To Become an Elected Representative

Each spring Staff Senate announces elected representative openings. All classified employees will receive an electronic or paper ballot asking them to nominate an employee they believe would be a great representative for the classified staff within their EEO category. Employees can also nominate themselves.

All nominees who have confirmed their willingness to serve, will be placed on the final ballot. Classified employees will then be able to cast their vote for the candidate they would like to be their representative.

Elected representatives begin their 3-year term in August of the year in which they were elected.

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To Become an Appointed Representatives

Staff Senate will provide notification whenever there is an opening on one of the committees they have representation on. There is no nomination or election process for appointed representatives.

Classified employees wishing to volunteer to represent classified staff by serving on a University council, committee, board, or task force, must submit a Committee Application to Staff Senate. An Interview Committee will interview each applicant and make recommendations to Staff Senate. Staff Senate will vote at their next meeting to confirm or decline the selected individual.

If you have any questions regarding how to become a Staff Senate representative, please contact the Program Coordinator.


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