Staff Senate Minutes

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

9:00-11:00 a.m.

SUB, Rm #168


In Attendance

Andrew Board,

Skilled Craft

Keely Holmes,

UFPB-Public Arts

Constantine Vorobetz,

Classified Prof.

Robert Eichenberger,


Katelynne Cowart,

Tobacco Taskforce

Kasia Maison,

PCSUW, Planning

Milana Lazetich,

Tech/Paraprofessional, Space

Todd Reuterdahl,

Service Maintenance

Lyle Williams,


Mark Magee,

Outreach & Engagement

Taylor Blaine,

Service Maintenance

Katherine Owens,


Candace Mastel,


Dorie Seymour,



Ramie Pederson,

MSU Benefits

Joe Robbins,

Skilled Craft

Minutes taken by Lisa Hespen



David Reese,

Budget Council

Wendy Minster,

Off Campus

Jennifer Nesbitt,

Rec Sports

Sarah Rieger,

MSU Benefits

Glen Steinhoff,

UFPB, Parking Appeals

Jared Zanieri,

Service Maintenance

Kerri Marx,

MSU Benefits

Dagny Mest,



I.  Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Chair Ramie Pederson.

II.  Approval of Minutes

The July 18, 2018 Minutes were approved

III.  New Business

a.  Guest Speaker(s)

Rebecca Gleason and Dani from the Western Transportation Institute (WTI) spoke to Staff Senate regarding the Bozeman Commuter Project.  This Project is in partnership with the City of Bozeman to promote commuting options such as Streamline buses, walking, biking, carpooling, etc.  The committee created a questionnaire and received 1800 responses from employees working around Bozeman regarding their commuting habits.  The group is currently trying to establish van pools for employees travelling to work from surrounding towns such as Livingston, Three Forks, etc.  Enterprise would provide free van pools for MSU employees to commute to and from work during this initial testing stage.  If a permanent system is established, there will be a fee.  Employees can visit for more information regarding commuting options.   Staff Senate will also provide links and information on their website.  

b.  MSUAF Staff Engagement Plan

There was some discussion regarding the Alumni Foundation’s Staff Engagement Plan.  Said plan would allow the Foundation to send out solicitations for donations and event notifications to MSU employees by gaining access to information in Banner.  When the Foundation first spoke with Staff Senate, Senators raised the concern over data stewardship/security.  The Foundation has now gone through UIT and a data steward has signed off on the project.  Another concern of Staff Senate is employees being sent more mail/emails and having to opt out of one more thing they don’t want to be included in.  Chris Murray of MSUAF will be an upcoming guest speaker and will provide more information on this subject. 

c.  New Representatives

Kasia Maison will replace Keely Holmes on the Planning Council. Keely will continue her position as the appointed representative on the UFPB-Public Arts Committee.

IV.  Old Business

a.  Catapalooza/Welcome Back Picnic

More volunteers are needed to sign up to work these events. 

b.  Joint Meeting w/ Professional Council

The first joint meeting will be on September 19th, 2018 and the guest speaker will be from Counseling Services and will be discussing mental health and suicide prevention.  The next joint meeting will be in December. 

V.  Committee Reports

  • Association of Shared Governance Leaders (ASGL)- did not meet.
  • Budget Council (David Reese)- did not meet.
  • Campus Sustainability Advisory Council (CSAC, Bob Eichenberger)- CSAC received a funding request for Net to 0 Conference, which was granted. There was a demonstration of a Corn Cob Retrofit LED light fixture, which will generate $14,000 in savings.  MSU is working on becoming a “B” rated campus and if we are successful MSU will be the first “B” campus in Montana.  Beta testing has begun for compost operations and MSU is now working with the City of Bozeman.  The first year produced 150,000 pounds of compost and by including the City this number is likely to reach 400,000 pounds.  The goal of the project is to eliminate all food waste on campus.   
  • MSU Benefits (Kerri Marx, Ramie Pederson, Sarah Rieger)- not present.
  • Outreach & Engagement Council (Mark Magee)- Mandy St. Aubyn spoke to the group regarding the Carnegie designation. The topic of seed grants was also discussed- provide fewer grants in larger amounts or more grants with fewer amounts? 
  • Parking & Transportation Advisory Council (PTAC, Candace Mastel)- did not meet.
  • Planning Council (Keely Holmes)- did not meet.
  • The President’s Commission on the Status of University Women (Kasia Maison)- did not meet.
  • Recreational Sports & Fitness Advisory Board (Jennifer Nesbitt)- did not meet.
  • Space Management (Milana Lazetich)- did not attend.
  • Tobacco Free Task Force (Katelynne Cowart)- did not meet.
  • UFPB University Facilities Planning Board (Glen Steinhoff)- did not attend.
  • UFPB Public Arts Committee (Keely Holmes)- This committee has added an administrative support person to assist them. There was discussion regarding an art contest to design the 10 x 20 panels located on each level of the Norm Asbjornson building.  It is unknown if the installation will be 3D, sculptures, or something else.  There was also discussion of changing the art every other year.  Students whose art is chosen to display are typically not paid, they typically receive only enough funds to cover the costs of their supplies.  There was discussion around paying students for art pieces used on campus.  It was noted they have the budget to pay students.  There was dialog regarding proper lighting and signage for art pieces as well as polices regarding maintenance, repair, and ownership.  In regard to the latter, the committee would like to update the outdated polices.  The committee also discussed placing descriptive signage on art pieces around campus and placing more benches around campus and having said benches also serve as art pieces. 
  • University Council (Ramie Pederson)- did not meet.
  • Other: None


Jennifer Nesbitt and Katy Owens are the new MUSSA representatives for Bozeman. MUSSA is working on putting together a Strategic Plan and UM is working on a new program called First Generation.   

VII.  Informational Items

Ramie requested everyone take a look at the HR Policies that will be presented to University Council in September.  The link to the polices can be found on the University Council website.

VIII.  Public Comment


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, September 19th, 2018 in SUB Rm. 168


The meeting was adjourned.