The purpose of the MSU Recreational Sports and Fitness Advisory Board (RSFAB) is to represent the recreational interests and needs of the students and the university community. The primary function of the board is to advise the Department of Recreational Sports and Fitness (RSF) regarding programmatic issues and the strategic directions within Aquatics, Climbing, Intramural Sports, Fitness Consultation Program, Group Fitness, as well as all of the facilities, indoor and outdoor, where RSF programs take place.

The primary duties of the board are to review, advise, prioritize and make recommendations on: Program development and expansion, Program assessment, Facility scheduling and operating hours, Program and facility use eligibility, Capital projects and improvements, Major equipment purchases, and Governance.

Fitness Center Oversight Committee duties include: Annual review of the mission statement, Ensure department goals and objectives are aligned with the University’s strategic plan as well as meeting the needs of the MSU community and Review fee structure and make recommendations regarding fees.

Notes from Staff Senate meeting

February 3, 2015

Recreational Sports and Fitness Advisory Board met.

Reports: 1) Facility Report  (Mel) - Spring Break Maintenance: S. Gym and Racquetball Courts closed;  Floor Refinishing, Pool closed;  Filters and ladders starting March 2nd, Romney Remodel will affect the HFC by having a new HHD building built on the NE corner next to N. Gym. and the tennis courts would have a hard wall put in and would be turned into two spaces, roughly a 60-40% split. 2) RSF Directors Report  (Steve) -  Fusion up and running including On-Line Portal!, Towel Policy Update;  James Shepherd, Club Sport Report:  Funding for Trainers/ Post season play; Maureen Michaud, and Outdoor Rec. Fee proposal/ ACT Fee Proposal, moving forward. 3)Senate Report  - Working on new options for Club Sport Funding and Steering Committee continues to work on an outdoor turf field.

Old Business:    1) Annual review of By-Laws and the Mission/Values/Goals Statement.  Passed: unanimously - Add Outdoor Programs, Correct spelling of By-Laws, Change Residence Hall Position to Outdoor Program Position and Outdoor Program seat is selected by the Outdoor Programs Director. 2) Should RSF change its name? - Several ideas were shared including: Recreation and Fitness, Campus Recreation, Recreational Services, and Recreation Services. 3) Action Item:  Everyone is to brainstorm and send any thoughts to Steve.   We will continue conversation next meeting. 

Next meeting:, Feb. 24, March 17 and April 21  all meetings 4:00PM,  RSF Conference Room

November 18, 2014

RSFAB Meeting Minutes. Maureen Michaud presentation on club sports fee increase. Fee now is $21.54, would be raised $2.00 to $23.54. Fee increase would allow for 1) Similar funding for club sports 2) Taking funding responsibilities from the Office of Activities and Engagement 3) Sport club allocation of funds 4) Funding for post season travel 5) Funding for athletic trainers and 6) Additional funds to non-sport clubs. The motion passed unanimously.

Stephen Erickson presents Fusion management software and describes hand scanning change. Steering committee for the rec sports facility moving focus to outdoor turf field. Next meeting will be 01/28/2015

October 7, 2012 and September 2012

Fitness Center Oversight Committee & Recreation Sports Advisory Board – Oversight met 10/7 and Rec Sports met last month per Eric.  The new functional training room is open and staffed with a personal trainer the room limited to 16.  ACT courses include basketball, rock climbing, bowling, billiards, etc. are available, summer maintenance completed include replacing the roof over the gym, floors in rooms A-D, new wall panel in the gyms, and other regular maintenance items.  Gym usage stats show 129 Montana residents and 140 non-residents.

HFC 12-12-2011

HFC met last week and we discussed room usage issues and repurposing an additional two racquetball courts.  One to convert into an Olympic Weightlifting area and the other to expand the climbing wall.

In terms of room usage we discussed sharing gym space with Intercollegiate Athletics after 6 p.m. in order to accommodate athlete training and academic schedules while also recognizing the need to have enough time for students involved in intramural sports.  Rec Sports is going to examine when their peak times are and compare that with information relative to when teams are traveling to see when Athletics would need the space.  No firm decision has been reached.

Olympic Weightlifting area:
Recreational Sports and Fitness is exploring the possibility of converting a racquetball court into an Olympic weightlifting area.  This area would be a supervised area that could likely accommodate about 14 people at a time and an estimated 30+ people per hour.  Matt Parks was on hand, and he anticipates that there would be consistent usage of this area throughout the day whereas racquetball courts are typically empty during non-peak hours.  Matt is in the process of gathering more detailed expenses relative to padded mats to cover and protect the existing floors, equipment, additional staffing, and to expand the door to make it wheelchair accessible.  Representatives from Facilities Services were on hand and advised that it would be best to update this area in a way that it could be converted back to a racquetball court in the event that there was a need to do so.

Climbing Wall Expansion
ASMSU has been working with Facilities Services and Rec Sports and Fitness to explore expanding the climbing wall into the adjacent racquetball court.  Aaron Britton from Facilities Services made a presentation detailing a potential design of the new climbing wall and the estimated costs to construct it.  Topics during this discussion included cutting a hole in the wall to connect each of the climbing areas, staffing, room usage for climbing vs racquetball, whether or not there would still be an adequate number of courts still available for racquetball and whether or not the room could still be converted back to a racquetball court should the need arise.

