitment Outreach Initiative; and a request it made to Parking Services regarding parking when classes are not in session. Affirmative Action had nothing new to discuss, and ASMSU sent apologies for absence from the meeting.

September 4, 2008

First meeting of the fall semester. Meetings will revert to being held weekly. President Gamble has accepted our invitation to meet on October 2 to discuss our request to formalize our shared governance partnership into the Association of Shared Governance Leaders (ASGL).

Faculty Senate recent issues include sick leave accruals; exit intervies for retirees; possible unionization update; transferability and common course numbering. Professional Council spoke of its Fall retreat; and employee support issues. Staff Senate reported working on goals for FY09; updating its Bylaws; its Recruitment Outreach Initiative (job fairs and open houses); the upcoming MUSSA retreat; and research updates. ASMSU was not present, but hopefully a regular switch in the time of this meeting will assist student participation. Affirmative Action participated in today's discussions.
Next meeting: September 11.

August 13, 2008

Final amendments were made to the document requesting formalization of shared governance partnership. Participants hope to sign off on approval to send it to the President electronically. Meetings will revert to weekly and begin in early September.

July 16, 2008

Review of the July Board of Regents' meeting. Those present today worked some more on the "formalization" proposal for these meetings. Discussion was also held on the need to improve post-recruitment support of employees. ASMSU reported on MAS interaction and coordination; one time funding of Streamline by MSU; possible plans for audit. Professional Council proceeding with September retreat plans. Staff Senate preparing to present to President's Executive Council in August; MUSSA retreat in September. Faculty Senate awaiting information about the next step in the possible unionization of the faculty.
Next meeting: August 13th.

June 18, 2008

ASMSU recapped the Board of Regents' May meeting at which they discussed tuition caps and budgets. Sustainability is a rising focus for ASMSU. Streamline funding remains an ongoing issue. Faculty Council recapped the status of the possibility of organizing on campus. Professional Council will have a day-long retreat in the fall. CEPAC-Staff Senate recapped its experience at the Board of Regents' meeting, and spoke of last week's meeting with President Gamble.
The rest of the meeting was devoted to further work on formalizing the status of this shared governance group. Next meeting: July 16.

May 21, 2008

Shared Governance partners will meet monthly during summer. Faculty Senate referred to representatives' attendance of the Board of Regents' budgeting subcommittee meeting in Helena yesterday. Various initiatives will be discussed at the Regents's meeting next week. CEPAC-Staff Senate has a MUSSA conference call on Friday, prior to Board of Regents. New CEPAC-Staff Senate members will be introduced at the May 28 meeting, and officers elected. Professional Council is exploring a Fall retreat. Further work is underway in "identifying" professional employees and improving communications. ASMSU gave updates on Streamline; a part time sustainability summer position, with stipend; six mill levy; MUS student representation; student loan issues; Board of Regents' May meeting; Legislative agenda.

Today's meeting focused on budgetary and Regents' meeting issues. There being no time left for further discussion of formalizing the status of this shared governance group, editing of pre-existing draft documentation will take place electronically in readiness for the next meeting: June 18.

May 1, 2008

Faculty Senate continues to work on promotion and tenure issues. It is watching the student loan crisis, as well as curriculum issues for graduate students and residency. Staff Senate has completed its election and committee rep recruitment. MUSSA will conference call next week regarding the fate of Pooled Resources. Professional Council has completed its elections.

Today's meeting focused mainly on progressing formal recognition on campus of this group and its shared governance function. A suggestion of how this might be done will be submitted to the University Attorney later this summer.

Today was the last meeting of the academic year; shared governance partners will meet monthly during summer, starting May 21.

April 24, 2008

Shared governance partners further discussed formalizing the status of its weekly meetings; Streamline Transit's funding request; and MSU budgetary issues in general.

April 17, 2008

Faculty Senate has requested a review of the Ombuds service; is considering National Survey of Student Enggement (NSSE) data; and concerned with the construction of the temporary structures north of the Chemistry building, as well as having interest in proposed future "shared governance office space" in Hamilton Hall. Professional Council is in process of recruiting committee reps and electing members. It is also considering an "opt-in" email listserv.Staff Senate is also recruiting committee reps and electing members. MUSSA's agenda time with the Board of Regents has been confirmed for May 29.

ASMSU had nothing new to report and the discussion shifted to further consideration of shared governance aspects of Standard Six in the NWCCU accrediation self study. Discussion of Streamline Transit's funding request, as well as UPBAC's hearing information regarding campus police understaffing issues followed. Further, the potential of a parking hang tag surcharge as a possible means of funding for any/various needs was discussed.

April 10, 2008

Faculty Senate is working on sabbatical, and grievance issues, as well as promotion and tenure. ASMSU is working on grievance procedure also, as well as a sustainability research position. Committee heads are being appointed. The new outdoor rec building will be situated in an area near Roskie/Lincoln. There has also been discussion about Tailgating policy at football games. Professional Council has sent out a summary of salary allocation. It is also handling committee and membership elections. Staff Senate is also handling committee recruitment, and membership elections. Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Higher Education's Office has asked more questions regarding MUSSA's submission on Pooled Resources.
Shared Governance partners then discussed shared governance aspects of the Governance and Administration standard for MSU's upcoming NWCCU accreditation self study.

April 3, 2008

Forthcoming meeting agendas were discussed and it was agreed that shared governance partners would gather monthly during summer. The last weekly meeting will be April 24. Other topics included potential faculty unionization; salary increase and equity distribution determinations for faculty/professionals; and ASMSU's leadership transition following last month's election.

March 27, 2008

Short meeting because of the President's Spring Address. Topics of discussion included UGC agendas, and professional/faculty salary distribution October 1.

March 20, 2008

The feasibility of day care for MSU employees was discussed.

February 28, 2008

Discussion was predominently regarding salary issues; and the NWCCU accreditation process for MSU.

February 21, 2008

Shared governance partners spoke of common interests in budgeting and salary. They also discussed One Team, faculty union issues, ASMSU elections, and professional development and training for staff.

February 14, 2008

Shared governance partners spoke of recent activities.

February 7, 2008

Faculty Senate and Professional Council spoke of next week's meeting agendas. ASMSU reported on the pending construction of a new outdoor rec building (and vacating the SOB barn and auto shop). CEPAC-Staff Senate is finishing the "supplementing salaries" report, and preparing for the March Board of Regents meeting with MUSSA. The revised performance evaluation deadline (of 4/15/08) was raised and Affirmative Action will pass on the gist of the discussion at President's Executive Council on Monday. Affirmative Action spoke of new veterans and ethnic origin Federal reporting requirements. All employees and students will soon be asked to update the information MSU has on file.

January 31, 2008

Shared governance partners spoke of recent activities. Affirmative Action joined the meetings on a regular basis.

January 24, 2008

Faculty Senate spoke of its agenda items for the next few weekly meetings. Professional Council gave no update in order to save time to discuss other matters. CEPAC-Staff Senate reported on its recent conference calls with MUSSA. ASMSU spoke of current issues, specifically budgeting, student grievance procedure, SOB barn, Streamline late night useage, and possible ASMSU administrator stipends.

January 17, 2008

Faculty Senate spoke of its agenda items for the next few weekly meetings. Professional Council reported its on-going look at professional salary allocations. CEPAC-Staff Senate reported the publication of its 2007 research update and the current staff survey of if/how classified employees supplement their MSU salaries.
ASMSU was not represented at today's meeting, but the shared governance partners who were then discussed Board of Regents activity at last week's meeting, and progress towards implementing Recruitment and Retention Task Force recommendations.

December 6, 2007

Faculty Senate continues to consider appeals procedure. ASMSU will hold further discussion this evening on the SOB and Auto Shop space issues for the outdoor rec supplies. The proposed future use and renovation of the SOB has been raised, but these are separate issues. Professional Council introduced discussion of an employee contact regarding expansion of the Dependent Partial Tuition Waiver. A response will be sent regarding the status quo of efforts to bring about expansion. CEPAC-Staff Senate confirmed Kevin Thane as the new Chair-elect, replacing Chris Bauer who is no longer a classified employee.

Next shared governance partners' meeting: January 17th.

November 29, 2007

Faculty Senate is considering conflict of interest policy changes; and transferability council formations. Union representatives are visting campus. Professional Council is interested in recruitment and retention follow-up. CEPAC-Staff Senate is producing research updates and has been involved in recruitment and retention follow-up. ASMSU's meeting tonight will consider the SOB barn, auto shop, and proposed space changes.

November 8, 2007

Faculty Senate will host Commissioner Stearns on November 14 in a discussion about transfer issues. ASMSUM senators are attending a conference in Portland. President Malloy presented a one-time funding request to UPBAC; a student phone directory is in publication. Professional Council has received reporting on the demographics of its constituency; environmental leadership is moving into a community collaboration; details of the .6% holdback are being reviewed. CEPAC Staff Senate is compiling data for publication of its MSU Within the Community research update; By Laws are to be removed from Personnel Policy and lodged with CEPAC Staff Senate in recognition of its shared governance status.

There will be no meeting next week due to Board of Regents.

