As MSU begins the return to normal operations for the Fall 2021 Semester, UIT would like to welcome back faculty and staff and provide some IT guidelines to assist in a successful return to your office or workstation.

If you have been away from campus for an extended period of time, there is a chance that you may need to take some proactive steps to ensure proper connections to our network with your computer, return any IT equipment that was checked out to you, or prepare your desk phone to ring at your desk.

Connect to the VPN prior to returning to campus if you have not already done so.
Visit the UIT VPN page to learn how to connect or install the VPN.

This will validate that your password is still valid and apply necessary updates to your device. If your password is expired, or needs reset, please see Password Issues below.

if your primary workstation has remained on campus, and has not been accessed recently, it likely will need some updates installed. The length of time to install these updates depends on how long the workstation has been unused. Be aware of this extra time when making your return to campus transition plans. It is possible that updates could take upwards of 60 minutes or more and require multiple restarts. 

Please ensure any MSU data has been removed from your home device once you are no longer using this as your primary workstation. This will help ensure the security and privacy of any MSU data. 

Please ensure you have Self Service installed on your device. Insructions can be found on the Jamf Self Service webpage.

For more information about Jamf and what it is for, please visit www.montana.ecu/uit/jamf

If you checked out any equipment from the UIT Service Desk , please visit the UIT Service Desk located in the Renne Library Commons.

*If you have the ticket number from checking out equipment please list that on the booking request. Your past tickets can be viewed/searched by logging into the WHD Portal using your NetID.
Login to the WHD Portal

If you checked-out your equipment from your Departmental IT group, please return your equipment directly to that team.


If you checked out any equipment from the library, please return to the front desk of the library.

remember to turn off any forwarding to other numbers you may have setup.
To learn more about managing call forwarding operations visit the Telephone Services Forward Phones webpage

If you have set your calls to ring through your Webex application, you may want to check that is turned off, or set to ring at your desk as well as your Webex application.

If you are experiencing issues with getting calls to your deskphone, please contact your Departmental IT representative, or you can submit a TNSR to the UIT Telephone group

It is suggested that you remove or forget the MSU-Secure WiFi connection on your cellular device.
If your NetID password was reset while you were away from campus and you have not connected to MSU-Secure WiFi since then, your device will try to connect using your old credentials and cause your account to be locked out.
We recommend to start with a fresh connection when you return to your workplace.
Instructions for connecting your mobile device to MSU-Secure can be found at MSU Wireless Network Access

If you have followed the steps above, and you continue to experience any issues getting connected to your computer, file shares like Knox or Opal, or any applications like Banner, please contact the Service Desk via email or telephone.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 406 994-1777

If for any reason you experience issues with your password, please visit the Password Portal page for assistance.


Contact the UIT Service Desk or your Departmental IT representative if you require any additonal technical assistance.