In Attendance

Robert Eichenberger,                Mark Magee,                                   Ramie Pederson,                            Sarah Rieger, 
CSAC                                            Outreach & Engagement               MSU Benefits                                  MSU Benefits

Katelynne Cowart,                    Dorie Seymour                                 Candace Mastel,                            Glen Steinhoff,
Tobacco Free Task Force          Secretarial/Clerical                          PTAC; Classified Professional     UFPB, Parking Appeals

Blaine Taylor,                             Jared Zanieri,                                                                                             Minutes taken by Ramie
Service Maintenance                Service Maintenance                                                                                Pederson & Candace                                                                                                                                                                                 Mastel


Ron Brekke,                                Andrew Board,                                Wendy Minster,                              Todd Reuterdahl,
IUBC                                             Skilled Craft                                     Off Campus                                     Service Maintenance 
David Reese,                               Lyle Williams,                                   Kerri Marx,                                      Katherine Owens,
Budget Council                           Tech/Paraprofessional                   MSU Benefits                                 Personnel, MUSSA
Joe Robbins,                                Keely Holmes,
Skilled Craft                                 UFPB-Public Arts

 Staff Senate Minutes

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

SUB Rm. #233

I.  Call to Order

  • The meeting was called to order by Chair Ramie Pederson.

II.  Approval of Minutes

  • The October 17, 2018 Minutes were approved

III.  New Business

a.  Guest Speaker(s):

i.  Sara King, University Human Resources: Sara King spoke to the Senate regarding an IRS concern with the MUS health plan benefit reimbursement. Non-eligible employees or employees who fail to opt in or out of the plan based on their situation are the employees most affected.

It was also noted many employees miss their 30-day window to enroll their spouses.  Terry Leist, VP for Administration and Finance, has reminded all supervisors they are to be communicating rules of the plan to their employees right after they are hired.  UHR has also developed a presentation for supervisor as a refresher on their obligations when hiring a new employee. 

IV.  Old Business


V.  Committee Reports

  • Association of Shared Governance Leaders (ASGL), did not officially meet though the leaders did get together.
  • Budget Council (David Reese), not present.
  • Campus Sustainability Advisory Council (CSAC, Bob Eichenberger), the Health advancement has explained their campus food pantry.  It was noted Wilson Hall and the Plew Building are retro fitting their recycling and the Bicycle Friendly University has given MSU a bronze rating.  The Campus Tree Committee are cataloguing trees all around campus and the new dining hall uses some of the fruits from the trees, such as crabapples, for their sauces. 
  • MSU Benefits (Kerri Marx, Ramie Pederson, Sarah Rieger), no update.  
  • Outreach & Engagement Council (Mark Magee), the Outreach & Engagement Council received 17 applications for seed grants and the council met on the 23rd to vote on which 7 grants to move forward.  The winners were notified. 
  • Parking & Transportation Advisory Council (PTAC, Candace Mastel), changes to parking management were discussed, including online printing passes, improvements to signage, and scanning license plates to determine parking permits.  Senators suggested they update their website to communicate new programs like the LEV passes.  Senators also noted their seems to be an issue around the Quads with Bozeman ticketing vehicles with MSU passes while not ticketing vehicles without them.  It was suggested someone look into this issue.  
  • Planning Council (Kasia Maison), the new Strategic Plan will go into effect on January 1, 2019.  The Council will now look at which are the most important goals for the university.  One area of focus includes retaining the best faculty to maintain our university's education mission.  
  • The President’s Commission on the Status of University Women (Kasia Maison), the celebration of the 125 women for the anniversary of important women in history was discussed.  Ariel Donahue reported on diversity and inclusion.  In March, President Cruzado will hold an event focusing on sexual harassment.  
  • Recreational Sports & Fitness Advisory Board (Jennifer Nesbitt), did not attend the last meeting.  The next meeting will consist of a tour of the Lambert Turf Field.
  • Space Management (Milana Lazetich), did not meet.
  • Tobacco Free Task Force (Katelynne Cowart), did not meet.  
  • UFPB University Facilities Planning Board (Glen Steinhoff), a proposal by a student for a painted mural in Reid Hall was returned to the artist for some tweaking and hopefully the mural will be done over the holiday break.  The Board voted to allow adding furniture for hallways and potential collaboration with Arts and Architecture.  The Board further discussed UFPB membership to clear up representation online and add a Faculty Senate representative. 
  • UFPB Public Arts Committee (Keely Holmes)- not present.
  • University Council (Ramie Pederson)- the Nonemployee Appointment policy passed as well as the Safe Value Statement.  Chris Fastnow provided a presentation on the Strategic Plan.  The Know Your ASMSU presentor this month was Outdoor Recreation.  
  • Other: None


Jennifer Nesbitt advised Senators that MUSSA is working on finalizing their Strategic Plan.  It was noted by Senators that while upper administration received raises, non-union staff cannot even discuss the need for raises due to OCHE and BOR policy.  One Senator asked if there are incentives we can use to retain lower paid employees, such as free or discounted parking, to help with their lower salaries.  

VII.  Informational Items

VIII.  Public Comment


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, December 19, 2018 in SUB Rm. 233 (joint meeting with Professional Council)


The meeting was adjourned.