November 1, 2007

Faculty Senate reported on positive developments in the creation of online faculty evaluations. The next University Governance Council meeting would be held November 28th. Pam Merrell will attend discussing conflict of interest declarations, and Victoria Drummond on long range building projects. Faculty representatives are also anticipating ASMSU to make a pitch to UBPAC for Streamline funding. CEPAC-Staff Senate attended the Bozeman Business Expo, and the President's Round Table in the last week. Feedback from the community, as well as from a meeting with Bozeman Job Service will be included in the MSU Within the Community research updates currently underway.

Jim Rimpau, Chief Information Officer attended today's meeting and discussed plans for improving student email facilities, as well as MSU's communications options generally.

October 25, 2007

Shared Governance partners reviewed their activities from the last week.

October 18, 2007

Faculty Senate reported on an ITC presentation at yesterday's Faculty Senate meeting. The Shared Governance partners are interested in gaining information about email communications, and faculty are especially interested in on-line student evaluations of faculty. Professional Council has received input on the OCHE Recruitment and Retention Task Force report. ASMSU reported on scheduling progress for student forums regarding recruitment and retention of students. Also, ASMSU is looking for funding for new equipment for the refurbished gym. CEPAC-Staff Senate reported on the success of its supporting student success initiative this week.

The rest of the meeting was devoted to discussing how, through shared governance, various, or all, elements of the OCHE Recruitment and Retention Task Force report might be further recommended to the Regents.

October 11, 2007

Faculty Senate reported on upcoming agenda items and invited shared governance partners to attend Faculty Senate meetings. Professional Council is pursuing improving e-mail communications with employees; is meeting with President Gamble to discuss various PC issues; is inviting all professionals to review the OCHE Recruitment and Retention Task Force report; working on the professional handbook. ASMSU is pursuing plans for researching student retention and graduation rates; reported on the Leadership Institute's leadership degree; reported on Streamline bus shelters and design of the Streamline space slated for the parking garage downtown. CEPAC-Staff Senate gave a status report of its research updates to MSU Within the Community; spoke of plans for FY08 outreach; drew attention to its annual report and 360 review, now online.

October 4, 2007

President Gamble joined the meeting to brainstorm ways to assist the Board of Regents in pursuing the outcomes of the OCHE Recruitment and Retention Task Force report. Other topics discussed included student retention and graduate rates.

September 27, 2007

Faculty Senate gave a recap of yesterday's UGC meeting. Unfortunately a communications hitch resulted in some shared governance partners being unaware of the UGC meeting. CEPAC-Staff Senate reported on last week's Board of Regents meeting. The Shared Governance partners agreed that it would be advantageous to meet with President Gamble to discuss the next steps following publication of the OCHE Recruitment and Retention Task Force's findings. He agreed to attend next week's meeting. Professional Council reported on its ongoing effort to study professional demographics; and of a future for its environmental leadership activities. ASMSU reported on Streamline Late Night; and ASMSU's plan to study student retention.

September 13, 2007

Was spent in Board of Regents meeting planning and a brief round up of each partnership organization's recent focus (similar to last week). UGC meeting schedules were further discussed.

September 6, 2007

Faculty Senate reported having contacted ASMSU requesting a student to regularly attend Shared Governance Partnership meetings. Faculty issues raised at today's meeting included the vote to change Faculty Council's name to Faculty Senate, with immediate effect; agendas for the next few Faculty Senate meetings; and the possibility of working with students to re-design the "Knapp" form currently used in facutly evaluation by students. Professional Council is investigating setting up its environmental leadership subcommittee as a more campus-wide entity; PC communications and reporting methods and needs were also mentioned. CEPAC-Staff Senate spoke of the transition into its name change to Staff Senate, and of its plans for the upcoming Board of Regents meeting.

General discussion took place regarding the OCHE Recruitment and Retention Task Force report which will be published tomorrow. On another topic, it was agreed that the faculty plans to discuss the Ombuds program would be best suited to a University Governance Council meeting as the program is available to all employees.

August 30, 2007

The meeting was again spent in discussion of draft reporting by the OCHE Recruitment and Retention Task Force.

August 15, 2007

The meeting was spent in discussion of draft reporting by the OCHE Recruitment and Retention Task Force. Next shared governance partners' meeting: August 30th.

July 10, 2007

ASMSU considering services to students to increase student retention and enhance student advising.

CEPAC analyzing 360 review data; attending MUSSA annual retreat; beginning to compile FY07 annual report; collaborating with other campus organizations in producing materials for Pooled Resources.

Professional Council preparing for FY08 activities, including environmental leadership, emergency strategies, communicating enhanced course offerings under the Faculty and Staff Fee Waiver program.

Faculty Council exploring (i) Ombuds services, and (ii) faculty-appropriate organizations on campus.

The remainder of the 90-minute meeting was spent in discussing OCHE Recruitment and Retention Task Force progress.
Next shared governance partners' meeting: August 15th.

June 13, 2007

Faculty Council, Professional Council, ASMSU and CEPAC representatives met and reviewed the May Board of Regents meeting, and the work of the OCHE Recruitment and Retention Task Force. Each organization gave a brief update of its activity since the last meeting. Next meeting July 10th.

May 3, 2007

Today was the last meeting of the academic year. Summer meetings of the shared governance partners have been set for June 13, July 11, and August 15, at noon. Most of today's meeting was spent discussing parking and transit issues.

Faculty Council continues to work on promotion and tenure issues, and student recruitment and retention initiatives. UPBAC has approved funding for activities related to student recruitment and retention, with FC supports.

ASMSU leadership will be on campus over the summer; the main focus being orientation. Meanwhile, the transition of committee heads is approved; and a new resolution regarding Streamline Transit has been produced. A possible stipend for ASMSU senators is under consideration.

CEPAC projects and activities continue with Pooled Resources inventory, and progressing recommendations from the Employee Experience survey are priorities for the summer.
Professional Council has completed its membership elections; and sent a letter to all research professionals regarding their representation on PC.

April 26, 2007

Professional Council met yesterday with President Gamble and discussed upcoming salary raises; supervisor training; campus construction projects underway; student recruitment and retention.

ASMSU has appointed its committee members and will consider a "transfer bonus" payment to committee chairs who successfully transfer to incoming chairs.

CEPAC is conducting a 360 review; has completed its membership elections; and will publish the Employee Experience survey report today. Asked for input on marketing the benefits package from the faculty and professional perspective.

Faculty Council suggested expanding input and circulation of The Montana Professor magazine (a UM/MSU collaborative publication for faculty) to professionals and staff; discussed the latest UPBAC activity and amendments to the Five Year Vision; student recruitment and retention issues.
There will be one more weekly meeting of shared governance partners, and three meetings over the summer, before reconvening in the Fall.

April 19, 2007. Most of the meeting was spent in discussion of issues relevant to the OCHE Recruitment and Retention Task Force. In the remaining time the partners agreed to meet monthly over the summer, and then reported as follows: Faculty Council is working again on promotion and tenure issues.

ASMSU held their senate retreat.

Professional Council are preparing for elections and incorporating research professional membership.

CEPACspoke of the invitations to shared governance to the President's round table on May 1.

April 12, 2007

Professional Council reported the latest discussion on professional salaries, and Professional Council's reporting requirements.
Faculty Council had similar salary issues to resport.

CEPAC gave updates on its current membership election' the Employee Experience survey report; and its response to President Gamble's request for input on the Transit and Parking survey outcomes.

ASMSU reported that a resolution regarding the SOB barn renovations passed. Shared governance partners further discussed last week's resolution involving tying student fees to the consumer price index.

The remainder of today's meeting (which ran over time) was spent discussing next week's OCHE Recruitment and Retention Task Force meeting and faculty and classified suggestions.

April 5, 2007

CEPAC spoke of their membership elections (in nominations stage currently); the expectation that the Employee Experience survey outcomes will be pulished soon; and that the Pooled Resources launch has been postponed to the fall to give time to load all the potential inventory.

ASMSU will be voting on a resolution regarding the SOB barn/auto shop space allocations; the resolution limiting fee increases to 3% passed; and new officers and senators will be sworn in tonight.

Professional Council is also holding elections; they are still pursuing reporting mechanisms in order to track their membership; PC has given feedback to the President regarding the salary withholding.

Faculty Council is still discussing salary withholding; and Chair Taylor is interested in shared governance partners' input on some issues he's considering for the OCHE Recruitment and Retention Task Force (this was deferred to next week's meeting).

Faculty also asked CEPAC for further information regarding upcoming changes in the classified recruitment procedure.

March 29, 2007

Faculty and Professional Councils discussed potential salary increased for FY08 and FY09 and proposals for holdbacks for equity/merit etc.
CEPAC asked that the shared governance partners consider whether or not they are interested in canvassing the campus on bicycle issues and the "walk don't ride" policy within pedestrian areas (please see CEPAC minutes from 3/28/07). Other issues included the recent transit survey outcomes.
ASMSU will swear in the new President and Vice President this evening. Other issues included SUB renovation, and final approval to purchase new buses (Streamline Transit).

