Congratulations, your files have been successfully moved to OneDrive. Find out what you need to know as well as understand the steps to take after the transition.

A validation report will be created for each user. It will show the counts for the files and folders migrated. Additionally, SkySync will also provide a flagged item report to show all items that were not able to be migrated. The validation and flagged item reports will go to users once the migration process is done.

Data will be moved into a new folder in users’ OneDrive accounts. Folder structure from Box will be maintained underneath the primary folder for OneDrive. This includes group-shared data.

Internal Collaborators

Internal MSU collaborators can see all shared files that have been shared with them in OneDrive or SharePoint under the "Shared With You" tab.

The "Shared With Me" tab will show all files and folders that are specifically shared to the user in OneDrive, no matter if the files and folders are originally stored in OneDrive or SharePoint.

External Collaborators

External collaborators will need to have links re-shared to them from OneDrive or SharePoint. Although permissions will be migrated and collaborators will continue to have access, users will need to resend an invitation through OneDrive or SharePoint.

If an external collaborator is already a Guest in our MSU Tenant, anything shared with that external user will show in their MSU Guest account under "Shared With Me". If the association is not yet made, an invitation token will be generated. These invitations show up under “Site Settings → Access Requests and Invitations”. The user can then resend one to the external account to start the invite process. Once the invitation is accepted, they will all appear under “Shared With Me”.

If the Box collaborator is not in our tenant already, then it would send the invite link, just as it would if I were adding them manually for the first time.

For more information or questions visit the FAQ website. If a question is not listed, email [email protected].

Retain a Box Account

Your MSU Box account can be converted to a free individual Box account after April 1, 2022 for the purpose of collaborating with non-MSU entities on non-MSU-owned data. 

Submit a request to [email protected] by March 30, 2022, to be eligible for conversion.

Your new individual account will contain your external shares but no previously existing data you owned or data shared by another MSU account.

You will no longer login with your netID, this would be a login managed by you as a personal password. 

All MSU Owned data must be removed from your account, which should have occurred as part of the standard data migration. 

The account will have a 10GB storage limit

All groups are removed

If you have not requested to retain a Box account by March 30, 2022, your account and all data in it will be deleted. You will be able to make a new Box account after this point, but it would be a new account with no data, shares, collaborations etc. 

OneDrive Sync

With OneDrive, you can sync files between your computer and the cloud, so you can get to them from anywhere.

If you had OneDrive Sync already installed, the new files/folders coming over from Box will get picked up, almost instantly.

What does not sync, is the Shared  area. The sync only grabs what is in My Files (with the exception of Desktop/Documents/Pictures on a windows machine)

More information on OneDrive Sync can be found here: