Some classes at MSU require a specific math placement. MSU utilizes these standards to ensure students have the math skills necessary to succeed in their program of study.

Most students can obtain math placement through the EdReady Initial Math Placement (ERIMP). The ERIMP may be taken anywhere-with-internet and does not require a test center appointment.

Whenever possible, students should attempt the ERIMP before MPLEX. Students who are satisfied with their EdReadyplacement do not need to take MPLEX. Students who wish to confirm or challenge their EdReady placementmay choose to also take MPLEX.

For questions about the EdReadyInitial Math Placement, email [email protected].

The MPLEX is an adaptive test that responds to student answers on a series of multiple choice questions to determine their math placement. The MPLEX is untimed, and most students finish within 60 – 90 minutes. Students receive their MPLEX results immediately after finishing the exam.