March 22, 2007

Faculty Council is recruiting a Professional Council nominee to serve on its Nominating Committee. Other topics discussed were (i) a proposal to provide one-time year-end aid to students in financial difficulty if it prevents them dropping out of school. First come first served application process with certain eligibility criteria. (ii) a request to use the Exit Gallery.
CEPAC. Mary Engel gave an update on the status of the Pooled Resources inventory; announced CEPAC's membership elections this spring; referred to the recent Provost sponsored luncheon which CEPAC used as a sounding board for recruitment and retention issues; and reported that the subsequent Employee Experience Survey data are being compiled.
ASMSU is reviewing its bylaws.
Professional Council discussed (i) planning a response to President Gamble's request for input into salary holdback distributions; (ii) the logistics of professional performance evaluation vis a vis salary; (iii) coordinating salary related input with Faculty Council; (iv) Environmental Leadership program videoconference postponed but program acitivites continuing.

March 15, 2007

Spring break; no meeting.

March 8, 2007

Professional Council reported beginning to work on suggestions for distribution of professional pay increase funding (whenever raises are ascertained for FY07 and FY08). President Gamble has agreed to send a memo to the campus regarding energy saving tips and practices. He has also authorized PC to begin researching professional development opportunities for its members. PC continues to work with HR on membership reporting capabilities.
CEPAC reported on last week's Board of Regents' meeting and the upcoming recruitment and retention Task Force meeting, March 16; the progress of the Pooled Resources online facility, as well as the "Employee Experience" survey (closing tomorrow). CEPAC is also preparing for membership elections in the coming weeks.
ASMSU has closed its budget. Student organizations from the MUS met during the Board of Regents' meeting last week to select nominations for the next Student Regent.
Faculty Council is revamping its Nominating Committee; and considering changing the name of the Council.

March 1, 2007

No meeting due to Board of Regents meeting.

February 22, 2007

Professional Council reminded shared governance partners that Tim Flannery will visit campus March 5 in relation to PC's Environmental Leadership acitivities.
CEPAC spoke of its intentions for the Board of Regents' meeting 2/28. CEPAC noted some bills of interest to the MUS that bear relevance to recent shared governance discussion. The Pooled Resources needs assessment is complete and MUSSA is preparing to inventory and load materials onto the web site. Last Tuesday's staff luncheon was very successful and gave CEPAC a lot of useful input in preparation for the initiative implementation. The follow-up "Employee Experience" survey is now live.
ASMSU passed the resolution opposing HB525, and another concerning intramural fees. The Exponent has hired a sales director and collected a significant amount in thus far uncollected revenue. Intramurual subscriptions are down this year, due to renovations, and arrangements have been made to cover the associated financial shortfall.
Facutly Council spoke of its plans for the Regents' meeting 2/28. It is also concluding the administrator evaluation project.
The Shared Governance partners discussed the upcoming Regents' meeting in general and agreed that it might be beneficial to come together on March 1st, exchange information about individual meetings from 2/28, and attend the Staff and Compensation Committee meeting at 8.30am.

There was also a very interesting discussion about MSU and student retention.

February 15, 2007

Faculty Council will attend the legislature tomorrow in opposition of HB525. Meanwhile, in regular FC business, the Council is beginning to prepare for Chair and Chair elect elections before finals week.
Professional Council met with President Gamble for their scheduled monthly meeting. Environmental Leadership, strategic planning, professional leave, and other PC business were items under discussion. Meanwhile, PC has set up Banner reporting via HR.
ASMSU awaiting a proposed fee increase to maintain dental services on campus. A $3 organization fee will be on the ballot to support certain clubs and organizations. A resolution to oppose HB525 is up for discussion and vote by ASMSU senate this evening. Students are currently being encouraged to apply to be the next Student Regent.
CEPAC held its public forum on the "MSU Within the Community" research. It was well attended by a wide variety of employees who were interested to know what would happen next, and when. Of course it's too early to say. CEPAC officers met with President Gamble on Tuesday and he was very supportive of pursuing the recommendations and some ideas of how to do this were discussed. He will use the report in discussions with the Regents, and he supported CEPAC in its intention to pursue recruitment and retention initiatives (several are already underway) with some urgency, rather than waiting for MUS participation. CEPAC needs broad input on several issues and one way through which it hopes to achieve this is discussion groups within the spring semester classified luncheon next week. CEPAC has formed a "brainstorming" team, comprised of staff and professionals, supervisors and supervisees who will lead the discussion. It's anticipated that 150+/- staff will participate.

February 8, 2007

Facutly Council are facilitating the first faculty review of department heads. Chair Taylor will testify in opposition to HB525 in Helena tomorrow. Faculty Council's letter to legislators regarding equity within retirement programs has been sent.
Professional Council reported that the vote to change PC's constitution passed. In other business: PC wants to give input into the policies for professional employee evaluations. The Environmental Leadership project progresses but the videoconference with UM has had to be rescheduled. PC is meeting with HR to discuss a professional database and formation of an accurate listserv.
ASMSU's finance board met and finished its work more quickly than usual. Recommendations to look at ways to help some of the less financially sound organizations will be made. ASMSU passed a resolution to start work on "Streamline Late Night" that will run from 9.30pm-2.30am.
CEPAC reported that MSU testimony related to HB13 utilized data from CEPAC's "MSU Within the Community" research. CEPAC's presentation on its findings is scheduled for 3.30pm today.

February 1, 2007

Shared governance partners discussed four main topics:

  • House Bill 13 (State Pay Plan)
  • House Bill 525 (intellectual diversity and accountability in higher education)
  • Defined benefit/defined contribution retirement plans and the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP)
  • Parking and transit issues

January 25, 2007

ASMSU had nothing new to report.
Professional Council discussed currently active topics including Environmental Leadership, research professionals voting whether or not to join Professional Council, exploring sabbatical leave and/or professional development opportunities, mandatory performance evaluation for professionals, and the implications for certain grants and professional employees following the nonre-election of Conrad Burns.

Faculty Council have offered to assist the Commissioner's Office start the process to form the "employee costs" task force upcoming from the November Board of Regents' meeting.

CEPAC referred to its testimony before the Education Subcommittee at the Legislature on January 23. The rest of today's meeting was devoted to discussion of CEPAC's research of MSU Within the Community Context (www.montana.edu/staffsenate/msu-community.pdf), and the dire situation MSU has reached in its inability to recruit and retain classified employees in various areas. Shared governance partners are concerned that action must be taken quickly.

January 18, 2007

First meeting of the semester. Shared governance partners hope to reschedule the weekly Partnership meetings, starting next week, to accommodate new class schedules and maintain full attendance here.
ASMSU - nothing to report today.
Professional Council has released its mid-year report. PC is pursuing the possibility of sabbatical leave for professional staff. Other issues: the process by which research professionals may be included within PC is progressing. If these employees are added to PC its "membership" will total around 750.
CEPAC will attend the public comment session of the legislative Education Subcommittee on January 23. Shared Governance partners agreed with CEPAC's intention to refer in any testimony to shared governance at MSU and support for the Governor's College Affordability Plan with its increased State funding in exchange for a tuition cap. Other CEPAC issues include the imminent publication of its research "MSU Within the Community Context"; the second phase of the Supporting Student Success button campaign to coincide with MSU Friday on January 26; and the Pooled Resources needs assessment slated to go live on January 29.

Faculty Council is interested in pursuing the feasibility of State budget surpluses being used to re-balance employer contributions within retirement plans with faculty and professional enrollees. FC also aims to find out more about web-based course content, and the WebCT-type programming that's available to MSU.

December 7, 2006

Faculty Council proposed January 31 as the next UGC meeting. Shared Governance partners agreed. Professional Council will offer this date to the MSU Tomorrow team for the feedback the team has asked of FC and PC. CEPAC has met with the team already.

Professional Council circulated the draft wording of two potential additional tactics for consideration by the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC). These are energy reducing initiatives proposed by PC's rep on SPC. Shared Governance partners offered input and suggested ways of implementing such changes as alternatives to applying them to the Tactic system and SPC. Next, PC gave an update on the acitivity of its Environmental Leadership Committee and reported that there are two copies of "An Inconvenient Truth" (the movie) for check out at the library. The Professional Handbook project is on hold pending reorganization of the hiring and other manuals on the web, by Affirmative Action and HR/Personnel. Finally, a constitution amendment is being worded, in preparation for being put to vote, regarding the inclusion of research professionals as members of PC.

ASMSU has had further discussion with Auxiliary Services regarding the future use of the SOB Barn and proposals for alternative space for any displaced clubs/organizations. Next, ASMSU mentioned it is considering replacing or supplementing CatCab with a bus service. Finally, the new ASMSU lobbyist has been appointed.

CEPAC - shared details of the draft transit survey of MSU employees.

There being no more time available, the meeting ended. It was proposed that meetings be extended to 1.25 hours next semester. Next meeting: January 18, 2007.

November 30, 2006

Faculty Council mentioned ongoing discussions between the Promotion and Tenure subcommittee and the Provost.

CEPAC reported on its presentation to the Board of Regents, November 15, and the progress and purpose of some of its recruitment and retention research efforts. The majority of the Shared Governance Partnership meeting was spent in discussing associated topics.

ASMSU spoke of the recent resolution regarding the Chemistry Building's operations and maintenance.

