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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) (back to menu) 

THH's rapid response technical assistant, Dr. Joe Ponessa, gets some great questions from all around the country. Click on the links below to read about the issues affecting your peers. Be sure to contact Dr. Ponessa at the email or phone number below with any questions or concerns of your own.

Table of Contents
IAQ: Mystery Odor 
Tsartlip First Nation Success Story
Radon in the Home
High Relative Humidity and Window Condensation 
Moisture in Crawl Space 
Plants and Indoor Air Quality 
Invasive Fungus
Vapor Barrier & Insulation in Crawlspace 
Lead and Children 
Chimney Moisture Problem
Cooking Smell in Home 
Mold on Down Coats
Important Press Release Regarding Space Heater Purchase
Testing for Mold 
Getting Rid of Roach Smell
Lead Pipes

Sweating Windows
Odor from Air Conditioning Ducts
Asbestos "Popcorn" Ceiling 
Energy Recovery Ventilator
Follow-up Comments Regarding Use of Bleach to Kill Mold 
Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Kill Mold 
Testing for IAQ
Condensation in Crawl Space 
More FEMA Trailer Information 
Carpet Bleaching in High Traffic Areas
Reduction of Formaldehyde in FEMA Trailers

Mold Stains on Siding
Sewage Smell in Basement
Yellowish Stains on Bathtub
Moisture Readings After Flood

Rapid Response Technical Assistance (back to menu) 
National Tribal Healthy Homes is proud to offer Rapid Response Technical Assistance to those living on Indian lands.

Now you may correspond with or speak directly with an established housing professional about any problems you may be experiencing with your home or property. This professional will listen and view photos and/or videos and will aid in diagnosing problems and offer guidance in any necessary repairs or maintenance. Please feel free to contact our rapid response professional during normal business hours.

Dr. Joseph Ponessa
Professor Emeritus, Housing, Indoor Environment and Health 
Rutgers University

Home Office: 215 Locust St., Moorestown , NJ 08057 
Phone: (856) 235-6376 

Dr. Ponessa has been professionally involved with issues of mold, building moisture problems and building science for more than 25 years, and has both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in these subjects.

He has written for Fine Homebuilding magazine, among others, and has provided teaching on these and related issues for the Alliance for Healthy Homes, the New Jersey Lung Association, and the New Jersey Departments of Health and Human Services and Community Affairs. Service has been rendered to local health departments with statewide training on building mold and moisture problems, with specific help provided to several municipalities following Hurricane Floyd. He was involved in the revision of the book Basic Housing Inspection, developed by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development for the Centers for Disease Control, and authored a chapter in the National Association of Home Builders' training manual for builders and remodelers on indoor air quality. Ponessa was one of the six founding members of the EPA-funded Healthy Indoor Air for America 's Homes project, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. Curricula and training have been adopted by some 40 states and two territories, using the Cooperative Extension system to provide indoor environmental information to the public and a wide variety of professionals.

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