This award is given to a student who embodies leadership, citizenship and community involvement, demonstrating these characteristics through their achievements and work towards social justice.

Award Criteria:

Nominations can be submitted by individual employees (including supervisors, direct reports and peers of the nominees), students, university departments, and units. Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstration of emerging or sustained commitment to the values of diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism by documented efforts that are above and beyond the routine.
  • Leadership – Recognizing individuals who are leaders though influence and example, inspiring those around them and contributing to their communities and the university. (Not solely confined to traditional definitions of leadership.)
  • Achievement – Accomplishments both in and outside of the classroom, not GPA. For example, a student could have demonstrated excellence through an outreach project or through research that illuminated an important issue within the community.
  • Citizenship – Students who have made important contributions that benefit the entire university community. Their work has transcended organizational boundaries. They have fostered cooperation and collaboration between the university and its constituents to better serve the campus community. These individuals have committed their time and energy to working with others to improve and enhance MSU as a whole.
  • Involvement in the community demonstrating investment and engagement within MSU’s community and beyond.