MSU Energy Strategy

Campus energy strategy

Learn about the fundamentals of the MSU energy strategy: reduce, reuse and reclaim.

MSU Energy Strategy


Campus Utility Tunnels

Campus utility tunnels

Take an underground tour of the MSU utility infrastructure, including two miles of tunnels below campus

MSU Tunnel Tour


NAH Building Electrificiation

NAH Building Electrification

Learn about MSU’s approach to constructing buildings of the future, including electrification and incorporation of renewable energy.

Norm Asbjornson Hall Systems

Romney Hall Renovation Part 1: Introduction

Romney hall reno part 1

Learn about the transformation of historic Romney Hall, originally constructed in 1922 as the MSU gymnasium.

Romney Hall Rennovation Part 1: Introduction

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Geothermal Bores

Geothermal Bores

MSU is committed to using low carbon energy systems. There are currently 300 bores throughout the campus, with the most recent reaching 700 feet in depth

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor LIghting

MSU has replaced approximately 1000 outdoor lights with highly efficient LED fixtures. The new LED lights save approximately $100,000 per year.



MSU has installed photovoltaics at the Strand Union Building (1kW), Norm Asbjornson Hall (214kW) and American Indian Hall (70 kW) as part of the campus commitment to renewable energy.

Transpired Solar Collectors

Transpired Solar Collectors

Transpired solar collectors (solar walls) are used on Cooley Laboratory, Jabs Hall, Yellowstone Hall, Rendezvous Dining, Norm Asbjornson Hall and Romney Hall. THese collectors capture solar energy and are used to preheat fresh air for the buildings.

Water Conservation

Water Conservation

MSU water savings projects have reduced water use on campus by approximately 26 million gallons per year resulting in savings of over $180,000 each year.


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ASHRAE High Performing Buildings

Montana State University’s (MSU) campus in Bozeman, Montana, has become a living laboratory to test building technologies that will achieve low carbon operation:

MSU Campus

Case Study for Innovative Energy Efficiency Strategies

MSU was featured as a case study in report highlighting innovative energy efficiency strategies:

Innovative Energy

Mountains & Minds

Norm Asbjornson Hall is one of the biggest steps yet in MSU’s effort to conserve resources:

Reinventing Energy

Other MSU News Releases

New geothermal system for Romney Hall to be one of MSU's biggest energy conservation projects:

Romney Hall Geothermal

MSU's Norm Asbjornson Hall receives national recognition as LEED 'Platinum' building:

LEED Recognition

MSU’s Jabs Hall receives national recognition as LEED ‘Gold’ building:

JABS Leed Recognition