Montana State University is committed to a carbon neutral future.  We use these documents to guide next steps and make sure we stay on track.


Sustainability Plan

The Sustainability Plan was written by MSU's Campus Sustainability Advisory Council (CSAC) in 2020 and guides university operations in sustainable decision making and actions.  The Plan sets goals and defines metrics and required actions for a diverse and comprehensive set of campus functions, including transportation, social justice, and investments. 

Universities are uniquely poised to develop a sustainable world through their operations and through their ability to create and transfer knowledge to our students and our community.

MSU Sustainability Plan

The Sustainability plan is our road map towards a just, healthy, and sustainable future.  The Plan is currently under final review (June 2020) but will be available on the CSAC webpage.

Transportation Master Plan

MSU’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP) was completed in March of 2017 and acts as a strategic guide for improving transportation solutions around campus and in the greater community for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The goal of the TMP is to improve access to the community while maintaining the quality of the campus environment and minimizing the financial risk to MSU. The TMP was prepared by Robert Peccia and Associates in association with Alta Planning and Design, the Western Transportation Institute, and Montana State University. View the MSU Transportation Master Plan.

Bicycle Master Plan

The vision of the MSU Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) is to create a campus environment where bicycling is a safe, convenient, and comfortable transportation option for students, employees, and visitors. The University aims to be a leader in bicycle friendly policy and programs, encouraging respectful riding, and building cycling infrastructure so that all community cyclists can find joy and safety while riding. The BMP was completed in 2017 and prepared by Alta Planning and Design in association with the MSU Bicycle Task Force.  View the MSU Bicycle Master Plan.


The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System (STARS) Report

 The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System™ (STARS) is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance. The STARS program acts as a sustainability assessment for the entirety of campus, providing a metric system for each component of campus operations and living. These metrics serve to monitor growth and improvements through a recognized, and peer reviewed process. STARS enables meaningful comparisons, incentivizes continual improvement, and facilitates the sharing of information. The MSU Office of Sustainability maintains and updates this assessment every year to ensure that the University continues to improve on it's sustainability goals. Explore MSU's STARS report and the sustainability characteristics that give the University a Silver Rating.