Professional Council facilitated continued discussion of CEPAC activity by kindly deferring their updates to next week's meeting. The did, however, mention good attendance at the day time showings of "An Inconvenient Truth".

November 9, 2006

ASMSU's budget will soon be available online.

Professional Council has submitted recommended alterations to the current Employee Recognition Program. The President's Office has contributed funding for An Inconvenient Truth which will be shown, at the Procrastinator Theatre, on November 16 and 17. Admission is free; first come first served.

CEPAC shared some examples of its recruitment and retention data to date.

Faculty Council spoke of the items they wish to discuss at the Board of Regents' meeting next week (comparison of faculty salaries; Bozeman cost of housing).

November 2, 2006

ASMSU reported delays connected with the bids for the new Streamline buses. On another matter, the Senate is considering a proposal for club funding.

CEPAC outlined the methodology and proposed reporting of its recruitment and retention research efforts.

Professional Council has been working with CEPAC on changes to the Employee Recognition Program, both for this year, and more widely for the future. PC also spoke of its efforts to show An Inconvenient Truth on campus.

October 26, 2006

Shared Governance partners updates were largely as delivered to University Governance Council yesterday. Additional information offered today included:
Faculty Council is working towards convening a nominations committee for faculty committee representation positions. Chair Taylor also spoke of yesterday's University Governance Council meeting discussion of the Optional Retirement plan, and retirement plan funding.

CEPAC is working with MSU Streamline advocates to possibly combine a general Streamline survey with soliciting classified opinion on the funding question.

ASMSU is discussing funding options for student clubs.

Professional Council had no additional updates.

October 19, 2006

Faculty Council has called a University Governance Council meeting for Wednesday October 25, at 4.10pm. Shared Governance partners are invited to give 5 minute updates of their activities at the start of the meeting. The rest of the time will be in discussion of the recent Optional Retirement Program document from the Commissioner's Office.

Professional Council has met with HR to discuss potential alterations to the employee recognition program, and will include CEPAC in some of the future planning. On another matter, HR has indicated that identifying research employees appropriately for communications purposes and potential affiliation with Professional or Faculty Councils should be straightforward. Finally, methods of production of a professional handbook are being considered with the University Attorney.

ASMSU is considering defining policy regarding purchasing and charging expenses. Also, the Marketing Advisory Committee has drawn attention to a TV ad for UM described as a branding and reputation builder.

CEPAC has postponed the survey on Streamline bus funding pending a decision by other groups connected with the bus as to whether they are going to survey MSU employees. CEPAC also reported the progress of two other projects: (1) marketing the benefits package - the Board of Regents is keen to see this done at the System level and a preliminary meeting with MUS HR directors is scheduled for next week; (2) researching community employment markets - CEPAC's research team meets on Monday to review survey data received from other sources, as well as the outcomes of a large-scale study of classified advertising.

October 12, 2006

Faculty Council proposing to show a faculty-made DVD about MSU employee salaries, cost of housing etc, to the Regents' compensation subcommittee in November. The DVD was shown to the press in September.

CEPAC - gave an update on its Board of Regents agenda time September 27th (www.montana.edu/staffsenate/bor9-27-06.html). A discussion of the meeting in general, and subsequent feedback took place.

CEPAC has been asked to consider formally supporting MSU investment in the Streamline bus service. CEPAC policy prevents it from doing so without reference to its constituents and, as such, a short survey is planned. Shared Governance partners were invited to participate in the survey.

Professional Council - gave updates: work has not yet begun on the proposed professional handbook; and Professional Council is considering pursuing formal agenda time at Regents' meetings.

ASMSU gave updates on the rock climbing facility; budget; intramurals change of name.

September 21, 2006 - CEPAC alternate representative in attendance. Shared Governance partners decided it is infeasible to arrange legislative debates at short notice, and with other similar events being held in the community. Next meeting: October 12.

September 14, 2006

Faculty Council reviewed agendas for the next few Council meetings, highlighting items of potential interest to shared governance partners (eg. data security; parental and family leave; administrative review) and inviting everyone to attend. Faculty Council is beginning work on devizing review questions associated with faculty input into administrators' reviews. The policy for this is now part of the Faculty Handbook (840.0). Meanwhile, faculty have produced a DVD relating to retention and local housing costs. Chair Taylor may share this during the Regents at the end of the month, if occasion arises.

CEPAC is actively working with MUS Staff Association colleagues (MUSSA) to implement the Pooled Resources facility. MUSSA will use its agenda time with the Regents (9/27/06) to reiterate the relevance of the Pooled Resources concept as a recruitment and retention tool. Meanwhile, as part of CEPAC's goal-setting for the year, Officers have spoken with President Gamble about some of their proposed strategies for FY07.

ASMSU will elect a state legislature rep at tonight's meeting, after which ASMSU will be in a better place to decide upon the feasibility of spearheading the debate series discussed at last week's shared governance partners' meeting. A further update will be brought to the shared governance meeting next week. Other news: ASMSU is tracking usage of the Streamline bus service, and rider numbers appear comparable with the Billings service.

Professional Council elected Matt Rognlie as Chair-Elect. Matt will attend all Regents' meetings. The Council has formed a subcommittee to commence work on the Professional Handbook, and another for the Environmental Leadership project. Professional Council is also slated to meet with HR/Personnel to discuss changes to the employee recognition program. Meanwhile, Faculty Council suggested that, although some professional employees currently not covered by Professional Council may be invited to participate in Faculty Council activity (by virtue of their faculty oriented titles), Professional Council should determine the protocol by which any such arrangement occurs. Professional Council agreed that this would be appropriate.

September 7, 2006

Professional Council reported having a summary of FY06 activities almost ready for circulation. Copies will be sent to shared governance partners. Professional and Faculty Councils continue to pursue the appropriate inclusion of employees, currently not affiliated to either organization.

Faculty Council asked whether shared governance partners would be interested in presentations, currently slated for Faculty Council meetings, being rescheduled for University Governance Council (UGC). The topics are (i) the establishment of a data security policy to protect research activities, and (ii) Primary Investigator eligibility on grants. It was felt that these issues were appropriate to UGC.

ASMSU's regular representative at shared governance meetings was welcomed and introduced. He reported that the first Senate meeting had included a Portal demonstration, as well as some strategizing of SUB construction plans in light of recent gross underbidding.

CEPAC has researched the logistics of shared governance partners hosting a series of debates among senate and house district incumbents and candidates. At present, CEPAC is obligated to the maximum of its resources with other projects and today approached ASMSU to spearhead a shared governance event of this kind. ASMSU will consult and report back at the shared governance next meeting.

In addition to partner organization reports, brief discussions took place about this month's Regents' meeting, as well as the new local bus service.

August 31, 2006

The Shared Governance meetings resumed a weekly schedule for the academic year, commencing today. Unfortunately ASMSU was not present. Faculty Council Chair Taylor had brought Shared Governance bookmarks and Supporting Student Success buttons (to the preceeding Faculty Council Steering Committee meeting also) for those who might not have received them at the Welcome Back Picnic yesterday.

Faculty Council offered the following updates:

  • Cyd McClure has accepted a post at NSF and Faculty Council is recruiting a replacement Chair-elect.
  • Faculty Council is considering the feasibility of welcoming departmentally-designated nontenure research professors to pursue policy matters through the Council. Other researchers would potentially refer to Professional Council, with no alteration in research-titled classified staff's union/bargaining unit affiliation, or involvement wtih CEPAC.
  • Chair Taylor intends this year to complete the Faculty Council By Laws amendments necessary to incorporate Shared Governance partners as voting members of the University Governance Council Steering Committee. Currently only Faculty and Professional Councils hold this status.
  • A Promotion and Tenure Implementation Committee has been formed following all the discussion and drafting of the last year.
  • Draft amendments to the Faculty Handbook section 613 "Tenure Review Timeline" with respect to family leave were circulated at the meeting.
  • Draft wording was ciruclated of a letter to Deans introducing the modifications to the Administrative Review policy, whereby faculty input is included in each review.
General discussion of these items ensued.

Professional Council reported new Council members this year to be Patty Inskeep and Matt Rognlie. Professional Council plans for FY07 include:

  • Sending a Professional Council representative to every Board of Regents meeting.
  • Compilation of a Professional Handbook
  • Revision of the Employee Recognition Program
  • Exploring possible roles for MSU in the adoption and promotion of environmentally sensitive practices
. General discussion of these items ensued.

CEPAC has followed up on discussion at last semester's meetings with regard to potential Shared Governance contact with legislative representatives, and those running for office. A brief description of some options was offered. However, in ASMSU's absence today, CEPAC elected to defer consideration of possibilities and logistics until next week.


Next meeting: September 7, 10.15 am.


August 9, 2006

This short meeting, with Susan Alt, Director HR/Personnel, further disscused the possibility of including research personnel in Faculty and Professional Councils. Next meeting: August 31. 10:00 am.

June 21, 2006

ASMSU were not present. Guest: Paul Burns, Director of Parking gave information about FY07 parking fees (similar to that presented to CEPAC on June 14) except it has been determined that payroll deduction will remain over 10 months, as before.

