Process for the Selection

of Staff Senate Committee Representatives


Introduction and Purpose:

The purpose of Process for the Selection of Committee Selection Representatives procedure is to provide staff representatives to all campus-wide committees requiring staff representation. Committees with an institutional focus are categorized as: a council which has a focus on governance, a committee which has an ongoing advisory function, a board which has a decision-making function, and a task force which has a specific charge to accomplish in a specified amount of time. Each Committee’s bylaws define the mission, areas of responsibility and membership including length of term and appointment process to the committee. Staff Senate’s philosophy is to maximize shared governance opportunities for staff employees, and to nominate candidate well suited to committee positions. Staff representative’s active participation in the work of the committee is key to providing Staff Senate with information critical to Senate participation in shared governance.


Staff Senate’s Process for the Selection of Staff Senate Committee Representatives, hereinafter referred to as Committee Selection Procedure, to service on councils, committees, boards, and task forces.


I. Eligibility. Committee representatives are appointed members of Staff Senate and fall under the guidelines of the Staff Senate bylaws. Appointed members
   represent the Staff Senate on campuswide committees and will be appointed according to each Committee’s bylaws. Appointed members must meet the
   following eligibility requirements: be a classified staff employee, union or union-exempt, of .5 FTE or greater who have completed their probationary period.

II. Time Commitment and Meetings. Appointed members must be willing to commit the necessary time and effort to participate in the committee’s work.
    Obtain their supervisor’s approval for committee participation as well as participation at Staff Senate meetings (i.e. time away from work, etc.). Understand
    the mission and area of responsibility of the committee. Have an interest in or experience regarding the purpose and goals of the committee. Be willing to
    engage in regular communications with Staff Senate.

III. Appointed Representative Responsibilities. Appointed members attend their scheduled Committee meetings and attend Staff Senate meetings.
      Representatives report issues of particular importance to Staff Senate’s attention during its regular monthly meetings or may request electronic
      communication, if urgent. Reporting may vary, be in the form of members’ impressions of meetings, and may be made by email, telephone or hard copy.
      Multiple members on a committee may coordinate their efforts and submissions. Appointed members are required to notify the Staff Senate office of
      absences and forward any reports to be presented at the Senate meeting.

IV. Advertising Openings. Staff Senate prepares a description of the vacancy or opening (the charge of the committee, time commitment, etc.) and circulates
     this to the classified staff via the classified listserv and mailings as appropriate. Additionally, vacancies shall be advertised on MSU Today. An exception to
     advertising openings is the MSU Retiree Association who will recommend a retired classified representative from their rank as described in the Staff Senate
     Retiree Membership Procedure.

V. How to Apply. Staff Senate provides a Staff Senate Committee Application Form available on the Senate web page for nominees to express an interest in a committee that has an open staff

VI. Interviewing and Selection. Staff Senate will review submitted applications to assure applicants meet the eligibility requirements. A Staff Senate Candidate
      Interview Committee (CIC) consisting of at least three Staff Senate members review committee applications. The CIC may narrow the number of candidates
      to be interviewed, if necessary. Arrange an interview schedule, interview candidates, and select the candidate whose abilities most closely match the
      Committee’s mission, areas of responsibility and are well suited to the committee goals and activities. The CIC will recommend the selected candidate for
      Staff Senate confirmation at the next earliest monthly meeting or request an e-vote, if the Committee has requested a swifter approval. Additional approval
      of the recommended committee candidate may be required according to each Committee’s bylaws.

VII. Notification of Appointed Representative. Following Staff Senate membership approval and any additional required approval, the Staff Senate office will
       contact the Committee’s Chair, providing contact information regarding the newly appointed Staff Senate representative to that committee. The successful
       candidate will be provided with a Staff Senate orientation packet, and the Staff Senate office will act as temporary mentor regarding Staff Senate
       procedures and interests. The appointed members name will be included in on the Staff Senate list to enhance each members’ familiarity with all
       constituent issues. Written notification will be provided to unsuccessful candidates.

VIII. Reappointment and Termination. Committee members may request reappointment to the committee they represent according to each Committee’s
         bylaws regarding length of term. Representation on committees may terminated in writing by either the Committee’s chair or individual representative at
         any time during their term.