Staff Senate Minutes

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

9:00-11:00 a.m.

Strand Union Building, Rm. #168


In Attendance

Andrew Board,

Skilled Craft

Keely Holmes,


Sarah Rieger,

MSU Benefits

Ron Brekke,


Kasia Maison,

Classified Prof

Lyle Williams,


Milana Lazetich,

Tech/Paraprofessional, Space

Wendy McCarty,


Glen Steinhoff,

UFPB, Parking Appeals

Kerri Marx,

MSU Benefits

Jennifer Nesbitt,

Rec Sports

Dorie Seymour,


Candace Mastel,


Wendy Minster,

Off Campus

Joe Robbins,

Skilled Craft

Ramie Pederson,

MSU Benefits

David Reese,


Minutes Taken by Lisa Hespen



Deb Chiolero,

Classified Prof

Dave Clark,


Dagny Mest,


Guests:  Cathy Hasenpflug, Human Resources; Susan Alt, Employee & Labor Relations; and Leslis Taylor, Legal Counsel

I.  Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Chair Ramie Pederson.

II.  Approval of Minutes

The March 21, 2018 Minutes were approved.

III.  New Business

a.  Guest Speaker

Cathy Hasenpflug (Associate Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer), Leslie Taylor (Legal Counsel), and Susan Alt (Employee & Labor Relations) spoke to the Senate in regards to changes to the HR Policies, formally called “Policies & Procedures.”  Changes were categorized into three groups- major changes, minor changes, no changes.  Changes that were more than a word or two are categorized as “major”.  Most major revisions occurred in the benefits & leave section due to changes in the OCHE approved Administrative policy changes.  Due to changes in FLSA, there were also quite a few changes in the overtime/exempt policies. 

A total of 70 policies were reviewed by the committee.  Some of the changes that were highlighted are as follows:

Telework: includes employees working off campus or those that are required to regularly work away from campus, not employees who want to work from home.  Employees will require approval as well as a contract to telework.  This will also allow units to advertise for telework positions.

Leave: no one is losing any leave, only the wording is different.  It was further noted different positions have different guidelines and are dependent upon union agreements. 

Longevity: the chart showing longevity was altered to try to cut down on confusion.  There were no changes to the substance of the policy, only changed the chart to be more user-friendly.  It was further noted longevity is dictated by union contracts and the chart and policy are applicable only to non-union positions.

Relationship (Nepotism): terminology updated to reflect modern world (i.e. partners, business partners, conflict of interest, etc.)

Holiday Pay: there were no changes or revisions to the holiday pay (is still based on the Dept. of Administrative policies). 

Comp Time: the policy was revised to eliminate comp time use for overtime exempt employees (i.e. contract employees).  All contract employees get paid the same regardless of the hours worked.  This policy was not being applied across the board and the revisions are to keep practices the same throughout campus. 

There was much discussion regarding this change. Many contract employees used comp time to balance work/life ratio.  The reasoning behind the change was so this perk wasn’t used as a way to solve staff shortage problems, would be legally compliant, and consistent throughout units. 

These revisions will be presented to University Council on May 2nd for vote.  If passed it can be expected training and campus communications will occur June to August, with the changes taking affect August 15th

b.  Wendy McCarty’s Resignation

Wendy McCarty, appointed member of the Personnel Board, has resigned her position. Her appointment will be included in the upcoming elections.

c.  2018 Officers Elections

The following members were nominated for Chair and Vice-Chair:  Ramie Pederson, Candace Mastel, Keely Holmes, Sarah Rieger, and Kasia Maison.  Staff Senate will vote at the May meeting. 

d.  New location for Staff Senate Meetings

Staff Senate will start meeting in SUB Rm. 233 beginning in July. A list of meetings and locations will be posted on the Staff Senate website. 

e.  Information re: missing Staff Senate meetings

Ramie brought up discussion regarding the number of senators not attending meetings. If a member misses three or more consecutive meetings, according to the Bylaws, they can be asked to resign their seat.  The minutes will now list members who are absent at each meeting. 

IV.  Old Business

a.  2018 Staff Senate Elections Updates

Nomination polls will open on Monday, April 23rd and run until Friday, April 27th.  Final Ballots will open on Monday, May 7th and remain open until Friday, May 11th at midnight. 

V.  Committee Reports

  • Association of Shared Governance Leaders (ASGL)- did not meet.
  • Budget Council (David Reese)- Council voted re: Graduate School SIP-will add the fee for their electronic application system to their baseline budget, rather than having the Graduate School request funding every year. There was also discussion regarding the 2% reallocation as well as scope and role of Budget Council.    
  • Campus Sustainability Advisory Council (CSAC, Dave Clark)- not present.
  • MSU Benefits (Kerri Marx, Ramie Pederson, Sarah Rieger)- there will be no increases in health insurance premiums or deductibles. Reserves are currently at 400% (the goal is to be at 300%), which is why there will be no increases this year.  However, it is projected costs of claims will increase and without doing something to build up reserves, may see premiums and deductibles jump again like they did in FY15 in the coming years.    
  • Outreach & Engagement Council (Deb Chiolero)- not present.
  • Parking & Transportation Advisory Council (PTAC, Candace Mastel)- working on incorporating an initiative to lower overall emissions, including the following ideas: 1) employees who drive low-emission vehicles will receive a discount in their parking pass; and 2) those who bike to work can use the gym, free of charge, to shower.  Goal is to reach the platinum level. 
  • Planning Council (Keely Holmes)- Chris Fastnow, Director of Office of Planning & Analysis provided an update on the Strategic Plan. They discussed priority objectives for Planning Council as well as increasing diversity in the student body and increasing retention as a whole.  It was further noted they are looking at trying to have all course numbers across the MUS be similar to make it easier for students who are transferring from a MUS unit. 
  • The President’s Commission on the Status of University Women (Kasia Maison)- There will be an annual diversity symposium on April 29th, and they are requesting submissions for the HERstory highlights. Members were encouraged to nominate women who have made a difference in MSU’s history. 
  • Recreational Sports & Fitness Advisory Board (Jennifer Nesbitt)- shuffling around the men’s locker rooms due to a shortage of students’ lockers and abundance of faculty/staff lockers. Decided not to move forward with allowing advertisement in the gym.  The dedication for the new turf field will be held later today and construction on the climbing wall will resume in July. 
  • Space Management (Milana Lazetich)- the Committee voted to approve use of space in Harrison Dining Hall for instruction, which will be managed by the Registrar Office. There will be a “soft” opening of Harrison Dining Hall this summer with a grand opening being planned in the fall.  Temporary family care rooms will be added to Barnard and Cobleigh Hall, though these may become permanent.  The reconfiguration for the circulation desk at the library was approved.  Financial Aid offices will be moved to MT Hall and construction will take place on the east side of Montana Hall to make it ADA compliant, including updated restrooms and an elevator.  UIT and UBS will be moving to Nopper.  Space Management office is having issues with people being approved for moving/renovations and then not having the funds to make the changes.  They will be creating a new policy to address this issue. 
  • Tobacco Free Task Force (Peggy Lehmann)- not present.
  • UFPB University Facilities Planning Board (Glenn Steinhoff)- updating smoke free signs to tobacco free (WTF- We’re Tobacco Free).
  • UFPB Public Arts Committee (Keely Holmes)- did not meet.
  • University Council (Ramie Pederson)- Mark Ranalli was introduced as the new Dean of Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship. Kylar Clifton, ASMSU President, spoke regarding the Medical Amnesty Policy and the Council ultimately voted to pass the new policy.  Cathy Hasenpflug, Assoc. VP and Chief Human Resources Officer, Leslie Taylor, Legal Counsel, and Susan Alt, Employee & Labor Relations, spoke regarding the HR Policy Revisions.  The polices were created in 1984 and updated in 1992.  Due to changes in BOR and Department of Administration policies, our policies need to be revised to reflect the updates.  There are 8 new policies, 16 major revisions, and 8 polices that were retired.  Franke Wilmer gave an overview on Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).  Professor Ian van Coller was awarded a 2018 Guggenheim Fellowship. 
  • Other: Staff Senate Scholarship Committee (Keely, Deb, Sarah)- applications have been received and distributed.  The committee will be reviewing the applications and will meet to discuss winners. 


MUSSA Members will present to the Board of Regents at a breakfast meeting before the official BOR meeting. Representatives from all campuses will be in attendance. 

VIII.  Informational Items

MSU’s 125th Anniversary: May’s Focus is the College of Nursing.



Next Meeting:  May 16, 2018 9:00-11:00 a.m. in SUB Rm. #168


The meeting was adjourned.