CEPAC displayed artwork for the Supporting Student Success buttons and relayed President Gamble's and PEC's enthusiasm for the concept. Faculty and Professional Councils agreed with CEPAC that buttons should be ordered at a total of twice the fall semester payroll headcount (6,000). CEPAC will distribute buttons for Move In Day and the Welcome Back Picnic, in August. Copy for the Welcome Back Picnic Shared Governance "bookmark" was also reviewed. Faculty and Professional Councils will provide final textual descriptions of their councils to CEPAC by June 28. CEPAC was thanked for its work on these projects.

Professional Council - reported on the adoption of the new professional contracts authorization procedure (approved by the Commissioner of Higher Education now rather than Board of Regents), and discussed other aspects of the Regents's meeting 5/31-6/2/06. Discussion then turned to Professional Council's efforts to incorporate research professionals under the Council (with Faculty Council having similar aims for faculty researchers). Questions were raised about how to best identify and contact such employees and it was suggested that Susan Alt, HR Director be consulted.

Faculty Council - continues to work on promotion and tenure policy language. Administrative Review procedures will be in place for faculty to evaluate department heads, this Fall. Faculty Council did not present faculty salary data to the Board of Regents, 5/31-6/2/06. Council members reported that an idea for a visual presentation (eg a DVD), originally raised last winter, is again slated for production - focusing on the Gallatin Valley cost of housing.

Next meeting: August 9th.

May 17, 2006

The Shared Governance partners intend to meet a couple of times over the summer for two hours each meeting. This was the first.

ASMSU were not present but Faculty Council Chair, Shannon Taylor, reported that at the ASMSU April 20 meeting the students voted not to pursue Faculty Council's request that ASMSU consider a 1% increase in tuition to provide funding for employee salaries at 1% above the pay plan. Students apparently strongly expressed the opinion that the pay plan should be financed by the state.

CEPAC spoke of current work in progress with HR/Personnel to produce, campus-wide, a handout publicising some potentially very advantageous changes in the Pay Rules, and also reminding staff and supervisors of the Flexible Pay options available.

CEPAC reported its interest in a Shared Governance "presence" at the employee Welcome Back Picnic in August, and described the preliminary approaches it has made. Faculty and Professionals present today supported the idea and liked the concept of some of the items which could possibly be provided at the picnic (Shared Governance literature, buttons, etc).

Professional Council reported on Professional employees having recently secured jobs in other states. They also spoke of plans to (i) pursue the progress of the proposed University Contracts at this month's Board of Regents meeting, (ii) work with faculty and staff on employee recognition issues, and (iii) expand PC's representation to more professionals.

Faculty Council reported that the Administrative Review proposal has been approved and will be put into effect. The Family Leave proposal is with the President's Office, and FC continues to work on Promotion and Tenure issues. FC also intends to complete the process of conferring voting rights for CEPAC at Steering Committee meetings.

Meanwhile, Chair Taylor will provide further faculty salary information (mentioning professionals and classifieds) at the faculty breakfast meeting with the Regents at the end of the month.

Shared Governance Partners Discussion. Beyond discussion of items raised in individual reports (above) the Partners considered at length salary issues in the context of local housing and employment markets. They exchanged input and ideas regarding legislature approaches. The Partners favor supporting efforts to increase state funding, of at least the pay plan, and will continue to research best methods to proceed.

Next meeting: June 21, 2006.

April 20, 2006

Last meeting of the academic year
The CEPAC representative had to leave before the end of today's meeting, but the discussion in which CEPAC participated was largely a useful extension of last week's conversation with the Accounting Task Force and Cathy Conover. CEPAC recommended continued careful research of in-house and community references to salary issues, and Faculty Council reiterated the relevance of the CEPAC/MUS Staff Associations' (MUSSA) proposed PD and T facility (since emphasis had been placed in last week's discussion on the need for classified training). Some ideas for meeting with legislative representatives were offered. CEPAC and Faculty Council accepted ASMSU's invitation to tonight's senate meeting, with a view to offering some salary-oriented information to the students (please see below).

CEPAC at ASMSU, April 20, 2006. - Mary Engel attended the ASMSU meeting and offered information based on the salary discussions from the April 13th Shared Governance meeting (below) and spoke along these lines: The classified staff greatly value our students and are proud to support you. We understand your financial position, and the threat imposed by increased tuition. You may ask how expenditure on staff salary increases benefits you? Many factors contributing to the student experience exist outside the classroom - to name a few of the more obvious: financial aid and scholarship payments, enrollment, laboratory assistance, study materials, IT, a clean room and good meals. Staff positions support every aspect of the university's infrastructure, and classified employees strive to serve the students. The stronger the classified workforce, the higher the quality of your complete student experience. While we celebrate the positive economic implications of three years' full employment in the Gallatin Valley, escallating house prices and static university system salaries are rendering MSU uncompetitive in the local employment market.

Faculty Council also presented on compensation for faculty. Questions/Answers followed, including the impact of student evaluations on faculty pay; distribution of raise money; state funding and the state pay plan; class size and use of adjuncts. CEPAC invited questions via email, and encouraged students to attend CEPAC meetings.

April 13, 2006

Faculty Council's main focus recently has been reviewing the draft documentation produced by the Promotion and Tenure Task Force. Faculty Council members present at today's meeting were interested in student perceptions of the student evaluation of teaching process with a view to making it more meaningful for all, since it has a direct bearing on faculty promotion, tenure, and salary increases.

CEPAC gave an update on outreach, a new Spotlight feature, the Pooled Resources project, and the overview of MUS budgetary issues as discussed with Craig Roloff yesterday.

Professional Council is still trying to arrange meetings with appropriate parties with a view to incorporating research professionals into professional council.

ASMSU held State Legislative Day yesterday, discussing tuition issues with local legislators. It appears the general goal is to keep tuition increases to less than 5% for the next couple of years. ASMSU invited other Shared Governance partners to attend the April 20 ASMSU meeting to talk about salaries, in order that students might better understand issues which would benefit from student support.

Accounting Task Force and Salary Issues in General
Professional Council (led in this instance by Jeanne Wilkinson) arranged for Susan Alt, Leslie Taylor, Leslie Schmidt, and Cathy Conover to discuss the work of the Accounting Task Force and how the Shared Governance partners might work together to improve salaries in general. The gist of the discussion identified two issues: pay in general; and Bozeman housing costs and local employment market forces. The Accounting Task Force (focusing specifically on classified money-handling job titles and functions) found that salary wasn't always the deciding factor for employees taking jobs off campus. The over-riding issues discussed today were found to affect all categories of employment at MSU. A gambit of factors were considered, including: maintaining equity, avoiding salary compression, respecting bargaining boundaries, improving title discrepancies, and competing with private sector employers in an employee market. Ideas were exchanged for encouraging increased State funding for the MUS, as well as suggestions for working with the community, streamlining in-house best practices and flexible pay option opportunities. No simple solution to MSU's recruitment and retention difficulties was identified, but a clearer understanding of the overall problem was hopefully perceived. CEPAC did note a melding of its current activity jibing with some of the suggestions emerging from the discussion. For example: MUS collaboration, promotion of the classified contribution to student retention, expansion of classified professional development and training opportunities, progression of the classified tactics from the Five Year Vision (including promotion of the MUS benefits package), and assisting the campus in a better understanding, and increased use, of the MUS Staff Compensation Plan.

The Shared Governance partners will continue to work together in developing ideas and strategies in this regard.

March 30 and April 6, 2006 - CEPAC members participated in the meetings at which Shared Governance partners gave updates of their activities.

March 23, 2006

Faculty Council will vote tomorrow on posting the proposed Administrator Review policy for public comment. A successful final vote, after public comment, would place the policy in the Faculty Handbook. Faculty Council are also considering a proposal to "stop the tenure clock" for faculty members on family medical leave.

ASMSU Blake Rassmussen introduced Cole Arthun, newly-elected President. Cole described wanting to increase student involvement in all university activity. ASMU recent business - budgetary decisions (cutting the auto repair shop and possibilities for the future use of the building; eventual KGLT self-funding). The Fitness Center project has been approved to commence. The Black Box is being re-bid and decisions on the SUB renovation will be made after Black Box bids are received. ASMSU mentioned the "state legislature day" it holds each non-legislative year. Nine legislators have agreed to participate on April 12.

Professional Council and CEPAC wish to arrange a meeting of Shared Governance partners, and various advisors/experts: legal, human resources, public relations etc for advice on utilizing Professional Council's support for progressing classified salary issues. Professional Council is coordinating these arrangements.

March 9, 2006

(ASMSU absent today).
University Governance Council meeting on March 22 will comprise five minute updates from each Shared Governance partnership group followed by further discussion of family medical leave issues.

Faculty and Professional Councils and CEPAC gave updates on their respective interactions with the Regents in Dillon last week. Faculty issues included transfer of credits between campuses; the proposal that faculty have input into administrator performance reviews (expected to be in place at MSU by September); faculty salary and retirement. Professional issues included the ongoing consideration of amendments to the policy governing Board of Regents (professional) contracts (now anticipated to go to Regent vote in May). CEPAC and other MUS Staff Associations presented the latest status report on the Pooled Resources concept and received very positive input from the Regents and administrators from various campuses (aim to submit a formal proposal to the Regents in May).