Rec Sports Advisory Board 11-30-2011
  • Rec Sports and fitness is working on removing the North Gym Fire Shutter.  This is a safety hazard for individuals using the North Gym.  The plan is to have the fire shutter and window removed and filled in.
  • Discussed the upcoming HFC oversight Committee Meeting December 12th and the request to change priority times for Intercolegiate Athletics use of Shroyer gym later than 6 p.m.
  • Kristen McFarland presented a proposal to make an obstacle course behind the stadium and track and field area.  The obstacle course would be available to gym members, and ROTC and could be used for “mudder” type races which include obstacles and mud pits.
  • There are an increasing number of club sport requests to bring in coaches who are unaffiliated with Rec Sports.  There is some concern about whether to allow outside coaches to teach courses to MSU students while using gym space.  Topics include, liability, coach certification (all trainers employed by rec sports are certified in their discipline)
  • Discussed title for the RSF Advisory Board governing document.
  • The next meeting will discuss possible increases to faculty and staff membership rates starting in FY 13.

November 16, 2011

As reported at the Staff Senate meeting. Eric reported they are working on a revision to the governing documentation and are developing a user’s wish list.

October 19, 2011

Recreation Sports Advisory Board 9/28 Board meeting was cancelled.  The Board is requesting a list of needs and wants for programs and equipment. Eric volunteered to represent classified staff on the recently formed Fitness Center Oversight Committee.

October 6, 2009

(Kathy' notes from RSFA) Made budget FYE 09, after budget cuts. Membership is good and steady. Well Awards for Faculty and Staff provided $50.00 coupon towards membership.  Will let you know later how many people used this benefit. New Cardio equipment has arrived.  25 pieces of new equipment including 6 treadmills, 6 spinning bikes, and 5 ellipticals. Daytime custodian now on staff. Hand sanitizer stations.

Discussion of MUS cost saving ideas: Campus going to a 4/10 work week, open 4 days a week. Closing university Dec. 20th-Jan 2nd, all building. We felt the Rec Sport & Fitness center needed to stay open for students and staff to use and only closing for short time periods for holidays.  

May 27, 2009

(at Staff Senate meeting) Kathy reported an increase to the locker fees but no increase in gym membership. MSU employees may still sign up for $50 discount on gym membership through the Well Awards for 2009-2010; deadline is June 30, 2009 for 2009/2010 program, via the web at ( wellness/wellMSU.html). MSU employees outside of the Bozeman area could get a gym discount they will need to contact Kelsey Rozell 994-6348 or [email protected].

April 22, 2009

(at Staff Senate meeting) Kathy Sobrepena reported that the $100 Well Award may increase to $150 in the future. Regarding the issue of youths using the gym, they will do a trial for children aged 15 and older to use the gym for the summer without parents present. They will also conduct a training program for gym use by youths.

October 22, 2008

(at Staff Senate meeting) Kathy Sobrepena reported that the climbing wall construction has been slighted adjusted to fit funding; installation will begin soon. Fifty classes are being offered this semester. The Board has faculty, and grad student vacancies.

April 23, 2008

(at Staff Senate meeting) Diane Helgeson reported on behalf of Kathy Sobrepena. Club sports (e.g. rugby and lacrosse) are voicing concern over field space availability.

March 26, 2008

(at Staff Senate meeting) Kathy Sobrepena reported that the students voted in favor of a $5 student fee (for fitness equiment). Meanwhile, the facility has now been secured such that members only have access to the building. It is not anticipated that fees (other than for lockers) will increase this year. A question was raised about the availability of the walking track in Romney Gym. Its status wasn't known for sure but, as an alternative, walking is permitted inside the fieldhouse.

May, 2007

We met the end of May discussing the new name of the new building. It will match the name of the department which is Recreational Sports and Fitness Center but with the name of Marga Hoseaus in front of the name. We had a walk through in April. The new building and it's available offerings will be very exciting. If anyone is interested in a walk-through, call Steve Erickson at the Recreational Sport and Fitness office. The completion date should be around Thanksgiving, 2007. The fees will not go up for Spring Semester 2008 but will probably go up the next Fall 2008.

April 11, 2007

The construction project has a tentative completion date of November l, 2007. The facility will open only when it is fully completed due to warranties. The new facility is reported to be outstanding and a walk-through will be slated for the committee either April 13th or April 20th.

The $5 fee increase was voted down by the student body. One reason that was heard was that they did not vote for it because they weren't sure what it was going to look like. So the student senator on the committee was thinking perhaps it could re-voted on next spring…

The committee was instrumental in renaming what was Intramurals - is now Recreational Sports and Fitness.

The committee also gets to recommend a new name for the facility/building. We have recommended "Marga Hosaeus Recreational Sports and Fitness Center" which will also tie in with the name of the department.

Due to the $5 fee increase being voted down, several pieces of equipment will NOT be available for use. So there may be a campaign to see if donations of money from Alumnus or anyone for purchasing of badly needed equipment. If you would like to donate or know someone who might be interested in donating, get in touch with Steve Erickson in Recreational Sports and Fitness.