About the Class:

A variety of users will navigate your web pages so it is important to take the extra effort to increase your website's overall accessibility and usability. CMS 210: Introduction to Web Accessibility will help you with this important aspect of website design. The hour-long course will cover topics including why accessibility is important, different types of disabilities, making elements of your web page accessible, and proper heading use.

Prior to taking this course, you will need to complete Basic MSU Web Editing (CMS 110). For more on this introductory course, please visit the Basic MSU Web Editing course page.

And now you have the opportunity to take this class via the web, at your own desk, in your own time! Follow this link or the link within Resources below to take CMS 210 via the web. (You may still register and take the course in person, too.)

About the Instructor:

This CMS training is taught by one of our specialized Web Programmers. Each individual has been fully trained in using the CMS has experience in website design. The instructor as well as all the members of Web & Digital Communications will be available for additional support and training courses as you further your experience with the CMS.

Know Before You Go:

Prior to attending this and any other advanced web trainings, you must attend the Basic MSU Web Editing training course (or take it online). For more on this introductory course, visit the Basic MSU Web Editing (CMS 110) course page.

Note: While our Web Content Management System (CMS) lets you create and manage web content without knowledge of web programming, it is important you are familiar with web browsers and word processors as the CMS uses a word processor much like Microsoft Word. If you are new to word processors or would like to get a refresher, there are a number of university services that can help. The UIT and the MSU Library both offer professional workshops on a variety of computer topics. Visit IT Onboarding or MSU Library Workshops Calendar for more information on these classes.


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Introduction to Web Accessibility Presentation Slides


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Web Accessibility Online Training Video 

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CS 145RA Introduction to Web Accessibility and Universal Design Presentation Slides


Useful Links

Help Center:

Web Accessibility Help Center

Advanced Web Accessibility Help Center

CMS Web Page Design Help Center


Accessibility Principles:

ADA Guidelines

MSU Disability Services

World Wide Web Consortium


Accessibility Tools:

Accessibility and PDFs (Adobe)

WebAIM cheatsheets

WebAIM Rich Media Accessibility