The Shared Governance partners further discussed common financial issues and will continue to collaborate and exchange information.

March 2, 2006

No meeting.

February 23, 2006

Following last week's decision to divide UGC Steering Committee meetings into two, today commenced the new arrangement - UGC SC (faculty issues) met 9.15-10.15 am and UGC SC (Shared Governance issues) met 10.15-11.15 am. This proved a better use of everyone's time. Professional Council reported on the status of their discussions regarding possible distribution methods for FY07 salary increases, as well as on the status of the university contracts proposal (again to be discussed at the Board of Regents meeting next week). Relevant to both topics is the current inconsistency of professional performance evaluation methods on campus. It was noted that Affirmative Action and HR/Personnel had recently circulated information about performance evaluation cycles and requirements and PC is interested in formalizing methods for professional staff.

Faculty Council reported on the progress of the draft processes by which faculty might have formal input into administrators' performance reviews. FC hopes that a policy will be in place by the end of the year offering confidential input by faculty into performance reviews, down to the department head level.

FC also reported that the situation recently highlighted by a faculty member wanting maternity leave has lead to a committee researching current family and medical leave policies, and looking at how MSU employees might be informed of current policy and encouraged to take advantage of FMLA opportunities.

ASMSU are holding budget meetings this weekend, and elections next month. ASMSU will be represented at all subcomittee meetings at the Regents meeting next week. The stresses of potential tuition increases were expressed, and the possibility of a tuition cap matched by an increase in state funding was mentioned.

CEPAC reported its plans for Thursday's Regents meeting. Staff organizations will report on the status of the Pooled Resources project and ask the Regents for input into the project's preferred direction.

A follow-up to Regents Barrett and Foster's visit was offered. ASMSU suggested that at future meetings more time be allocated for Shared Governance discussion, and less on individual presentations. PC and CEPAC had each had short discussions with President Gamble about ways to pursue the Regents' suggestion of reaching legislative representatives and everyone present today agreed that this should be done in a well coordinated way, through Shared Governance. CEPAC reported having asked Cathy Conover's office for assistance is researching how/if the DVD presentation (see previous UGCSC notes) is proposed.

February 16, 2006

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

Steering Committee and Shared Governance business will be discussed in two different meetings, since there is too much combined business for a single meeting to handle. Faculty Council will make scheduling arrangements. Professional contracts may again be considered by the Board of Regents in March, and a discussion was held in this regard. CEPAC spoke of the benefits of a shared governance approach to Bozeman cost of living issues. Faculty Council undertook to obtain more information about a proposed multimedia (on DVD) cost of living presentation - project leader, for whom the project is intended, an idea of the content, etc.

February 9, 2006

Michelle Larsen submitted her impressions of the meeting:

The meeting was brief as not many members were in attendance. Topics discussed were agenda items for the University Governance Council meeting on February 15, family leave, and the potential response to an inquiry made of facutly/professionals regarding the maintenance of the "M".

February 2, 2006

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

It was agreed that Regent Barrett's and Regent Foster's visit went well, was very informative and CEPAC was encouraged to arrange similar meetings with other Regents in the future. The Professional Council Chair asked Faculty Council Chair when a process would be put in place to expand voting membership of UGCSC to CEPAC [the original plan also calls for ASMSU membership]. Chair Taylor (FC) noted that the topic is on the UGCSC agenda. The Regents' suggestion that Shared Governance approach legislative representatives was enthusiastically noted and CEPAC recommended that any such approach be coordinated with MSU administration. CEPAC also suggested that, in light of Regent comment, the multi-media cost of living presentation idea, brought to previous UGCSC meetings by Chair Taylor, might be inappropriate for the Board of Regents but, perhaps, presentation efforts might be better tailored to other audiences.

The remainder of today's UGC Steering Committee meeting dealt with faculty promotion and tenure and parental leave issues.

January 26, 2006

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

The meeting was spent in planning each Shared Governance partner-group's participation in Regent Foster and Regent Barrett's campus visit next week.

January 19, 2006

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

CEPAC is hosting a visit to campus by Regents Barrett and Foster on February 1. The aim of the visit is to introduce Bozeman's Shared Governance protocol to the Regents, and to facilitate their getting know our students, administrators, faculty, professionals and classified staff a little better. CEPAC, ASMSU, Faculty and Professional Council representatives talked about the format of the February 1 meeting at Steering Committee.

Blake Rassmussen, ASMSU, reported on yesterday's ASMSU meeting with President Gamble and various administrators. A variety of topics were covered and ASMSU found the meeting very helpful. A meeting of this kind will be repeated twice a semester.

Faculty discussed the current status of the credit transferability question. Faculty Council will also be progressing discussion of options for distribtution of FY07 faculty pay increases at their next meeting, next week. Professional Council were invited to attend.

Professional Council and CEPAC had given updates of their activity at University Governance Council meeting yesterday and so did not do so again today.

January 12, 2006

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

Discussion centered on agenda items for University Governance Council for January 18. These include distribution of the faculty and professional pay increases for FY07, and the multi-media cost of living presentation (first mentioned by Chair Taylor at the December 8 meeting). CEPAC also reported on the February 1st meeting with Regent Foster and anticipated further discussion of the format of the meeting etc at Steering Committee next week.

December 8, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

CEPAC updated the committee on its recent outreach activity (hardcopy bulletin, meetings with staff, letter to department heads to be mailed in January).

Professional Council discussed potential methods/ideas for distribution of professional salary increases for FY07.

Faculty Council has reached a recommendation regarding MSU's endorsements of off campus organizations. Chair Taylor reported that he will explore a suggestion that he (Chair Taylor) prepare a multi-media presentation for the Regents (no presentation date specified) on faculty, professional and classified salary and cost of living issues. Those present at today's Steering Committee meeting agreed that close collaboration between Faculty and Professional Councils and CEPAC will be required for this project.

Next meeting Thursday, January 12.

December 1, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

CEPAC updated the committee on the outcome of its presentation to the Regents, and their approval of the MUS classified organizations moving their Pooled Resources concept to the next stage.

Professional Council reported that progress towards revamping Board of Regents' contracts remains ongoing, at least into the next Regents' meeting.

Faculty Council continue to work on post tenure review language issues, a family leave policy proposal, reviewing the promotion and tenure procedure, MSU's endorsements of off campus organizations, administrative review proposals, and IDC allocations.

Shared Governance Chair Taylor said that proceeding towards inclusion of CEPAC and ASMSU as voting members at this committee's meetings will be on the agenda next semester.

Parking Chair Taylor reported delivering Steering Committee's recommendation to the Parking Task Force (to postpone work on the parking garage project until a parking and growth plan is completed for the university).

November 10, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

Faculty Council reviewed several items in preparation for Faculty Council meetings: post tenure review, text books, family leave and administrative review.

CEPAC spoke about its intention to invite one or more Regents to campus in the spring, similar to the Commissioner's visit last spring. CEPAC will keep in touch with the Shared Governance partners over itinerary participation in this event. CEPAC also mentioned that it's been informed that its recommendation of a web based application system for classified recruitment has been taken up by UPBAC. More information about the status of its progress should be available later in the month.

Those present at the Steering Committee were asked by Chair Taylor their opinion of the parking garage project. The unanimous response was that the project should be halted until the parking master plan is complete. Chair Taylor said he would deliver this opinion to the Task Force (he's also a member of the Parking Task Force) and CEPAC noted that they would be writing to the Task Force in the same vein.

November 3, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

Almost the entire meeting was spent discussing the parking garage proposal. CEPAC reported on its meeting with the Parking Task Force on October 31 which had corrected some misunderstandings, but CEPAC members continue to have concerns, as did faculty and professional members present (there was no ASMSU rep there today). It was agreed that further, specific information would be requested for University Governance Council's meeting (at which many campus constituent groups come together) on November 9.

The remaining time, of which there was little, was spent in an update on Faculty Council's progress with the administrator review proposal. The draft was approved for progression towards submission to the President.

October 27, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

Professional Council reported that meetings will soon commence in connection with producing a Professional Handbook. Professional Council understands from President Gamble that the draft proposal regarding the overhaul of Board of Regents' contracts will go before the Regents in November. If adopted, those employees no longer eligible for Regents' contracts will be transferred to University contracts. Four professional staff members met with the Parking Task force yesterday - an obviously disappointing turnout. Professional Council are considering whether to proceed with any further input gathering.

CEPAC reported on its outreach meetings and other efforts, including the launch of Spotlight Program. CEPAC also referred to the status of the CEPAC/MUS Staff Senate professional development and training project for presentation to the Regents in November. CEPAC's meeting with the Parking Task Force is slated for October 31 and 102 comprehensive and constructive ideas have been submitted by the staff.

ASMSU reported that students generally feel there's been insufficient time for consideration of all the parking alternatives; hence their recent vote for a delay in the parking garage project. Other ASMSU events are the addressing of some maintenance issues that have, until now, been postponed for budgetary reasons; bids have been received related to the SUB renovations (work to hopefully commence in January) and bids are being solicited for the H and PE renovations (with aims to commence work in the spring). Students are now taking a more active interest in renovations in Gains Hall. MUS students will announce nominations (to be submitted to the Governor) on November 18. Interest at MSU has been limited but, at this time, one name looks slated to go into the MUS pool for consideration of final selection.

