Engineering Guidelines

The Engineering & Utilities department recognizes the importance of clearly communicating general campus information, design concepts and building requirements to key participants involved in the design and construction of engineered systems. The Engineering Guideline document is intended to promote discussion and coordination between consultants, contractors and MSU personnel.

The current version of the Engineering Guidelines is dated 04/05/2024. For a copy, please contact Megan James: [email protected].


Primary Electrical Distribution Guideline

The MSU Primary Electrical System Design Criteria document outlines the minimum design criteria for new additions, modifications, or extensions of the 15 kV primary electrical distribution system at Montana State University. Secondary electrical equipment and facilities are not included.

The current version of the Primary Electrical System Design Criteria is dated 03/25/2021. For a copy, please contact Megan James: [email protected].


Fire Alarm Specifications

The MSU Fire Alarm specification document is maintained by MSU-Bozeman. Consultants are encouraged to review and use this specification in coordination with information in the Engineering Guidelines.

The current version of the Fire Alarm Specification is dated 05/17/24. For a copy, please contact Tony Collyard, MSU Fire Technician Foreman: [email protected].


Water Quality Reports

The 2023 Water Quality Reports for MSU-Bozeman can be viewed and/or downloaded using the links below. They include information about the water delivered to campus every day. MSU-Bozeman’s drinking water meets or exceeds all applicable federal and state requirements. The water system for MSU-Bozeman had zero violations for 2023.

Through a cooperative effort between MSU-Bozeman and the City of Bozeman, all required monitoring and reporting is conducted by the City of Bozeman Water Treatment Plant operators to ensure that MSU-Bozeman’s drinking water is safe and reliable. Our goal continues to be to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water.