In Attendance

Robert Eichenberger,               Mark Magee,                                    Ramie Pederson,                           Lyle Williams,  
CSAC                                            Outreach & Engagement               MSU Benefits                                 Tech/Paraprofessional

Katelynne Cowart                      Wendy Minster                               Andrew Board                                Glen Steinhoff,
Tobacco Free Task Force          Off Campus                                    Skilled Craft                                     UFPB, Parking Appeals

Blaine Taylor,                              Jared Zanieri,                                   Kerri Marx                                      Keely Holmes, 
Service Maintenance                 Service Maintenance                      MSU Benefits                                 UFPB-Public Arts       

Steve Doner,                               Milana Lazetich,                               Jennifer Nesbitt,                            Todd Reuterdahl,
Class. Prof.                                  Tech/Paraprofessional                   Rec. & Sports, MUSSA                   Service Maintenance 

Gina Taylor,                                  Sarah Rieger,                                   Candace Mastel,                            Katherine Owens,
Secretarial/Clerical                      MSU Benefits                                  PTAC, Class. Prof.                           Personnel, MUSSA 

Joe Robbins,                                 Kasia Maison,         
Skilled Crafts                                PCSUW, Planning, Class.Prof.                                                    Minutes taken by Lisa Hespen                       


Ron Brekke,                                  David Reese,                                    Dorie Seymour,
IUBC                                              Budget Council                                Secretarial/Clerical

 Staff Senate Minutes

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

SUB, Rm. #233 

I.  Call to Order

  • The meeting was called to order by Chair Ramie Pederson.

II.  Approval of Minutes

  • The November 2018 and December 2018 minutes were approved with corrections to the list of those in attendance (some Senators did not sign in at the December meeting).  

III.  New Business

a.  Goals for the Coming Year:

i.  Professional Development: In keeping with the MUSSA Strategic Plan, Senators would like to ensure                Professional Development opportunities are available to classified and professional staff. In this vein, it was      noted with so many employees moving to locations off the main campus, it may become difficult for some        employees to attend trainings.  Those off campus would need to take an additional 30 minutes off work to        travel to and from trainings held on campus.  It was noted ASMSU is providing a bus route around campus        to help people get to locations off the main campus.  It was also suggested to try to add a WebEx option to        as many trainings as logistically possible.

ii.  Supervisor Evaluations: There was discussion regarding developing an annual evaluation for supervisors.       Staff Senate had tried to get something started a few years ago, but it morphed into something they didn’t         want, and it was dropped.  The goal is to develop an evaluation employees can use to evaluate their                   supervisors in order to communicate concerns and acclamations to those in executive positions.

iii.  Engagement: Senators would like to have a table at Catapalooza again to engage with students, staff, and         the community.

iv.  Scholarship Program: A fundraiser will need to be developed in order to keep the staff scholarship                    program going. This is an opportunity for Staff Senate to really help staff members.  A subcommittee will            be created to head the fundraising and another to review the applications that are received. 

IV.  Old Business

1.  MSUAF Discussion- The floor was opened for discussion regarding the MSUAF Staff Engagement Proposal.               Since there have been no changes to the proposal from when representatives from MSUAF came to speak with       Staff Senate, the matter was moved to a closed ballot vote.

V.  Committee Reports

  • Association of Shared Governance Leaders (ASGL)- did not meet.
  • Budget Council (David Reese)- not present.
  • Campus Sustainability Advisory Council (CSAC, Bob Eichenberger)- did not meet.
  • MSU Benefits (Kerri Marx, Ramie Pederson, Sarah Rieger)- The Wellness Incentives Program has begun and a new area on mindfulness, such as meditation, will be added.
  • Outreach & Engagement Council (Mark Magee)- did not meet.
  • Parking & Transportation Advisory Council (PTAC, Candace Mastel)- PTAC did not meet in December but met in November. Parking services is working on redeveloping their business models.  They would like to incorporate an on-demand system to get to the same level as other universities and while a vision was presented to PEC in the fall, this is a future project. Changes that are being looked into include no longer using hang tags, making the license plate reader more efficient, and paving the Fieldhouse parking lots.  ASMSU is heading the shuttle service around campus and next fiscal year parking services will contribute funds.  You can find the schedule online.  Eventually they would like to include a route for off campus locations. 
  • Planning Council (Kasia Maison)- Planning Council is looking at ways to align unit strategic plans with the university’s strategic plan. Each college/unit has a variety of goals and plans and these should align with the university’s mission and vision.  The ideal completion date is September 15th re: communications/alignment.  They are looking at the possibility of providing training. 
  • The President’s Commission on the Status of University Women (Kasia Maison)- Webinar was provided re: sexual harassment. The webinar was recorded and Kasia has a link.  There will be a spring event on sexual harassment on March 7th.
  • Recreational Sports & Fitness Advisory Board (Jennifer Nesbitt)- There is not a lot of new business. Took a tour through the turf field complex and the buildings.  The entrance is controlled by CatCard.  They are also looking into the possibility of getting a print station at this location. 
  • Space Management (Milana Lazetich)- did not meet
  • Tobacco Free Task Force (Katelynne Cowart)- did not meet
  • UFPB University Facilities Planning Board (Glen Steinhoff)- did not meet.
  • UFPB Public Arts Committee (Keely Holmes)- did not meet.
  • University Council (Ramie Pederson)- The new CHRO-Jeannette Grey Gilbert, was. Public comment will now occur at the beginning and end of each meeting.  Compensatory Time policy was passed as well as an update to the facility use manual.  All policies can be found on the website.  Kellie Peterson of Legal Counsel spoke re: the web accessibility policy.  The policy has been updated to reflect the accessibility guidelines.  Tami Eitle spoke regarding the Strategic Plan which will go to the BOR in March.  NWCCU will be sent a copy/report first advising it will be going to the BOR for approval.  Peter Birdhouse gave a presentation on nurse practitioners and the services they provide to at-risk communities.  Chris Fastnow spoke of the Strategic Plan and removing barriers and getting it in alignment. 
  • Other: None


  • MUSSA has been working on their strategic plan and submitted it, along with their Annual Report, to the BOR. They will now be working on a staff satisfaction survey in which they will use the same questions that were used in the previous survey in order to be able to measure changes.  Volunteers are needed in participating in the process.  The goal is to have representation from as many campuses as possible. 

VII.  Informational Items

VIII.  Public Comment


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, February 20, 2019 in LRES Conf. Rm. (Leon Johnson Rm. 325)


The meeting was adjourned at 10:13 a.m.