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About us

Veteran History and Arts Initiative aims to obtain, preserve, and honor the history of our nation’s veterans in Montana, to educate and inspire thoughtful creativity through diverse perspectives within the arts and humanities that further our heritage to future generations so that this living history is never forgotten. Montana has an estimated 85,000 veterans in all 56 counties, which also includes 7 Native American reservations. Our World War II veterans are passing away at an average of 300 a day, whileKorean War veterans are not far behind them. The highest rates of veteran suicides come from our Vietnam era veterans and behind them are our newest cohort from the Global War on Terror. We believe that through our process we will honor the sacrifices of all our service men and women of both times of war and in peace. Their sacrifice should not go unnoticed, uncelebrated, or forgotten.

What we do

Our vision aims to document veteran accounts through recorded oral interviews to then be archived and later used as inspiration within the Arts and Humanities. That inspiration from our veterans will cultivate a stronger connection across multiple generations of diverse cultures, which both the public and veteran population share. Through our process of collectinghistorical accounts and evoking emotions from the arts, can we provide different perspectives that promote health, education, and a conduit of communication.

Our goal

To provide diverse opportunities for students and professionals in the arts, humanities, and other disciplines to honor veterans through the application of their skills. We will passionately capture and archive our veteran’s accounts before they are lost. Another aspect of our goal gives a voice for our living history as inspiration to future generations through a creative process of the arts. We are committed to giving our veterans an opportunity to share and create something outside of themselves, which in turn is cathartic for both the creator and the witness.