Box can be integrated to work with Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams. The integrations with each app differ in the functionality they offer. 

  • Teams has an "Add cloud storage" option which enables Box folder(s) to be added to your team's Files and directly accessed.
  • On Webex Teams, the Box integration allows notifications to be set up on specified Box files or folders so that they will be displayed within a Webex Teams space along with a link to file or folder.  

Instructions for setting up Box integration with Teams and Webex Teams continue below.

Microsoft Teams logo.Add Box Folders/Files to Microsoft Teams Files

  1. Open Teams and click the team/channel you will be adding Box storage.
  2. Click the Files tab and then click + Add cloud storage.
    Screenshot of the Add cloud storage link on Teams.
  3. Click Box.
    The selections shown after click the  Add cloud storage link, with the Box selection circled.
    You will now need to log into and grant access to Box.
  4.  Follow prompts in grant access to Box (for detailed info, refer to steps 6-9 in Webex Teams section below). 
  5.  Select the Box folder and click Add folder.

Your folder will now be available in your team files.  
Screenshot showing Box folder in teams Files.
To remove folder, click the more ••• icon and select Delete.

To add another folder, click the Add cloud storage button and repeat process.


Image of Cisco Webex Teams icon/logo. Setting up a Webex Teams/Box Integration

Currently unavailable. Check back soon.

  1. Go to the Webex App Hubb, and click the Webex Teams tab.

  2. Locate and then click on Box.

    The Webex Teams - Box integration page opens.

  3. Click the blue How to add to a space button and follow prompts.
    (If the How to add Box to space button is grayed out, click the log in button in upper-right of screen to log in. Enter your address when prompted. After logging in you'll be redirected back the integrations page where you can repeat step 2 and click button again.)
    Screenshot of Box on the Webex App Hubb integration page and the How to add to a space button.
  4. Click the Copy to Clipboard link and then click OK.
  5. Open Webex Teams.
  6. Open the  space where you'd like to use Box, click the grid icon in upper-right corner of window and then click People.
  7. Click Add people and then paste bot address from your clipboard by pressing:
    Control V on Windows
    Command V on Mac

    The bot will be added and a new message will appear in message window with instructions for activating (also detailed in the following steps).
  8. Press the @icon in the send message field, select the Box bot, next type manage and hit return.
  9. Click on the reply message from Box.  this will open the separate chat window.
  10. Click link as directed.
  11. Follow prompts to activate.
  12. Log in with [email protected] and password.
    MSU Login page requiring for sign in name.
    The Box integration page reopens.
  13. Click the blue Add button.
    Screenshot of the add button.
    The Box login window opens prompting "Log in to grant access to Box"
  14. Click the Use Single Sign On (SSO) link.
    Screenshot showing Box login with Single Sign On Link
  15. Enter your email address (an or and click blue Authorize button.
    Screenshot of email field and Authorize button.
    The MSU log in window s opens.
  16. Enter your NetID and Password.
  17. Click the Grant access to Box button.
    Screenshot of the Grant access to Box window.
    Configure Box:
  18. Select the Folder/Files by clicking the down arrow (shown circled in red), that you'd like to receive notifications for in Webex Teams.  Note: selecting sub folders/files is optional.

    Screenshot of how to select the Box folder or file you'd like to connect with on Spark.
  19. Check the box(es) next to the actions for which you would like to receive notifications for in Webex Teams*.
    If your screen isn't displaying all of the boxes/selections shown below narrow the width of your browser window and they'll appear.  
    Screenshot showing the file/folder actions with boxes to select for notificatoins
  20. Select the Webex Teams space in which you'd like the notices to appear.
    Naming the configuration is optional.
    Screenshot showing the field and dropdown arrow where you select your Spark space.
  21. Click the Add button. 

Your integration is now complete.

*For example,  if you would like to receive notifications in Webex Teams when anyone comments on your "Test Folder" you'd select the folder from the Folders/Files dropdown, you'd check the Comment box and then choose the Webex Teams space where the notification should be displayed.   

Edit or Delete Integration

Go to Cisco Webex  App Hub and Box integration.  If you are not already signed into Webex Teams, click the Log in button in upper-right corner of window and then sign in using your [email protected] and password.  After logging in you'll be taken back to integration page and your Box integration(s) will be listed.  Click x to remove or edit to make changes to the integration.  

See Connect Your Tools and Automate Tasks for more information on Webex Teams Bots and Integrations.

Example of how Box Integration is displayed in Webex Teams space

The screenshot below shows how notifications look in Webex Teams. In addition to the notification there will also be a direct link to the file or folder in Box. 

NOTE on PERMISSIONS: Only those who you've already given permission to view the file or folder in Box will be able to view or interact with the file according to the permission level granted.  A person in your Webex Teams space who hasn't been given permission will receive a notice of "file or folder not found" when he clicks on the link. 

 screenshot showing the notification text in spark space.