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We are happy to share some exciting news for the future of MSU Wonderlust.

Montana State University has received a grant from the Bernard Osher Foundation to enhance the MSU Wonderlust program and work towards establishing Wonderlust as an Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Montana State University. This award is a tribute to the quality of the work done by the visionary people that created the very successful Wonderlust lifelong learning program. Started by a grass-roots group of citizens in the Gallatin Valley in 2002, and transitioning to MSU in 2017, the mission of Wonderlust is to provide intellectually stimulating programs that foster lifelong learning and community engagement to learners 50+ years of age.

The Osher grant will allow us to hire a full-time director to support Wonderlust and our goal of transitioning to the Osher program. We look forward to working with all of you to grow our membership and to create more opportunities for high quality lifelong learning in our community.


The MSU Wonderlust Executive Committee
Kathryn Earley – Chair, Wonderlust Advisory Council
Mark Rosolowsky – Incoming Chair, Wonderlust Advisory Council
Doug Young – Past Chair, Wonderlust Advisory Council
Marilyn Jarvis – MSU ATO Representative, Wonderlust Advisory Council
Kim Obbink – MSU ATO Representative, Wonderlust Advisory Council