In Attendance

Robert Eichenberger,               Ramie Pederson,                    Kasia Maison                                 Glen Steinhoff,
CSAC                                            MSU Benefits                          Class.Prof.. PCSUW, Planning     UFPB, Parking Appeals

Katelynne Cowart                     Wendy Minster                       Andrew Board                               David Reese,
Tobacco Free Task Force         Off Campus                             Skilled Craft                                   Budget Council

Blaine Taylor,                             Jared Zanieri,                          Keely Holmes,                                Katherine Owens,
Service Maintenance                Service Maintenance             UFPB-Public Arts                           Personnel Board, MUSSA

Dorie Seymour,                         Milana Lazetich,                      Jennifer Nesbitt,                           Todd Reuterdahl,
Clerical/Secretarial                    Tech/Paraprofessional         Rec. & Sports, MUSSA                  Service Maintenance 

Sarah Rieger,                             Candace Mastel,                     Katherine Owens,                         Dorie Seymour,
MSU Benefits                             PTAC, Class. Prof.                   Personnel, MUSSA                       Clerical/Secretarial

Ron Brekke,                               Steven Doner,                          Mark Magee,                                 Kerri Marx,
IUBC                                           Classified Prof.                         Outreach & Engagement            MSU Benefits


Joe Robbins,                              Gina Taylor,                               Lyle Williams,
Service Maintenance               Clerical/Secretarial                  Tech/Paraprofessional                Minutes taken by Lisa Hespen


Jared Zanieri,                             Glen Steinhoff,        
Service Maintenance                UFPB, Parking Appeals

 Staff Senate Minutes

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

SUB, Rm. #235

I.  Call to Order

  • The meeting was called to order by Chair Ramie Pederson.

II.  Approval of Minutes

  • Due to the joint meeting, there were no Minutes to approve.


III.  New Business

  • Guest Speakers:
    • Taylor Blossom, ASMSU President:  Taylor thanked staff for being so supportive of ASMSU initiatives.  ASMSU is currently working on the campus shuttle which has been in its pilot stage.  The shuttle is open to students and staff.  They hope to have a second shuttle starting which will go to Nopper.  ASMSU Senators will also be working at looking into student wages and a student union.  Staff Senators and Professional Council offered to help ASMUS in any way they can. 
    • Emma Folkerts, HEART Initiative & Ethical Procurement: Emily spoke to the senate regarding the HEART Initiative & Ethical Procurement which is working on eliminating the risk of funding operations who are known to have human rights and human trafficking violations within their supply chain.  The University of Michigan established this campaign and many universities are joining the cause.  This organization offers trainings and classes for community organizations regarding human trafficking and how procurement plays a role.  When discussion human trafficking, they are talking about slavery via labor, organs, sex, etc.  These include domestic servitude (nannies, maids, etc.), sweatshops; and sex (massage parlors and hotels).  This is a issue that is occurring in Montana, most recently Billings and Bozeman.  For more information on this matter, people can visit or contact [email protected].
    • UPD Parking: While UPD was not able to speak at the meeting, there was some discussion on the topic.  Parking will no longer be a “hunting” method.  If employees want a better guarantee of having a spot, they will have to pay a little more.  More information will be coming at the meeting next month.

IV.  MUSSA Information

  • The Staff Satisfaction Survey will be emailed soon, and Senators are asked to share it with there coworkers and promote it in any way they are able.

V.  Informational Items

  • PCSSR Committee Update: The committee held its initial meeting and are looking at options, including survey staff.  Members are also looking for any overlaps between the two organizations. It was noted that as an organization, members need to be very careful when approached about wages.  Staff need to know we are not allowed to discuss group wages and as an organization have no power when it comes to wages.  Members should also let employees who ask about wages know they should speak to a union rep if they have questions.  It was noted this would be a good time to make sure campus knows what Staff Senate/Professional Council can and cannot do.  There was some confusion about why we are still talking about a merger.  Some members thought a decision had already been made.  It was pointed out a decision was made to do joint meetings for a year as a test run and make a final decision after a year of meeting. 