Faculty Council discussed agenda items for upcoming meetings, with particular reference to interest in how IDC revenues are collected and distributed. The Administrative Review draft is receiving input from Leslie Taylor and Faculty Council members. The Faculty Affairs committee chair reported on the formation of the Promotion and Tenure Task Force, and the status of the post tenure review proposal status. Discussion of the outcomes of the sabbatical survey will be discussed with Faculty Council next week.

October 20, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

Chair Taylor reminded Steering Committee of its previous discussions regarding Shared Governance. He will review the Steering Committee charge and membership documentation, and speak to ASMSU about regular student representation (ASMSU has a conflict with Student Affairs divisional meetings). Since its September 14 Steering Committee meeting, inclusion of ASMSU and CEPAC as voting members of Steering Committee has been the members' medium of choice for as a Shared Governance forum.

The ASMSU representative was unable to attend, so no report was given.

Professional Council reported that it is exploring the possibility of producing a Professional Handbook.

CEPAC announced the forthcoming launch of its Spotlight Program - a celebration of the classified contribution to MSU's mission, goals and accomplishments. CEPAC also confirmed that classified input for the Parking Task Force is being received, and will be delivered at a meeting on October 31.

Faculty Council have been asked to explore the appropriateness of some MSU endorsements of off campus organizations.

Faculty Council shared the latest draft of its suggestions for faculty evaluation of department heads and upper administrators. It is based on best practices in industry. Steering Committee members offered further input.

October 13, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

On-going discussion of the parking garage project was revisited. CEPAC is gathering staff input and will meet, at the Parking Task Force's request, at the end of the month.

A draft Faculty Council submission to UPBAC, relevant to the Regents' Goal 1 (educational attainment) was circulated and edited. CEPAC reported having written to UPBAC regarding classified strategies for their current draft initiatives.

Faculty Council are reviewing the Council's system of faculty evaluation of department heads. The current system, and suggestions for revising the process was of interest to Professional Council and CEPAC - CEPAC has been raising the need for a system of supervisor evaluation for some time.

October 6, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

Draft initiatives, from UPBAC, in response to the Regents' three strategic goals and objectives were circulated. It is likely they will be on the agenda for UGC next week. There was concern about the omission of the "quality education" phrase, and CEPAC noted the lack of strategy related to classified staff.

The parking garage was discussed again. The Parking Task Force has approached Faculty Council, Professional Council and CEPAC to review the project. Faculty Council is submitting a list of issues to the Task Force. Some further discussion ensued regarding the parking policy concerns, outside those of the garage. The pay lot will be utilized for the Regents' meeting in November, rather than Gatton.

September 29, 2005 - Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

Steering Committee welcomed Bovard Tiberi, head of Student Senate.

Steering Committee Chair, Shannon Taylor briefly reviewed the September Board of Regents' meeting and announced the Regents' strategic goals and objectives for the university system: (1) increase the overall educational attainment of Montanans through increased participation, retention and completion rates. (2) assist in expansion and improvement of the state's economy through the development of high value jobs and the diversification of the economic base (3) improve institutional and system efficiency and effectiveness.

Next, Shannon gave an update on his progress on the TRS-TIAA problem. He's in the process of contacting senators and ensuring they have all pertinent information about the issue.

The rest of the meeting was devoted to campus parking, predominently the proposed parking garage. Both Shannon and Bovard are new members of the Parking Task Force. A discussion ensued to the effect that many questions about the garage remain unanswered, but that should be answered before pursuing the project. There was insufficient time to address employees' concerns recently reported as a result of the temporary closure of South Gatton, and this will be an agenda item next week.

September 22, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

In the absence of Shannon Taylor (attending the Board of Regents' meeting in Billings), Doralyn Rossman chaired the meeting. Doralyn gave her impressions of the parts of the Regents' meeting she had attended yesterday. The Compensation Committee decided that more input from the campuses was necessary on the draft professional contracts documents, and the next revision will be discussed at the Regents' meeting in November. The Compensation Committee also considered the possibility of raising MUS chief executive salaries to levels inkeeping with peer institutions. This item is subject to further discussion.

Parking. A brief discussion took place regarding the status of the parking garage and noted that President Gamble had withdrawn the project from the Regents' agenda pending further research into cost and other campus concerns.

Faculty Council reported on their meeting of yesterday, Faculty Affairs Committee issues, and touched on the reorganization of ITC.

CEPAC reported on work in progress on the staff professional development and training project (resulting from the July Board of Regents' meeting), and the implementation of the outcomes of CEPAC's 360 Review.

September 15, 2005

Michelle Larsen gives her impressions of the meeting:

It was a good meeting with further discussion of Shared Governance and the appropriate medium for this - possibly not a newly created committee/council.

September 8, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

Shannon Taylor, the new Chair of Faculty Council, opened the meeting and faculty, professional and classified representatives introduced themselves. Shannon spoke of how University Governance Council, and UGC Steering Committee meetings might dovetail and proceed. Today's Steering Committee meeting was spent discussing agenda items for University Governance Council (UGC) on September 14, as well as recapping the gist of the proposed reorganization of UGC and UGC Steering Committee.

June 22, 2005

Sara France reports that Warren Jones (Faculty Council), Sandy Rahn-Gibson (Professional Council) and Sara France (CEPAC) met to further discuss a potential procedure for reorganizing University Governance Council. Various items emerged requiring research, and Warren undertook to do this.

April 28, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

This was the last meeting, until Fall 2005.

ASMSU - thanked CEPAC for arranging the visit of the Commissioner of Higher Education. The meetings with ASMSU went very well from the student point of view. (ASMSU had also had an additional meeting, outside the CEPAC-hosted itinerary). Other business: (1) ASMSU met for the last time yesterday. (2) There will be representation at the May Regents' meeting when the proposed fee increase will be discussed. If passed by the Regents, requests for some of the resulting $100,000 will be directed to an ASMSU Finance Board. (3) A short discussion took place (at Steering Committee) regarding the need for students to work (full time in many cases) to support their academic endavors.

Professional Council - most of the meeting between the Commissioner and PC entailed discussion over the draft philosophies and compensation documents pertaining to professional staff. These drafts will be discussed at the May Board of Regents meeting. A short discussion took place (at Steering Committee) regarding the implications, to professionals, faculty and classified employees, of these proposed policies. CEPAC reported having received a copy this week but, as yet, no feedback from members about the content.

CEPAC - CEPAC was thanked (at Steering Committee) for arranging the Commissioner's visit. CEPAC spoke of the hope to organize this on a regular basis, perhaps annually, and invited feedback from all participants. Supervisor training had been a topic of conversation in CEPAC's meeting with the Commissioner, and Personnel and Payroll Services have followed-up by arranging a meeting with CEPAC officers, next week.

Faculty Council - held election of officers and committee members yesterday.

Shared governance "vision" - Further philosophical discussion of the draft concept took place.

April 21, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

Professional Council reported having submitted input on MSU-Bozeman's proposal for salary distribution to professional staff. PC will become involved in discussing a plan for a fair and equitable process of performance review in the future. A revised draft policy has come from the Commissioner's Office regarding professional contracts, etc. PC is grateful to OCHE for incorporating Bozeman's input on this project. There are a couple of areas still being worked on, but the document will likely come before the Regents in May. A short discussion of "classification", classified job pay scales, and professional contract conversions followed. Finally, PC is meeting tomorrow to discuss the outcomes of the supervisor survey, and to look at supervisor training needs.

Faculty Council reported preparing a letter containing its input into MSU-Bozeman's proposal for salary distribution to faculty.

CEPAC confirmed the itinerary and topics for discussion for the Commissioner's visit, April 26.

Shared governance "vision" - Warren Jones briefly referred to a revised draft policy for reorganizing the University Governance Council which he'd prepared today. Those present at the meeting will review the new draft.

April 14, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

Picking topics of conversation for the Commissioner's visit, April 26, took most of the meeting. A review of the proposed distribution plan for faculty and professional raises followed, along with discussion of how to proceed with this issue.

April 7, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

The majority of the meeting was devoted to discussion of the proposed professional and faculty pay raises for FY06. One proposal under discussion is 2% COLA, 1% merit and .5% being retained centrally to fund equity raises for successful applicants. This issue will be discussed further at University Governance Council on April 13th.

The "vision" for University Governance Council was briefly addressed but deferred to the next meeting.

March 31, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting, although she had to leave before it adjourned:

A "vision" for University Governance Council was discussed wherein faculty, professionals, classifieds, students and administrators all participate. The Steering Committee was in agreement that this is the ideal for a council representing shared governance. It was noted that very little discussion has yet taken place between Steering Committee and ASMSU, nor with the councils/committees of each prospective player in the "new" UGC. Various logistics were discussed with a view to proceeding with creating a "new" UGC.

March 24, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

Faculty Affairs issues were reviewed.

Professional Council - PC has met with President Gamble in regards to the draft professionals pay plan that's currently before the Board of Regents' Staff and Compensation Committee. Further meetings with appropriate parties will be held with a view to providing feedback prior to the May Regents' meeting.

