2023 National Collegiate Research Conference 
January 20th - 22nd 

Deadline to Apply: December 10, 2022 

New Opportunity to Present MSU Undergraduate Research 

USP will pay all registration and travel expenses for up to two (2) MSU undergraduates who are invited to present at the National Collegiate Research Conference (NCRC) at Harvard University. These students will be selected from the pool of MSU students who are invited to present through a competitive process. Students who are invited to present, but are not awarded the full travel funding will still be eligible to receive the standard USP Conference Travel award.  

NCRC 2023

How to Apply for the NCRC Travel Award 

  1. Apply to attend NCRC and submit an abstract of your presentation to the NCRC application portal by the deadline of 10 December 2022. There is a $20 application fee (financial hardship waivers available). 
  2. If your NCRC application is accepted, submit your abstract and invitation to present to the NCRC Travel Award 2023 competition on the USP Application Portal. 
  3. USP will contact you to notify you of the status of your application and assist you with travel arrangements.  
Please contact [email protected] for questions.