Use the instructions below to help locate the IP address, computer name, and MAC address on your Mac desktop or laptop.

NOTE on Names:  As you'll see below, a Mac's computer name is referred to as NetBIOS name.  In addition, the MAC  in MAC address* stands for Media Access Control and not Macintosh.

*On older OS versions the Mac Address will be referred to as Ethernet ID.

To find IP address:

  1. Open the Apple menu by clicking the Apple icon icon in the top left corner of display. Select System Preferences (see image below).
    Screen shot showing Apple menu opened and the System Preferences link.
  2. Click the Network icon (see image below).
    Screenshot showing opened system preferences window and blue globe network icon.
  3. Make sure Ethernet (or Thunderbolt Ethernet) is selected in the left sidebar. Your IP address will be displayed in field on right (see red box in image below).
    Screenshot of Network window opened showing ip address.

To find computer name:

Continuing from the Network window shown above (steps 1-3)

  1. Click the Advanced button (see red circle in image above).
  2. Click the WINS tab (see image below),  the NetBIOS name is your computer name (circled in red below).
    Screenshot showingn WINS tab opened and NteBIOS Name which is also your computer name.

To find MAC address

Continuing from location above:

  1. Click the Hardware tab to find your computer's MAC Address.
    Screenshot of the Hardware tab (found by clicking the advanced button located on the main Network preferences panel) under which a computer's MAC address will be listed.

    On older macOS/OS versions the tab will be labeled Ethernet and the MAC address will be displayed next to Ethernet ID, as shown in the image below.