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To the Faculty or Staff Member:


The National Student Exchange (NSE) provides students with the opportunity to attend another member university within the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands for a single term or an academic year. Students participate in NSE to take advantage of the unique geographic, cultural, and academic characteristics of institutions and/or regions.


In making decisions on the appropriateness of a student's participation in the exchange, we need to know about their motivation, adaptability, academic skills, and those personal qualities that will give students the ability to benefit fully from the exchange experience.  While we will appreciate any observations that will assist us in evaluating the present applicant, of special interest are qualities such as competence, independence, assertiveness, resourcefulness, quality of performance, confidence, social skills, open-mindedness, and integrity.


Please indicate the basis and extent of your acquaintance with the applicant.  Placing your remarks in a comparative perspective will further assist the NSE office in reaching a decision about the applicant.


In summation, please state frankly your opinion of this applicant's chances for academic and non-academic success in an exchange program, weighing both strong and weak points.


  1. How well do you know the applicant? (Circle the most appropriate response.)


Extensive contact in a variety of settings

Well acquainted in classroom or campus environment

Limited contact in classroom or campus environment

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  1. In comparison with other students whom you have known at comparable stages of their education,

please rate the applicant in these areas.  (Circle the most appropriate response.)


 Attributes Excellent Very Good Average Below Average Unable to Judge
Academic Ability 4 3 2 1 X
Maturity 4 3 2 1


Cooperation and Adaptability 4 3 2 1 X
Initiation and Motivation 4 3 2 1 X
Social Skills 4 3 2 1 X
Open-mindedness 4 3 2 1 X
Integrity 4 3 2 1 X
Independence 4 3 2 1 X
Resourcefulness 4 3 2 1 X
Self-Confidence 4 3 2 1 X



  1. Exchange to another campus would be appropriate for the applicant: ___ Yes   ___ No



  1. Remarks

Based on your knowledge of the applicant, please comment on his/her chances for success and what would be gained from an exchange experience.









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