Photo of President Cruzado along side TRIO students

Purpose of the Birtic Book Loan Program

College textbooks are expensive. Most students consider the cost of tuition and room and board, but few consider the cost of textbooks. Students are almost always paying for their textbooks from their own pocket. This takes away need resources to cover living expenses such as housing, food, and other expenses. For this reason, George Birtic wishes to establish the Birtic Book Loan Program to help students in a way that very few other programs do. George would like to lessen this burdenby providing funding to help students defray the cost of their textbooks.

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Personal Info
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Financial Demographics
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Application Requirements
In a paragraph or two please explain your financial situation and why would need this book loan.
What courses are you taking and need books for?
Have you scheduled a meeting with the Office of Financial Education this semester?
If you have scheduled a meeting with the Office of Financial Education when is/was the meeting?