VI.  Committee Reports

  • ASGL Association of Shared Governance Leaders (academic year) – Ramie Pederson/Erika Matsuda – did not meet.
  • Budget Council – David Reese/Martha Peters – Auxiliary Services, UPD, and UHP provided an overview of their organization’s budgets. Auxiliaries is a huge unit and are self-funded (i.e. do not take State funds).  The fieldhouse, ticket office, Residence Life, dining halls, culinary services are all part of Auxiliaries.  Auxiliaries took over the ticket office from Athletics a while back and get a small fraction of the revenue.  University Health Partners (UHP) provides free services for Athletics.  The parking unit funds itself from fees and tickets.  UPD takes a part of the revenue as well to cover their costs.  While UPD does get some state funding, it is not enough to fully fund the unit.  Snow removal is a huge and variable expense they have. 
  • CSAC Campus Sustainability Advisory Council – Robert Eichenberger/Micaela Young – Sustainibash will be taking place tomorrow.
  • MSU Benefits - Kerri Marx, Ramie Pederson, and Sarah Rieger & IUBC - Ron Brekke – It was noted the goal for the MUS Benefits pot is to have 300% in the pot which equates to about 6 months of claims and expenses. We are currently at over 450%.  Expenses and claims have not dropped like it was predicted which is why the fees have not come down.  They are looking at a 7% increase in costs/fees.  The program is currently doing well but we are not getting any more money from legislature, so the reserve will most likely be used up in 2 years.  Claims amounts increased again in FY18 with numbers reaching 8.9 million with a few months left in the FY.  Researchers are finding wellness programs are actually not bettering overall health of employees.  Senators expressed an interest in discussing these reports with members for the MUS Wellness program.
  • Outreach & Engagement Council – Mark Magee/Amy Stix – did not meet.
  • Parking Appeals – Glen Steinhoff/Erin Macdonald/Andrew Shepardson – did not meet.
  • PTAC Parking & Transportation Advisory - Candace Mastel/Jen Joyce – did not meet.
  • Personnel Board – Katherine Owens – did not meet.
  • Planning Council – Kasia Maison/Deborah Barkley – no report.
  • President's Commission on the Status of University Women – Kasia Maison/Yvonne Rudman – did not meet.
  • Recreational Sports and Fitness Advisory Board (academic year) - Jennifer Nesbitt – no report.
  • Space Management - Milana Lazetich/Betsy Asserson – The committee passed the following requests: (1) HR’s request to have professional development and ADA staff stay on campus. These employees are currently in Renne Library; (2) NCUR 2020 Program Coordinator will be housed for ~18 months along with a post-doctoral employee in Renne Rm 44.  Roughly 4800 undergraduates will be on campus to attend this event next spring; (3) temporary “accordion” wall in Sherrick Hall between 118 and 119 will be replaced with furniture/partition wall; (4) OIE will move to the 3rd floor of Montana Hall from Hamilton Hall after the elevator construction project is completed.  ORC will be moving the first floor of Hamilton Hall; (5) the Ag Ed Lab will move out of Cheever to BART farm.  Arts & Architecture will be able to use the Cheever space; (6) NAH would like to know who is responsible for clean-up in Inspiration Hall and conference room reservations.  The goal is to have a policy in place by fall. 
  • Tobacco Free Task Force – Katelynne Cowart – did not meet.
  • UFPB University Facilities Planning Board – Glen Steinhoff/David Kack – no report.
  • UFPB Public Arts Committee– Keely Holmes – no report.
  • University Council– Ramie Pederson/Erika Matsuda – President Cruzado thanked everyone for their help in the record-breaking Ground blessing ceremony. The Senate will be debating the infrastructure bill today, which includes funding for Romney Hall.  Hans Dierenfeldt from Mortar Board shared information about the national honor society.  President Cruzado was “tapped” into honorary membership.  Kellie Peterson spoke regarding amendments to the Film & Photography Policy.  HR spoke regarding the new benefits enrollment system.  The Know your MSU presentation was the MSU Caring for our Own (Co-op) Program with Brian King. 

VII.  Updates and Other Business

VIII.  Public Comment


Next Meeting:  May 15, 2019 9:00-11:00 a.m. in SUB Rm. #168

Meeting was adjourned.