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BeginningMarch 2022, MSU will no longer support the online storage site Box.

What is UIT doing right now to prepare for this migration?

April 21, 2021 - SKYSYNC has been selected by the Box Transition RFP Committee as the preferred vendor to partner with UIT in the migration of the Box data. Work will soon begin to develop and implement the migration plan.

Why does UIT need to engage with a vendor to migrate that data? Isn't it as simple as drag and drop?

Don't we wish it was that simple? 😄

A simple drag and drop does not do things like bring over collaborators on the folders, various versions of files, Box Notes, and many more hidden attributes of the data stored in Box. By engaging with the right vendor, we can tap into their experience with migrations and, combined with our expertise and knowledge of our infrastructure, develop a migration plan that ensures all of the necessary items move over. Partnering with a vendor will also guide us to move data promptly instead of transferring one individual account at a time.

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No, you do not have to switch right now. In fact, we encourage you not to move your data quite yet. UIT is working to find a vendor that will help support a proper migration plan to ensure data is moved appropriately.

Maybe you and/or your team do not have very much data, or are not concerned with bringing over all the versions or current collaborators from Box. UIT continues to encourage users to wait until we have had an opportunity to discuss options with the new vendor. 

  • Review what Box folders you are currently a collaborator on determine if you need to remain on that.
  • Review the collaborators on folders you own and update as applicable.
  • Review the Learn more about Collaborating using Microsoft 365 list of tutorials


Box to OneDrive Transition HowTo videos

Box Reports folder in your Box folder area contains:

  • Box Shares report, list of collaborators on folders you own.
  • Box Shared Links report: list of files or folders that have a shared link and the expiration date. 

Visit the Box Transition Resource page to learn about the Microsoft 365 cloud storage options available.

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