Staff Senate Minutes

Wednesday, July 17, 2018

9:00-11:00 a.m. 

SUB, Rm #235


In Attendance

Andrew Board,

Skilled Craft

Keely Holmes,

UFPB-Public Arts

Sarah Rieger,

MSU Benefits

Robert Eichenberger,


David Reese,

Budget Council

Kasia Maison, PCSUW,


Milana Lazetich,

Tech/Paraprofessional, Space

Wendy Minster,

Off Campus

Glen Steinhoff,

UFPB, Parking Appeals

Mark Magee,

Outreach & Engagement

Jennifer Nesbitt,

Rec Sports

Katherine Owens,


Candace Mastel,


Dorie Seymour,


Jared Zanieri,

Service Maintenance

Ramie Pederson,

MSU Benefits

Joe Robbins,

Skilled Craft

Minutes taken by Lisa Hespen



Ron Brekke,


Kerri Marx, MSU


Dagny Mest,


Lyle Williams, Tech/Paraprofessional



I.  Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Chair Ramie Pederson.

II.  Approval of Minutes

The June 20, 2018 Minutes were approved (with corrections)

III.  New Business

a.  Guest Speaker

Mandy St. Aubyn and Suzi Taylor of the Carnegie Committee spoke to the Senate regarding the Carnegie Classification, a prestigious recognition.  MSU received this classification in 2010 and is now up for reclassification.  The Carnegie Committee is assessing how the program has been running and setting goals for the upcoming year.  The reclassification process involves data collection and documentation of important aspects of institutional mission, identity, and commitments which will be submitted to the Carnegie Foundation who will determine whether an institution qualifies for recognition as a community engaged institution.  The Carnegie Committee will be forming an advisory council and asks that those interested in serving contact Mandy.  Institutions have until April 15, 2019 to submit an application.  The Carnegie Foundation will announce the institutions receiving the classification in January of 2020.  Faculty, staff, and students are asked to submit stories regarding MSU community impacts to Jodie Delay.  For more information, please go to the following website:

b.  Webpage

Senators gave Lisa the okay to go through with her suggestions for updating the Staff Senate webpage.  Anyone with suggestions can contact her directly. 

c.  FY19 Guest Speakers

Senators discussed possible guest speakers for the FY19 year.  Suggested topics/units included Diversity, Sustainability, Budget Office, and Counseling & Psychological Services.  Senators may continue to submit suggestions to Lisa throughout the year.

d.  Planning Council Opening

Keely Holmes has completed her term with Planning Council and cannot renew.  Ramie opened the position to volunteers already serving on Staff Senate.  Anyone wishing to volunteer may contact Lisa.

e.  MUSSA Representation

Ramie invited Senators to serve as MSU’s representative on MUSSA.  Typically, the Staff Senate Chair and Vice Chair have served as the representatives.  Any Senator wishing to serve as the MUSSA representatives should contact Lisa. 

IV.  Old Business

a.  Catapalooza/Welcome Back Picnic

Lisa and Mark provided a status update on Catapalooza and the Welcome Back Picnic.  Lisa will send out a request for volunteers to serve at the booths later this month. 

V.  Committee Reports

  • Association of Shared Governance Leaders (ASGL)- did not meet.
  • Budget Council (David Reese)- did not meet.
  • Campus Sustainability Advisory Council (CSAC, Dave Clark)- was not present.
  • MSU Benefits (Kerri Marx, Ramie Pederson, Sarah Rieger)- nothing to report.
  • Outreach & Engagement Council (Deb Chiolero)- will meet next Thursday.
  • Parking & Transportation Advisory Council (PTAC, Candace Mastel)- did not meet. Chief Frank Parrish sent out a new parking regulations maps which included changes to some of the parking regulations.  The BOR allows for late charges to be assessed for fines paid late.  This late charge will increase from $5 to $10 and the grace period will be extended from 7 days to 10 days. 
  • Planning Council (Keely Holmes)- did not meet.
  • The President’s Commission on the Status of University Women (Kasia Maison)- did not meet. Continuing work on the 125th Anniversary HERstory showcasing women leaders and problem solvers.  A list of the women nominated can be found on the website. 
  • Recreational Sports & Fitness Advisory Board (Jennifer Nesbitt)- did not meet.
  • Space Management (Milana Lazetich)- did not meet.
  • Tobacco Free Task Force (vacant)- did not meet.
  • UFPB University Facilities Planning Board (Glenn Steinhoff)- did not meet.
  • UFPB Public Arts Committee (Keely Holmes)- did not meet; next meeting will be next Friday.
  • University Council (Ramie Pederson)- did not meet; will reconvene in September.
  • Other: None


a.  Nothing to report.

VII.  Informational Items

a.  The first joint meeting of Professional Council and Staff Senate will be in September.

VIII.  Public Comment


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, August 15, 2018 in SUB Rm. 168


The meeting was adjourned.