November 17, 2010,

Donna reported that the Traffic Appeals Committee is seeing “E” parking pass violations, students are reporting “E” parking shortages.

May 28, 2008,

(as Staff Senate meeting) Carol Shannon discussed the nature of recent parking violation appeals (stemming mostly from employees and students being unaware of parking rules; and removal of hangtags while driving - and forgetting to re-display them). Carol and Robert Putzke had a short discussion about university break time parking.

March 26, 2008,

(at Staff Senate meeting) Carol Shannon reported that the number of appeals has increased, perhaps due to the increased fine for parking violations. Many appeals cite an unfamiliarity with parking policy and Carol asked those present.

November 28, 2007,

(at Staff Senate meeting) Carol Shannon described the work of the Traffic Appeals board. She recommended staff call University Police with temporary special parking needs (such as delivery of items to a building, etc), and to locate and read parking signs (e.g. 30-minute parking only; reserved parking 6am-6pm, etc) so as to avoid incurring parking tickets.