PC is considering meeting more than once a month, and setting up regular meetings between officers and the President.

The supervisor survey is complete and the results should be forthcoming shortly.

CEPAC - Preliminary plans for the Commissioner's visit (4/28) were discussed with all parties.

At the classified staff presentation to the Regents on March 17, staff were invited to give feedback on the draft professionals pay plan. CEPAC also brought Steering Committee up to date with aspects of the MPEA tentative bargaining agreement which is currently out for membership vote.

ASMSU - Elections completed. The student Regent has been confirmed through December 2005. The Fitness Center project progresses, and ASMSU will meet discuss locker room facilities, charges etc, now that funds from sources other than student fees are involved. The recently student-approved $5 fee increase goes before the Regents in May. It's the first fee increase in 10 years. ASMSU running costs have increased dramatically, eg covering classified staff pay raises will take approximately $40,000 of the budget.

University Governance Council vision - Steering Committee members had begun to review examples of shared governance committees on other campuses.

March 10, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

Faculty Council - is reviewing members' attendance at meetings.

Professional Council - reported on a draft "pay plan" for professionals slated for discussion during the Regents' meeting March 16. Representatives from the Commissioner's Office are meeting with President Gamble today. Faculty Council and CEPAC had some preliminary information about the "plan" and it had come to Professional Council's attention yesterday. A lengthy discussion ensued and both Councils and CEPAC will offer their input to the President ahead of Wednesday's agenda.

CEPAC - work commencing on the Commissioner's visit itinerary as soon as the Regents' meeting is concluded.

Fitness Center Update - University Governance Council (professional and faculty combined representation) voted on priorities and will write to President Gamble in support of adoption of the design amendments resulting from employee input. CEPAC came to a similar conclusion at its March 9 meeting, and submits its letter of support separately.

Vision for University Governance Council - for several weeks Steering Committee has been reviewing CEPAC and ASMSU's role in shared governance, and the fact that they are not voting members of University Governance Council or UGC Steering Committee. Some research has been done into the possibility of adding at least CEPAC in a voting capacity. At this juncture, there appears to be no reason for preventing such a move toward true shared governance.

March 3, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

ASMSU - fee increases will be on the ballot (this month) following recent budget cuts since the ASMSU reserve has fallen below the minimum set out in the by laws. If passed, the proposed increases will go to the Regents in March. Resulting revenue would finance, among other things, replacement of cut funding from the Exponent, and indexing to ASMSU classified employees' mandated raises.

Professional Council - 245 responses to the MAP supervisor survey have been received. Analysis of the feedback to commence shortly.

CEPAC - preparations are underway for March Board of Regents meeting. CEPAC has drafted an FY06 budget at .75 FTE personal services and bare bones operations. An updated fact sheet has been submitted for inclusion in the new employee orientation packets (copy to be provided to Steering Committee) and will be used at next week's meeting with Resource Center staff. March elections will be electronic. Commissioner's visit arrangements are progressing.

A reminder of tomorrow's meeting with the Fitness Center Design Committee was given.

Further discussion took place regarding shared governance and Faculty Council, Professional Council, ASMSU, CEPAC and Administration's role therein.

February 24, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

Professional Council reported a vacancy at the Museum of the Rockies; 189 responses so far to the MAP supervisor survey; having had a meeting with President Gamble yesterday at which he updated PC on legislative matters; work on the by laws continues.

CEPAC reported continuing to work on by laws; a meeting slated with Research Center staff next month.

Suggested Governance Council agenda items were discussed including further consideration of CEPAC and ASMSU's role with FC and PC in shared governance.

February 10, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

President Gamble's response to Steering Committee's 2/9/05 memo (re Fitness Center renovations etc) was reviewed and a timeline for the resulting opportunity for faculty/staff feedback considered. To begin, chairs of CEPAC, Faculty and Professional Councils, ASMSU will meet tomorrow with appropriate parties.

A brief discussion took place regarding scheduling time for shared governance issues at University Governance Council meetings to incorporate more issues of common interest to faculty, staff and students. CEPAC's status within shared governance was discussed.

ASMSU will hold elections before spring break, and are reviewing their budget this weekend.

Professional Council has issued the supervisor survey of MAP supervisors and will request an announcement of same to all employees to ensure it reaches every supervisor. Professional Council continues to review its by laws.

CEPAC is also reviewing its by laws.

February 3, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

Steering Committee is considering a faculty council, profesional council, CEPAC collaborative statement to the Fitness Center Design Committee of employee viewpoints regarding the project. A conclusion will be reached electronically in the very near future.

January 27, 2005

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

Matters of interest to all entities were:
Faculty Council - discussed fitness center issues, and bills under discussion at the legislature. Faculty Council had testified at the hearing on HB13 on 1/24/05.

Professional Council - testified at the hearing on HB13 on 1/24/05. MAP supervisors' survey is obtaining human subjects approval. No indication as to the timeline for administration of the survey as yet. Consitution and bylaws being reviewed.

CEPAC - testified at the hearing on HB13 on 1/24/05. Conference call with MUS staff senates indicated MAP performance development an issue common to most campuses. At MSU-Bozeman, MAP Advisory Committee is working on recommendations for improvement and on an improved informational we application. CEPAC has invited the Commissioner of Higher Education to campus in April and will coordinate with FC, PC, ASMSU, President's Office etc over itinerary.

ASMSU - undergoing budget review and facing possible program cuts.

December 2, 2004

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

Matters of interest to these organizations were:
Professional Council - (1) PC is attempting to confirm the possibility of taking Faculty Council's vacated agenda time with Board of Regents (FC has moved to every meeting Thursday at 7 am and every other meeting Thursday at 12.40 pm is now open). PC is also following up with other campuses on the formation of local PCs for each. (2) MAP supervisor survey will go out in January to department heads - relying on department heads to forward to appropriate employees.
CEPAC - (1) reported on 11/18 presentation to Board of Regents. CEPAC's presentation handout was circulated and discussed. (2) Dependent Fee Waiver Pilot Scheme - CEPAC requested Steering Committee input with respect to Regent Mercer's question regarding the Pilot, exclusive to MUS employees. Discussion ensued and suggestions included: stressing MUS staff salaries at less than Montana average (eg Bozeman at 94% of OES); research where State employees may be given "preferential treatment" over MUS; stress how every workplace is structured differently with varying benefits and incentives: part of the MUS attraction is such things as the Pilot; request input from the bargaining units who negotiated the Pilot; establish the extent of the State dissatisfaction with this issue. (3) CEPAC was asked what might be an acceptable method of compensating Gallatin County cost of living issues, but this matter was deferred to bargaining. The complication of the Bozeman payroll including employees who work remotely was mentioned, as well as professional and faculty hires making more than existing employees. (4) CEPAC announced its intention to invite the Commissioner of Higher Education, and Regents to campus next semester, and asked whether Faculty and Professional Councils and ASMSU would like to coordinate some time with whom ever was able to visit. CEPAC will coordinate with FC, PC and ASMSU in this regard.
ASMSU - no representative present at today's meeting.
Faculty Council - (1) FC to follow up with an earlier idea of inviting Regent Roehm to FC to "reflect" on 7 years as a regent. FC also anticipated that a meeting with the new VP for Intercampus Affairs would be useful. (2) 12/8/04 University Governance Council meeting is anticipated to address issues related to budget increases and tuition caps. (3) A discussion of the purpose of CRUD, Steering Committee and UGC meetings, and their membership, took place. It was generally agreed, for now, that specific agenda time for groups other than FC at Steering Committee and UGC was appropriate, with full group participation at CRUD. Any group participating at Steering Committee or UGC need not stay for the entire meeting once issues of community interest had passed. (4) Adjunct Contracts - possible amendment to provide multi-year adjunct contracts was discussed (as raised by the Regents' Compensation Committee 11/17/04). The possibility of increased use of adjuncts on campus was mentioned. Consequences might include more flexibility for the university, and degradation of tenure.


November 4, 2004

Sara France submitted her impressions of the meeting:

Matters in common to these organizations were:
Professional Council - (1) researching the possibility of taking Faculty Council's vacated agenda time with Board of Regents (FC has moved to every meeting Thursday at 7 am and every other meeting Thursday at 12.40 pm is now open). (2) MAP supervisor survey will go out once an appropriate electronic mailing list is available.
CEPAC - (1) Board of Regents Fee Waiver Policy (original) and possible amendments to same. CEPAC is presenting the requested amendments to MUS Labor Management Committee 11/5. Professional and Faculty Council representatives had the impression that professional and faculty would support the idea of a prorated eligibility for part time employees. It was noted that fees for extended studies classes pay the facilitator directly and this might cause a complication. FC Chair suggested CEPAC attend the University Governance meeting 11/10/04 where more fee waiver input/feedback might be obtained. (2) Proposed data for presentation at Board of Regents, 11/18/04. CEPAC is proposing, with Staff Senates, to present data on search costs, staffing levels, exit information, and possibly some salary comparisons by title. The meeting advised having actual data as well as anecdotal information available.
ASMSU - Faculty Council Chair to attend 11/4/04 Senate meeting to discuss governance organizations on campus.